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Tuesday, 29 September 2015

♡ Visit to my Angelic Teacher Mrs. Rodrigues

A Precious visit ♡

Could not gift myself anything bigger on this day which I just learnt today (29.9.15) called "World Heart Day" ~ A loving time with my dearest class Teacher and more Mrs. Priscilla Rodrigues...
She shall be 82 years in 3 weeks on 23rd October and has had 34 years of dedicated Teaching and Beyond alongwith other super dedicated group of Teachers headed by our loving and motherly Principal Mrs. Navaz Sanjana, handling this mad crazy stock like us and making and moulding each of us to who we are today... at Girton High School.

Among other little things that I felt to take suddenly got in the head to take a pink color nail polish for her. So picked the one that jumped out to me... the first thing she said when I asked how are you miss - is "I'm totally fine in health I only cannot sit or walk" and said that with a smile and so much of love...

When the caretaker took the bag of things I had taken for her the key things without knowing that were simply seemingly picked up were chocolates and she loves them but couldn't eat as such besides ones here and there due to restrictions and many such things which I never knew she loved...
Then when I told her of the nail polish she was so happy and surprised as she always only put it on her toes and her physio had mentioned that she should put on her lovely hands too... so I said wow that's great so can I apply right now and she happily smiled and said yes yes... the physio smiled heartily and said now you're looking your lovely self again so Mrs Rodriguez said yes now I've to just put my lipstick rouge lovely dress and stillitoes and we all cheered the thought... then since we were taking pics to make her feel good we asked do you want to wear any favorite dress and she said yes my pink dress... and then out came the pink dress.. as we took the photo I told her how that lovely nail Polish was shining with her dress and as i said that i was wearing pink she turned and said about the same time i was saying you're wearing pink too.. and then said this was the first time she ever put nail paint on her hands....
Then after a while she said she feels to show me something special... and more than 3 times my eyes had already gone on it as if unmissable and that was the large Pink Rose that was hooked up above her bed on the window sill bracket. I kept seeing it as I loved the way the "artificial" rose was carved. This is the BIG Solo ROSE that you'd see in this short video.
She then shared another big one for me that she wanted to show me her prized possession and that was the big Pink Rose that her son had got for her from the Equador and that was a giant Real Pink Rose got in July 2015 and hung up on the window railing so that she can constantly see it while lying down. This is a never heard or seen before by me that this rose stays intact for about a year and then the rose petals start to wither.... I was simply amazed at God's handiwork with Pink rose and the lady in Pink with me.

Then we spoke of poems and even at the not so good feeling of forgetting a bit she remembered her favorite poems and was so thrilled to say them on the video along with her lovely Jesus Prayer and a heartfelt mesaage to all us on forgiveness and the results of unforgiveness.

Speaking about from her young trainee days to her kids and their kids to other teachers and her bonding with them right up to her current caregivers ... then from God to Soul to Forgiveness we spoke all of it and all of it contained many many moments of tears that i was holding up with a smile... I thought within "Baba this Mould of Teachers exist no more" and
she said i pray Jesus makes me a even better teacher in my next Birth If He gives me one.. . and I wondered better than what but better than the best that she already has been????

And this trip was once again me getting so so much from her just like our school days.... we can never ever give anything back to them it's impossible....

Friends yes pleaeeeeese do visit whenever you can her face brightens and the soul almost shines out when she sees any of us. Her loving husband and physio said she keeps raving and talking about all her students all the time and says "They are my jewels Jesus gifted".... ♡♡♡

Love and Prayers to her and her daughter and grand children and husband who are lovingly by her side...God bless them all... ♡

Watch "Tribute to our Angelic Teacher Mrs. Rodrigues" on YouTube -

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Friday, 25 September 2015

9 pm IST One Night Prior on YOUTUBE ♡ Your Daily Divine Guidance

9 pm IST One Night Prior on YOUTUBE ♡ Your Daily and Weekly loving dose of Angelic Divine Guidance, Messages, Affirmations, Universal Color of the Day, Prayers, Angel Guests, Techniques to resolve the unserving aspects of life and much more... And it is more than that too... The Guidance shared is Divine Guidance which is Universal in its inherent essence and that which can be listened to again and again, adhered and implemented and shared with our loved ones.

So be with us Daily post 9 pm IST One Night Prior so that you can incorporate the Universal Color of the Day in your clothes, accessories, and other ways. Come listen to what the Angels have to tell us to fill our lives with love joy health happiness abundance and success.

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Stay Tuned ~ YouTube/AngelMessages-Roshani

Stay Blessed ♡

Tuesday, 22 September 2015

A first of its kind on the shoot of Sumeet Sambhal Lega airing on Star Plus ☆

An amazing firsts of it's kind, we had a very joyful Satsang and a powerful pep talk followed by a Visualization Meditation on the Sets, of dear friend Deeya and Tony Singh's hilarious and loving TV Series - Sumeet Sambhal Lega on Star Plus, at the commencement of the new shoot schedule, a day before its telecast launch.

The entire energy was so very high, joyful and beautiful as all of cast and crew joined in for this innovative start. The main cast even joyfully joined the Satsang to render some beautiful bhajans and songs. Thank you Deeya for this amazing opportunity and making everyone realize the importance of this inner balance and harmony that is needed in all walks of life, especially in a Creative job.

May all corporate companies, institutes, creative production houses and companies open up to the fact that individual inner balance and power shall ultimately help the individual to optimize their potential and thus be of optimal benefit to the organization and projects at large. Met dear director Satish Kaushik ji who's a part of the fantastic cast. Met him after long many years and he completely agreed to this while we sat there to catch up on my wonderful journey of last 5 years and hear about his Inner journey.

Hope to do many more such power packed sessions in the future <3 © Roshani/Aug2015

Registrations Open for our Meditation Evening on:
27th Sept and Workshop on 24th and 25th October.
Fill the Reach Us form on our website for registrations or inquiry.

Stay Blessed ♡
Heal Your Self; Heal Your Life; Heal The World ♡

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Friday, 18 September 2015

Not just saying it through books ♡♡♡

From 2005 - 2006 when I was seemingly between world's almost during the seeming hospital tenure... there was a particular question that was persistently there on why a certain thing the docs did... since about 2008 that question disappeared somewhere in the background..Then since last 5 years totally let it go to the Light with the faith that if God thinks I should know I shall get to know it. Until today never knew it nor asked after that time....

But as Willed maybe the soul had to know it and so i was gifted my answer tonight when I went to the hospital to be with a very close friend... Divine Timing took 10 years for it to be unfolded to me... Trust Faith and ultimately Conviction in the Divine Will of God brings it all together when and if it has to be...

Thank YOU Baba for helping me to hold onto YOU with faith patience and unshaken will power during several of the seeming whirlpools of life ever since childhood, even when I simply knew YOU as my best friend Ganesha..

Thank you for coming to me as all those pillars of help support and strength as my family and my dear soul friends Kim K Mc  the God sent Rati Godrej who Kim got, my soul sister Rupali and her husband Arvind, my soul sister friend and more Farzeen Sommit, my dearest Supriya Mayank Dimple Tasneem Mushtaq Ekta Shobhaji Sharon and many many more who stood by through that expedition till I reached the summit... Thank you to each one of them and to many others who may not be mentioned or on Facebook and all those who prayed for me all through. 
Baba without YOUR Grace nothing would have been possible...

YOUR Love and Grace never fails us and YOU never fail to show YOUR Loving Presence.... all day yesterday too had been putting the kumkum tikka for loved ones who came home for Ganesha Darshan... suddenly while talking to my loving friend Deeya my eyes moved to my hand which through the day had many arbit spots of kumkum on it... but this one on the palm was a distinct ♡ shaped one.... I was so thrilled and internally jumping with joy as a small child... and even though may have experienced many such moments before I yet truly and deeply feel overwhelmed with Baba's Loving Presence coming in cute forms in the tangible World. Have a major decision of life that's unfolding right now and had been talking to Baba about it... HIS Love is unconditional and unfathomable and nothing can ever be enough for giving gratitude to HIM...

And today when HE makes me tell anyone "Don't Worry have faith or have strength and that it shall all be well" my soul swells with HIS Love as it's not just saying it through books.. HE has made earlier and yet makes my soul go through the travails of the mountains and tunnels of life but the fact remains that HE has not just hand held me all through but also not made me leave HIS hands.... immeasurable Gratitude ♡♡♡♡♡

O MeheReheM always ♡ Jai Baba

Stay Blessed ♡

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Friday, 4 September 2015

Amazing incident of Divine Timing reinstated ♡

Gratitude to All of Divinity for their daily amazement and reassurance. Today Angels reconfirmed one more incident of Divine Guidance and it's Timing. ♡

About 2 weeks back or so a loving Angel participant messaged about something on which guidance was needed.
They never gave any guidance or let the reading happen all these days and thus I didn't have anything to share, until today morning after the prayers the guidance came through. Since it was long I messaged to give me the email id so that I can mail the same and I was surprised when the beautiful Angel replied that it's the day of Birthday.

How amazing is that... Divinity never fails to amaze me with Their meticulous ways of operation.... more trust and surrender we have more our Divine Timing and Guidance shall always be unfolded with ease.
This was also a lesson for both ends.
For me to remain in that detachment as always where God helps me never to think what will anyone think if I've not yet given any response or called them for a Reading or not and
For the Person to Trust that when their Divine Timing to receive the Guidance or Healing is due, it shall be got to them come what may when that right time strikes.

So stay in faith, irrespective of what may be going on and embrace the life processes with grace so that you have space for solutions and Divine Intervention to enter your life to help you March ahead on your journey.

Thank YOU God, HIS Angels and all of Divinity.

💞💞🎉💐😇 Love and Blessings always ♡ © Roshani/Sept2015

Stay Blessed ♡
Heal Your Self; Heal Your Life; Heal The World ♡

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Thursday, 3 September 2015

glamor to God; journey continues ♡

I may have seemingly travelled a lot from glamor to God each day striving to do best in what was got onto the platter of life be it work friends madness life family craziness determined actions or my hearts impulsiveness.. 
I yet strive each day to do my seeming best in all that's got on this platter; as striving and learning is never ending from cradle to grave.

But the major difference is earlier I was seemingly striving alone from the outside and now it's striving from within holding onto the Big "G" telling HIM to make me do my human actions the best way HE can make me do and leave the rest again in HIS Hands. (Give HIM loads of Homework to do HE loves it).

Thanks a Bunch for making me realize I was never alone doing and going through it all "YOU" were always with me in your innumerable inimitable ways and forms.

Yes friends we are never ever alone we just need to implicitly trust that. A gush of love healing blessings and protection to everyone and more of it to each of you who may need it most right now in life to transform that dish on your platter of life... May all be healed and abundant for you.

Love and Blessings to All ♡ © Roshani/Sept2015

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Message and Prayer for Inner Peace ♡

Angels say; Having peace during limited time and space like spiritual settings, meditations, etc. should not be considered as the only time for true Inner Peace. What you carry from there and implement in your living life, is what is going to bring you real inner calmness, poise, balance, happiness and peace.

Inner Peace shall come only when you truly have faith and trust on God and Divinity, for bringing you God's love and compassion in all situations of your life.

You can do this loving Prayer daily 5 times at night, for a particular situation or if you've been praying for or seeking inner peace. Angels are the loving messengers of God who's key aspect is to look after the nuturing and wellbeing of Humanity and Creation. ♡ © Roshani/Aug2015

Awakening to Abundance Workshop
13th September ~ Sunday ~ 11 am to 7 pm
Break free from your money, love, and other growth blockages. For participation please fill the Reach Us form on our website.

Stay Blessed ♡
Heal Your Self; Heal Your Life; Heal The World ♡

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Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Message & Prayer for the Web of Worries and it's allies ☆

Angels say; Worry, anxiety and fears eat into you and leave you hollow. The empty void that this hollow creates, deepens futher as you keep on letting these these lower emotions over power you.

Have that trust and faith with deep inner conviction then, there will be no question of worry or fear that should truly arise. It is then like saying you love a person a lot, but don't trust them. That cannot stand true in its real sense, can it?

So give God and Angels all your burdens, for taking them to the Light. Do this little Prayer daily 3 times morning and night, for a particular situation or in general if you are caught in your own web of worries or fears.

Angels ask you to take their help to break free from this web. 'Come unto Us Angels & invite Us, the harbingers of Peace, into every breath and aspect of your life.' ♡ © Roshani/Aug2015

Awakening to Abundance Workshop
13th September ~ Sunday ~ 11 am to 7 pm
Break free from your money, love, and other growth blockages. For participation please fill the Reach Us form on our website.

Stay Blessed ♡
Heal Your Self; Heal Your Life; Heal The World ♡

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