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Thursday, 25 September 2014

Love IS... because; GOD IS.....

No one in real sense is negative. Everyone operates either, out of Love or Fear based polarity of energies, which are termed most often, as Positive & Negative or Healed & Unhealed energies.

Know that, Love is the Source of All. Hate cannot drive away hate, darkness cannot drive away darkness, cold cannot drive away cold; Only Love, Light & Warmth can.

So bring this inner awareness into your everyday living, by being objective to yourself, people & situations around you. Be watchful all the time, if you are operating out love or fear. When you start becoming aware of this, you shall understand that, each one is operating out of their healed or unhealed (Love or Fear) based energies at any given point in time. Stop all judgements, hate, criticism, back biting, resentment, jealousy or comparisons in life. Release your false self to the Light.

Be gentle with yourself, through this process of awareness, while shifting from Fear to Love based energies in your everyday life. Be much more gentle & compassionate with others, who are seemingly, consciously or unconsciously trying to do the same.

Know that;
Love IS the Path,
Love IS the Destination,
Love IS the Goal,
Love IS the Source of All....
Love IS... because,
GOD IS...... <3 © Roshani/Sept2014

Registrations are Open for :
Empowerment with Angels & Angel Practitioner ~ Level 1 In Mumbai on 4th & 5th October 2014.

Stay Blessed ♡

Heal Your Self; Heal Your Life; Heal The World ♡

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Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Where is my childhood?

Where is my childhood is an inner scream of many children...

We are really forgetting the difference between focusing on getting our kids to be Educated & being Cultured, a good human being, balanced, happy, fulfilled, loving etc... Today's kids are ridiculously pressured with most of the things in the name of education that are seemingly or really irrelevant...

A 2nd standard kid, has Hindi & other regional languages, 21 Text Books, more than basic computers that is being thrusted on them, home work of about 15 pages daily + art or craft homework...

They don't have time with their parents friends or for self in any way... by the time they come from school directly or after few activity classes or tuitions they are ready to eat & sleep...

They are pressured with fancy gifts like hair dryers, revolving chairs, expensive watches, etc. that they receive as birthday return gifts (this is real just know it from a friend mom few weeks back).
More than half the kids would be outwardly happy, to receive it but would be unconsciously dying inside with inferiority complex, if their parents can't afford such hoity toity items & the ones whose parents can, would have inflated superiority complex that they should outdo the gift when their turn comes...

Which expensive & more pressuring school to put a kid, is almost a necessity that is more competing & a matter of status symbol many a times....

We really need to do something to prepare them for the World competition but with love & nurturing of a balanced life.. To in some way reach out to the Education Ministry for reducing the pressure & have a more Holistic approach towards the growth of a child & really not get carried away with the false glimmer that most institutions put out...

If our collective voices, signature campaigns can bring justice to so many other seeming issues of life, can we not do this for our very own young, sensitive, delicate, generation whose soul, aspires so many things beyond competitive education...

You don't need to go through poverty to feel for the poor; same way it's not necessary that one has to be a parent to see & realise these things. One's heart many a times pains when one sees all the above things with one's young niece, friends kids & neighbors kids etc...

This is not said just to crib about the matter. One truly is seeking from the heart, & asking can we seriously do something that can help our little precious Angels?
Suggestions & real practical ways & ideas of actually doing something are most welcome. Please do help in creating a wave if you are in a capacity to do that.. Shall surely join the efforts... Love you All..

Love, Light & Blessings to All  ♡

One of the 5 Master Keys ~ Peace

When you pray for Peace, or ask for Peace, or Bless anyone with Peace, you are actually asking or blessing them, with the Universal Good in all aspects.

You may feel when you have all the Universal Good, you are automatically at Peace, as there is nothing to seemingly worry you.

♡ When you have Health; you have Peace.
♡ When you have Love; you have Peace.
♡ When you have Abundance; you have Peace
♡ When you have all Time, space & resources; you have Peace.
♡ When you have Everything you Need provided to you; you have Peace.
♡ When you have Success & recognition; you have Peace.
♡ When the World comes to Brotherhood & Oneness; you have Peace.

But Peace has to be first felt deep within, for Peace to resonate with all the above Earthly connotations. Peace like happiness & gratitude is an innate aspect of You; as of the God within you. It is one of the 5 Master Keys that run the entire creation, along with; Love, Balance, Happiness & Gratitude

If you close your eyes for a few seconds & keep saying "I am at Peace. I am Peaceful. I am Peace," you shall know the power of this word. Just notice how it makes you feel in your entire body. As you keep saying & living it each day; see the magic unfold.

Ask Us Angels to shower upon you, the World & the Universe, the Peace of God. <3 © Roshani/Sept2014

Stay Blessed ♡
Heal Your Self; Heal Your Life; Heal The World ♡

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Tuesday, 23 September 2014

The Autumnal Equinox New Moon Today ♡

Open up to manifest your Highest Good today on the Autumnal Equinox New Moon ♡

Today is the powerful autumnal equinox new Moon which stresses upon peace, balance, harmony, creativity & bringing a harmonious equilibrium in all aspects of life.

The effects of this Moon would have been felt in the last whole month gearing up to today. Each individual would have experienced it differently as the energies would be preparing the inner world for a greater Shift.

☆ You might have felt spacy or heady at times. Seemingly felt you don't belong to this world.
☆ Erupting of old emotions or seeming issues that you may have pushed under the carpet, or would have never known earlier, have been surfaced.
☆ Everything around you may have been whirling, but you experience an amazing calmness & balance.
☆ Great energetic shifts of positive detachment & inner transformation.
☆ Angelic nudges & messages would have come to you to address certain imperative matters that either you didn't want to accept or adhere to.
☆ Feeling at times on either extremes of being very happy or very sad.
☆ Possible areas in your life that need balance have been made to surface to your conscious mind / conscious World.
☆ You may have experienced a bout of seeming illnesses, issues, falls, breakages, losses or unnecessary expenses.

If you have had any of the above then today's New Moon energies shall help you to bring your life, as said earlier, into a harmonious equilibrium & for the ones who already are on higher Shifts, they shall experience more balance, calmness, positive detachment & harmony.

Pray upon the New Moon today & write down your manifestation intents onto strips of plain white paper.
With the manifestation intents make some commitment intents too, whereby you commit to release a certain unserving habit or way of life or commitment to getting back to a healthful routine or ways, commitment to giving time to your passions, commitment to give time or efforts in any way to a monthly social service cause, commitment to release habits of judgments, gossip & backbiting, or any other commitment to better & balance your life along with all others around you.

With your personal manifestations also include:
♡ 1 manifestation for your family;
♡ 1 for a friend;
♡ 1 for a total stranger (of whom you may have read or heard from a friend or a friends, friend whom you don't know);
♡ 1 for Mother Earth;
♡ 1 for Peace, Brotherhood & Oneness in the  World and
♡ 1 for the wellbeing of the entire Universe & Creation.

Make sure you balance every Manifestation chit of paper with a Commitment one. Make sure they are all equal in number.

Then take all the written chits & put them in an envelope or pouch & label it:
"To God, Angels & The Universe."

Then pray upon this envelope or pouch daily 10 times at night, from tonight. Pray:
"Dear God & Angels please help all my intents to manifest for the Highest Good of all involved. Help me to manifest all my commitments & follow them through with love & care. Help All that is unserving in my life, to be transmuted to the Eternal White Light forever & ever. Shine Your Love, Light, Healing & Protection upon the entire Humanity & Creation. Thank You & Amen."

When a manifestation or commitment has taken place, then remove it from the envelope/pouch & pulp it into water till completely dissolved. Then wash it away, it in the home drain through running water.

Begin your beautiful & powerful manifestation journey today. Pray to God & Angels to shine Their Love, Light, & Grace upon the Earth. ♡ © Roshani/Sept2014

Stay Blessed ♡
Heal Your Self; Heal Your Life; Heal The World ♡

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Monday, 22 September 2014

Have a good look in the Mirror of your Heart ♡

Stop all futile comparisons, undeserving & unworthy thoughts about yourself. You are a Unique Creation of God & here for your own Unique Purpose. It is only the veils of ignorance, that binds you in the above toxic thoughts & emotions.

We Angels are here to help you unveil your own uniqueness. To help you see the Real You; the All Powerful Inner You. Leave aside the naysayers of your life including, your own internal toxic mind chatter as that is exactly, what attracts the naysayers in your physical life.

Release all your fears, doubts, insecurities to the Light & with complete faith know that we shall take care of you. You are Our responsibility as Children of the same Creator & We Angels are your sibling, Messengers & Helpers.

Tear open the curtain, behind which your true self is hiding & Shine your illuminance to the World. And when are you going to do that??? There is no more auspicious a moment than; the very moment of Now. <3 © Roshani/Sept2014

Stay Blessed ♡

Heal Your Self; Heal Your Life; Heal The World ♡ 

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Thursday, 18 September 2014

Focus on Your Life Purpose & (Re)create Your Life ♡

Focus on Serving Your Life Purpose & your Life Purpose shall serve you back.

You have to sky rocket & sitting lost is not your life plan. See the lives of all Empowerists, Motivators, Healers, Authors & many others & you shall see the synergy in your trials of life & theirs, as no one got it Easy. The faith & patience within them for themselves, life & God made them break through to become what they did for the world. Today you may be enjoying a good quote written by such people but it is Years of trials & tribulations laced with Faith that has gone into them reaching this point where their words are revered by others.

We Angels are working on your inner self for you to realise that what We are bringing to you, is life changing even though it may take its seeming time to manifest, in the physical plane. 

There is none who is perfect unless Perfected by that God within. Each of you have your own short comings, that seemingly incapacitate you in life. But these in reality, were the ways chosen by your soul to transcend all imperfections & soar high towards the Light. 

Choose these to push the envelope of life, so that they empower & make you recreate, that which you truly are deep within... And deep within, You are perfect, whole, abundant, healthy & complete. Its only the outside picture which is there for you to (Re)create & complete it...

We tell you with Divine faith that; 'Love shall bring it all to you.' Love for yourself that you were seemingly loosing has to come back & come back so strong, never to leave you again. This shall transform you to 'Become Love' itself. And when you Become Love; You Conquer all Gross plane aspects & merge to get aligned with the One Light & One Truth of God. Stop all fears & procrastination & GET READY to Take Off ♡ © Roshani/Sept2014

Registrations are Open for:
Empowerment with Angels & Angel Practitioner ~ Level 1
In Mumbai on 28th & 29th Sept 2014
Log on to our website & fill the Reach Us Form.

Stay Blessed ♡
Heal Your Self; Heal Your Life; Heal The World ♡

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Monday, 15 September 2014

March Ahead Fearlessly ♡

March ahead fearlessly... There is no stopping but your own mind that fears the unknown.

HE knows it all; your strengths, your seeming weaknesses, your reactions, your responses & everything within & outside of you. HE knows all that is beyond, beyond you, & the entire Universe.
HE speaks from within. You need to listen. Open the ears of the heart more & more, as your physical ears are just an Earthly tool.

Keep it going... Do not let the noise of the World deter the soul from listening to HIM or rising towards HIM. Know that, the rising is your Path to the Infinite Light; by Being the innate Light itself. <3 © Roshani/Sept2014

Stay Blessed ♡
Heal Your Self; Heal Your Life; Heal The World ♡

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A Message to all the Earth Angels ♡

Angels know that one knows & feels you all even if we don't speak. One also knows that from your point of consciousness each one is doing their best in that moment. But Divinity keeps nudging one at times to push each of you / many of you, & make you push the envelope so that the stardust of the Shining Beings that you are spreads onto the World. One may push you to the edge, when guided but know Divinity's hands are always holding you.

One appreciates your soul for all the efforts it makes & one wants you to appreciate your soul too. All the tools given by the Universe prove to be rust metal if you don't use them in your Waking Living Life.

Even if you seemingly falter be in awareness of it & get out of it right there. Delete the thought. Know that all is forgiven in the eyes of God, as for God there is No Past there is only, that One Eternal Now.

One wants to remind you again, that you are Not Changing but; You are only dusting yourself off from all the unwanted that has accumulated & being polished by Divinity to move on to just revive & relive that which You already are. And you are a Shining Sparkling Star Angel; the fragment of that Omniscient Omnipotent God.

Be kind & loving to yourself through the process, & be more kind & loving to others during your process, as they still may have time to be in awareness of your process & their own.

With each of you always,
HIS Roshani

♡ © Roshani/Sept2014

Sunday, 14 September 2014

Unlearning Your old self to Learn Faith ♡

You may feel to be a great driver, on the empty learning roads, until you push yourself into the chaotic traffic.
You may feel to be a great swimmer, in the shallow pool, until you push yourself in the deep.
You may have all the seeming Faith, when things are going good, until you push yourself on the other side.

But it is in these very times, when you are out of bed (out of the comfort zone), that you really need to hold on to God, Us Angels & All of Divinity. That's where the real test of Faith is. And pray daily that you be able to hold on to God in such times, more firmly than otherwise.

So know that;
There is nothing new to learn.
There is nothing new to become. 
You just have to unlearn all that is unserving & unloving to Awaken that which You already are...
You are The Possible,
You are The Light,
You are The Courage
You are The Faith...
All this & more; All rolled into One.

Take Our Divine help & let God & Us Angels, Awaken this Higher Power, sleeping within You for lifetimes; as that's what You Truly are.

We Angels, can help you to restore or increase your Faith in yourself, in life & the blessings of God, that you may or may not have been in awareness of.
Just the sheer Faith that, "I hold onto God & God is holding me, come what may" is a healing & transformational moment in itself.

To Learn Faith; Unlearn your old Self. ♡ © Roshani/Sept2014

Stay Blessed ♡
Heal Your Self; Heal Your Life; Heal The World ♡

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Saturday, 13 September 2014

"Conversations with The Awakener" an Excerpt from the Book by Bal Natu a close disciple of Avatar Meher Baba ♡

Below is a beautiful excerpt from Conversations with The Awakener & a little note on Bal Natu ji from Baba's Mandali. One part which talks about the way Bal Natu ji respected everyone's views while he was compiling the books on Baba is an imperative implementation for All Baba Lovers.
Let us in the same way respect each ones connection with Baba & the way HE decides to connect with them, without judgement, criticism or resentment. Let us lovingly guide Baba's Name into the Ears of HIS Lovers & as HE says; Let HIM work HIS way to the Hearts.

In HIS Love & Glory ♡ Jai Baba


"Bal Natu, one of Meher Baba's close disciples, first saw Baba in 1933, when Baba entered the railway compartment that 14 year-old Bal and his family were traveling in. Only later did Bal come to know that it was Meher Baba he had been traveling with. Bal wrote, "This occurrence was instrumental in kindling the desire to know more about Him."

Bal Natu authored the Glimpses of the God-Man, Vol. I-VI and the Conversations with The Awakener series, as well as, The Samadhi, Star of Infinity. He also compiled four books of others' Baba stories entitled, Our Constant Companion, When He Takes Over, Showers of Grace, and Tales of Meher Baba's Love. These books have touched the hearts of Baba lovers the world over.

Being involved with Bal's writing projects was a delight because Bal included all the opinions of those helping in a very loving way. He made us feel that what we thought was of great value and he gave worth to everyone's thoughts about Baba. He was able to clearly stick to what he wanted expressed without hurting the feelings of others."

Excerpt from Conversations with The Awakener ♡

Consoled by Your compassion, l assumed my usual child-like manner with You. Without thinking, I blurted out "If You don't appear in my dreams, its okay. But don't let nasty things disturb my sleep."

"If you think of Me before going to sleep, it will unwind the worries of the day, and l will take charge of your dreams."

"So would it be good for me to think of You for some time before going to bed?"

"Yes, and..."

"And also when I wake up?" I suggested not letting You finish Your sentence.

You showed Your appreciation for my enthusiasm with a smile. Gently You repeated "As you live in My remembrance, there will be less and less selfishness. Eventually, as My Grace washes over you, the 'Real I" shall emerge."

Your expression was so loving, so affectionate, that I found myself asking,
"When do You sleep?"

Again You smiled and then said, "Sleep always remains wide awake in Me."

This cryptic reply, I knew, was beyond my understanding, and I remained silent.

But such thoughts were swept away by the sweet look You gave me as you said "Good night, sweet dreams" And then You left.

As I pulled the sheet over me, I marveled at the way You are able to stoop to my level, share my interests, and yet imbue our conversations with Your inimitable sense of humour and loving patience.

I did sleep well that night.

[Conversations with The Awakener - Bal Natu Pages 57-58]

Thursday, 11 September 2014

Messages from Elemental Angels through Different species of Creation

Elemental Angels bring you important messages through insects, creatures & other nature aspects. See which of these elemental beings from the picture above, are:

* Catching your attention right now as you see their picture / have been catching Your Attention lately, or
* Have been hovering around you, your home / any space, or
* Have been coming in your visions & dreams?

Then read below the Messages from the Angels for Each of these symbolic species, on what They want to tell you through each Elemental being. See the message depending on how they have been coming to you. Example:

  • Ant catching your attention or 
  • Ant at home or work space or
  • Ant coming in dreams
Each of these above ways, have a Universal Angel Message applicable to your life, coming to you through each species. These messages for sure disclose key steps, that you need to take action upon, in the immediate aspects of your life. 
Below are the messages pertaining to each of these Elemental Beings (as seen in the picture above). Read it with your inner silence & see the message part that most resonates with you & your current situations in life.


If a Butterfly/Butterflies have been catching your attention when you see their picture / have been catching Your Attention lately:

It is your responsibility to make your way in life with faith, accept the changes as they come, & emerge from all the transitions as confidently & gracefully as the butterfly. Know that a particular change in life right now is inevitable, & the more you resist it, the more blockages you shall face.

If Butterfly/Butterflies have been hovering around, by your home or any space:

Know that massive changes are unfolding. Break free from the chrysalis as this alchemy is unavoidable. Butterfly is asking you to embrace those changes in your environment and with your emotional body. This physical transformation of energy around you is taking root and expanding in many ways that may take you by surprise. Release any expectations you may have with regard to the outcome of this change and do not try to control it – but simply allow it to flow through and around you. Keep your faith.

If a Butterfly/Butterflies have been coming into your visions or dreams:
Message: To see a butterfly among flowers & green grasses, indicates prosperity and wealth coming your way soon. To see them flying about, denotes good news is about to be received.  Traditionally the butterfly is a symbol of change that is beyond your control.


If an Ant/Ants are catching your attention when you see their picture / have been catching Your Attention lately:

Message: Are you sacrificing your own goals and your own dreams for someone else's?
Re-evaluate the current path you are on to see where you are straying from your own path.
You are guided to forge your own path & not be taken down by naysayers or toxic people in your life. You are responsible for what you bring home in your life.

If an Ant/Ants have been hovering around, by your home or any space:

Message: If you have been flocked by these little hard workers of the elemental world, you should consider that all good things come with time, patience & effort. Work with diligence, with conviction, & work with people with a sense of team spirit in order to forge ahead on your path towards your dreams so that you soon turn them into reality. Despite their tiny size these little spirits are immensely strong, & are bringing you the message of your inherent inner will power.  They want to tell you to stop fearing failure & know that accomplishment can come even in the smallest of packages (when you least think you are capable of because of your external attributes). Know that, no matter how small your task, or your contribution, it is yet very, very essential.
If an Ant/Ants have been coming into your visions or dreams
Message: To see ants in your dream signify your general dissatisfaction in your daily life. You are feeling neglected & insignificant, unloved or unattended to.  Small & petty things may have been annoying you throughout the day. The dream may also be a metaphor on feeling restless or signaling you to empower yourself & have faith in your innate abilities.

On a less positive note, ants symbolize social orthodox beliefs that may be binding you, those which are unserving. In this respect, you may feel that your life is too rigid or contrived.


If a Fly/Flies been catching your attention when you see their picture / have been catching Your Attention lately:

Message: Let go of old self doubts, sabotaging patterns or self defeating habits. Know that your dreams are yours & well within your reach. Believe that you deserve it all. Stop belittling yourself with negative mind chatter. Self Love & feeling good about self is important.

If a Fly/Flies have been hovering around, by your home or any space:

Message: Know that rapid & abrupt changes in your thoughts, emotions & endeavors are stirring up. Rapid changes in all aspects of your life are currently unfolding, for you so be prepared to move swiftly, even in unfavorable or uncomfortable conditions. Fly can also signify that an exponentially growing source of abundance is available for you right now but you have been busy fluttering elsewhere. Use your inner eyesight to see the way. Keep moving ahead & do not give up.

If a Fly/Flies have been coming into your visions or dreams:
Message: To see a fly in your dream often symbolizes your ability to adapt to the situations you now find yourself in. To see a Fly feasting on something sweet in your dream is a message of oncoming abundance & prosperity to come. If the fly is feeding on meat it symbolizes the turn-around period of death & rebirth cycles in your life. Something within you has transformed or is transforming & you are almost being reborn into a new being.


If a Spider/Spiders are catching your attention when you see their picture / have been catching Your Attention lately:

Message: Something you have woven (worked hard upon) is bearing the fruits. Be Happy about it. It wants to tell you, that your inherent creativity is epitomic right now. Do not loose time. Explore avenues, opportunities, new projects or ideas that are in alignment & complete balance with your dreams of the future.

If a Spider/Spiders have been hovering around, by your home or any space:

Message: It is bringing your attention to your inner creativity which has been sidelined or overlooked. Have you been ignoring your ideas & dreams? Do you have balance in your life or are you caught up in the web of fears of past & future? These are the underlying messages that you need to focus on. More importantly it is giving you the important message that you weave your own web in life. The reality that you are experiencing is the reality you have created. If you feel caught in it, it is high time to make changes & weave a new reality.

If a Spider/Spiders have been coming into your visions or dreams:

Message: If you have been seeing a spider weaving a web in your dream, it is telling you that you shall be rewarded for your creativity, or ideas or hard work. You shall be appraised or promoted in your job or acknowledged for some feat. By coming in your dream the Spider is nudging you to recognize your own natural talents & gifts which can bring you great joy & rewards.  If you see a spider climbing up a wall in your dream, it is telling you, that your desires will be soon manifested.


If a Moth/Moths are catching your attention when you see their picture / have been catching Your Attention lately:

Message: There is something in your life that has been kept under wraps from you & it shall be revealed soon. Pay attention to your surroundings. Stay in awareness. On the other hand an impending issue that has been worrying you is being healed & tackled by Divinity behind the scenes. The outcome to this is inspiring, creative or a simple joyful surprise for you.

If a Moth/Moths have been hovering around, by your home or any space:

Message: Moth is the biggest master of disguise. It is unveiling to you & is reminding you to be aware that someone could be hiding something from you, or you have been hiding your potential in the fear of doubts about yourself. Or have you been hiding your emotions from others to safe guard yourself from being hurt by your vulnerability? The Moth says, it is time for you to transform any emotional energy away from drama or victimhood & into something closer to your heart; a creative hobby, music, dance, singing, painting, etc. doing any of these will help you to live each day with fulfillment. Moths also live only for a day at times, & thus signify the ever transient Life. Live each day to the fullest by spreading your wings and flying towards the Light. Have faith & trust in yourself & in your journey & trust that even though some things may seem to be complicated; you will eventually see the light/move to the light. Use your inner guidance & the Divine heart to guide you.

If a Moth/Moths have been coming into your visions or dreams:

Message: If you’re seeing them in your dream you are being asked not to take things for granted & pay attention to the minor details in your life. It may also be suggesting that some unseen irritation may not surface until it is too late. They also symbolize your weaknesses, character flaws & the fragile state you may be currently in. It is asking you to retreat, & that you need to step back a bit, relax, rejuvenate & take time to heal before moving forward in your life right now.

So, pay attention to the above messages & act upon them, by praying & seeking help from your Divine Angels to help you with every step.

(The above messages are a combination of Divination Messages from Animal Spirits taken from a Source & further channeled with Intuitive Channeling from the Angels)

© Roshani/Sept2014

Stay Blessed ♡
Heal Your Self; Heal Your Life; Heal The World ♡

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