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Tuesday, 1 January 2013

1.1.13 ~ Angels Message for a Beautiful Life; on this 1st Day of this Divine Year ♥

WoW today's date has 111 in it :)) ~ 1.1.13 

Today on this Great Day of the New Year ~ 

1.1.13 (111 in the Date) ♥ Angels have channelled a beautiful Message for an Abundant, Healthy, Joyful Life.
They caution us on watching our Thoughts & How we spiral out events & set them in motion with our conscious or unconscious thought patterns <3 

~ Watch your Thoughts, Emotions and Feelings as their manifestations are moving at great speed. Release all your cares & worries and leave it to the Universe to take care.

~ Know that negativity travels faster than positivity. You may take one bad meal to spoil your health, but 1 week to recover. One fall to fracture your limb; but a 4 weeks cast to heal it.

~ Your negative statements & emotions have stronger affirmative intent & faster manifestation as they stem from deep routed beliefs, traumas, experiences etc. that have lived in you as negative energy, for a very long time. 

~ Whereas, the positive thoughts are always clouded with projections like, "Is this true" "Does this really work" "Will it work for me" "How is this possible" "Oh good never comes to me or stays with me" "Its too good to be true" "Such miracles never happen with me" "It's easier said than done" "It's impossible to happen" etc.

~ When you do 15 or 20 minutes of prayers or affirmations each day, but rest of the 23 and 1/2 hours or so you live with your negative thoughts, beliefs and patterns, you can be rest assured, that those 15 to 20 minutes of prayer energy, will be dissolved and nullified as it stems from weak beliefs, like the ones above.

~ Living by these negative or doubtful affirmative emotions and statements, you block the energy flow of the good that's even coming or suppose to come to you.

~ Pay attention, be in awareness and snip off all negative thoughts and emotions right when they surface and replace them with any happy, thought, event, dream or incident that had ever uplifted You in Life. Feel the Change in the energy in sometime.

~ If you are a compulsive negative thinker, make a Penalty Box and every time you think a negative thought, put a certain pre decided amount in this Penalty Box and at the end of the Week check the Total amount in it. If You are honest in putting that amount in it, then You will be surprised to see the number of negative thoughts that you surfaced throughout the week. Donate this amount to a needy person, organization or anywhere that you want. You will see slowly your mind will re pattern itself as it doesn't want you to shell out this Penalty. 

A guided suggestion is to put a considerably decent figure even if it is of a low decibel, as the physical mind negates a small amount such as Re. 1 or so. Remember Money is Energy & the Energy exchange you put will dissolve that negative energy in the same way, as it does, when one pays for any Energy Exchange for the Cosmic Karmic balance of medication or any therapy / service rendered.

So take that step forward to Change Your Inner World; 

And See Everyone & Everything Change Around You  © Roshani 1/21013

In HIS Love, Gratitude & Service,

May Love, Light, Grace & Abundance be Unto ALL 

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Be Blessed ♥ Stay Blessed! 

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