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Tuesday, 31 December 2013


JAN 1ST, 2014

We start off the New Year with a New Moon in Capricorn! The Moon to plant new seeds, but by cleansing the old soil, nurturing & fertilizing the new soil & planting seeds for our Highest Good. A SuperMoon with some strong aspects at play calling us to activate and unearth that which has been lying dormant within. There will be 5 SuperMoons this year. This one and another on January 3oth,  both New Moons, and the other three will be Full Moons. Here is the scoop on SuperMoons.

“The term supermoon didn’t come from astronomy. They used to be called as perigee 'Near Earth.’ An astrologer, Richard Nolle, is credited with coining the term "Supermoon."
He defines them as:
A new or full moon which occurs with the moon at or near (within 90% of) its closest approach to Earth. “By this definition, a new moon or full moon has to come within 361,863 kilometers (224,851 miles) of our planet, as measured from the centers of the moon and Earth, in order to be a supermoon.”

What does this Newmoon (Supermoon) in Capricorn signify:

The earth element is strongly featured for the first New Moon of the New Year. The New Moon is in Capricorn at 11 degrees which suggests having a fresh fertile soil within the subconscious so the new ‘symbolic seeds’ are planted for the year ahead. But first one has to prepare the soil through clearing it out and adding new nutrients to it. Remember, there is no rush with Capricorn, patience and timing is utmost important. Capricorn is an earth element, cardinal mode of energy, so it is highly dynamic and has the potential to be excellent at management, organization and delegation. The New Moon in Capricorn’s themes are letting go and paving the way for rebirth and aligning with quality and integrity. The climb to the top of the symbolic mountain may feel rough, yet imagine the new possibilities and view when you arrive at the peak. With persistence and gentle discipline, all things may be achieved.  

The New Moon in Capricorn has an intense energy due to the fact that it is connected to (by conjunction) to transiting Pluto in Capricorn (Uranus in Aries), Mercury in Capricorn and Mars in Libra.  Transformation of stuck energy so things realign and move is part of this astrological configuration. The first round of energy with this aspect suggests ‘major detox and cleanse’ and then comes the rebirth and new beginnings.  The energy is dynamic yet very focused like a laser beam. As a Soul, you are success itself. The ego/mind or human self, it may get caught up in the extremes of the physical world of ‘success or failure. Know that there is a way beyond this dualistic perception and way of living. Living life from a perspective of Soul, helps you to know you bring the quality of success to whatever you choose to do. Consider that at times the most trying, testing, difficult situation may be a form of Spiritual initiation or rite of passage in some way to master something and raise consciousness. The overall astrological aspects suggest this is what is happening, each individual is testing themselves to rise to a higher level through a challenge in some form.  

Some people right now leading up to the New Moon in Capricorn, are feeling the strong driving push for purging, cleansing and letting go. It is downright uncomfortable and possibly full of grief, intense emotions or even deep fears coming up. This is par for the course now. Go with it, be with it, accept it. Get some rest if you feel exhausted. It will shift soon enough. 

Pay attention & retrospect about 3 days before, with special attention on today on New Years Eve, as it is wise to have awareness, be alert and make conservative choices and actions. People may express pent-up aggression, anger, possible erratic driving on the roads or while travel,  arguments or disagreements may occur. Energies want to clear out. Be responsible for what is your emotion and reaction and allow others to do the same. There is nothing to fear, but better be on the side of caution and wise decision-making than have regrets. It is your choice how you work with the symbolism and energy or if you buckle down into fear-based energy. With Venus Retrograde in Capricorn, some things may not be as defined or tangible as  you may like them to be - especially around relationships, love and even money. Be patient. As it’s a phase of reorganizing, how something is defined will come in due time.
The New Moon in Capricorn urges each to be realistic with your approach to whatever is happening. Align with that which is healthy, loving, empowering and of quality. “Whatever you produce or manifest, let it be with integrity and deliver quality product. This is being the living embodiment of the highest potential of the New Moon in Capricorn.

The Capricorn New Moon on January 1 is a SuperMoon. This means it is extra potent. The New Moon is closest to the earth and in direct alignment with the Sun and the Earth. New Moons are new beginnings. You have a new start in Capricorn. The structures of your life are to be examined and changed as needed. The Capricorn New Moon message is time to upgrade and improve your life.
Capricorn is the goat climbing to the mountain top. You are to climb higher and merge with your God Consciousness.  Pulling your Higher Consciousness into your choices will empower you to live an authentic life. You will live from love not fear. You are a great spiritual being. You are having a human experience. You are a powerful creator. What do you want to create in the New Year?
The Sun and Moon are coupled with Pluto and Mercury. Pluto is considered the most powerful planet in astrology. He is not a maybe planet. ‘Change or I will change you’ says, Pluto.
There are two roads to take with Pluto. One is divine will. The other is ego will. Pluto, used to serve your highest good, is the wisest path to take. Pluto will empower your soul and help you make healthy choices.
When you do what is right for you, you are in alignment with your soul. You don’t feel the need to control or change people. This is because you know who you are and what works for you. You live from the motto, ‘live and let’ live.’ The dark side of Pluto is when people are fear based and must control family, friends and their world. Manipulation, hidden agendas and jealousy are the misuse of Pluto.
The ongoing Uranus and Pluto life changing square continues through 2014. You can experience evolutionary breakthroughs. You can move from breakdown to breakthrough. Pluto and Uranus are transforming your life. Pluto is about power. How you use your power. How you own it, or how you give your power away. You can give your power away not only to others but to self-sabotaging behaviors.
The Capricorn New Moon on January 1 is a Grand Square. This powerful energy is building toward a peak in April. Mars, Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto are the four pillars of the Grand Square.  They are fighting with each other for their say and place. This astrology may reflect long standing issues, challenges and problems that are difficult to resolve. This requires you to garner your strength, patience and perseverance.
The cosmic message for the Capricorn New Moon is live from your authentic power. Be who you truly are.  Be open to change. Upgrade your life where needed.
A wise strategy is to be flexible. Flow with the environment. What is breaking down in your life is ready for a breakthrough. Attitude is everything. You can be proactive and evolve. You are creating your reality though your thoughts, words and behavior. You can choose to be the victor or the victim. In other words, you can own your power. Or you can give it away.
The ego resists change. This is the ego’s way of distracting you from getting on with the business of living. What is not built on truth is collapsing. Being powerless because you see someone, others, or society having power over you. This is illusion! The ego is playing a game of denial.
Be honest with yourself.  Have you ignored the warnings and now conditions have worsened? You are a powerful creator. You can use your power to improve your life.  Have better relationships. Work with passion and feel good. Remember that, you have an important role to play or you wouldn’t be alive. You matter. You count. There is no one who can replace you. You are a valuable treasure.
Real growth requires tenacity and determination. Creator is using Pluto and Uranus to cut you free from the chains that bind you. Freedom can only come when you liberate your mind. Be the change you want to see in the world.  Merge with you Higher Self.  Observe the magical blessings in your life.
Stay Blessed ♥
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(The above blog is a compilation of channeled messages from various sources.)

Monday, 23 December 2013

Before You step into the dynamic 2014; Make Gratitude Your seamless companion ♥

Message & Affirmation of this Festive Week & Wonderful Year

It is so true & beautiful that the Best of the Things in our lives that give us real bliss, joy & health, are available to us totally Free. They are: Love, Happiness, Appreciation, Kindness, Compassion & above all, Gratitude. Considering the fact that most things that come free or easy to us, is never considered worthy. So we, with our Freewill, either don't make use of them, or take them for granted, or feel they are just words meant for self help book authors, or speakers.

All this happens because we constantly attach our happiness, love & bliss with external factors like people, things, position etc., or get entangled in attaching those emotions with the material dynamics of our lives & disregard these Blessings partly or completely. And because we disregard them, we are always carrying the void of the same without even realizing it. With this void we are constantly, inward or outwardly, caught up in bickering, whining, cribbing, cursing, blaming or feeling guilty.

If YOU have been doing that; then stop now & every time when you crib or whine, think about millions of people who are in a worse condition than you & about those who, do not even end up seeing the next sunrise or sunset. Say a little prayer for all such people & Mother Earth. Replace your thoughts with atleast 3 things that you feel blessed about. Doing this, will dissolve your whining energies & transmute them.

No better resolution than, making Gratitude your seamless companion. So, for the new oncoming Year of 2014 do the following:

♥ Make a list of all those things that the Universe has blessed you with, but that which you've neglected or never given true Gratitude to.

♥ Make a list of everything that is currently serving you, loving you or giving you joy & happiness or that which you feel blessed about in your life; Your wonderful family, friends, spouse, your home, job, clothes, accessories, car, computer, house help, be it anyone or anything. Give Gratitude to even all such people & things that are seemingly hurtful, bad or not just good.


♥ Say this Gratitude Affirmation each Night on your list. You may keep adding new things to it or repeat old things. Say this in cycles of 21 days.

♥ See how this energy of Gratitude starts resonating in your life & creates a Shift, that brings you more & more people, things & situations to be grateful about. Fill Your New Year with Gratitude & Love to Recreate a New Life.

♥ © Roshani/Dec2013

Stay Blessed ♥
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Thursday, 19 December 2013

Everything in Life is a toggle. Which toggle are you choosing to live by!

Everything in life is a Toggle. Which toggle are you choosing to live by, determines how you react or respond to your life, people & situations. This further decides your future Karmic pathway & all manifestations.

Our living in duality has 2 sides of existence, just like 2 sides of a coin, in all aspects of life. Both the sides exist & both the sides are the seeming reality on the flip side of it. The side that we see & choose, is the Side that we perceive to be our reality, at that point in time & until we flip the coin to see the existence of the other side, which may well be non-existent for us until that point, we will only live by that side, whether good or bad.

Thus with this flip aspect of our duality, everything around us is a toggle. A toggle is a key that has 2 usages, e.g. the CAPS lock key on your computer. When you press it you can type in CAPS & by pressing it again, you can type in small alphabets. 
In the same way 2 usages of the same reality exists & our Karmic passbook shows auto debits & credits as per the choice of reality that we make, to perceive & thus live & execute. 

● A knife can kill someone; the same knife can cut vegetables to make food.
● Hot water can harm you; the same hot water gives you a refreshing bath daily.
● Fire can burn anything; the same fire can burn in a home & feed a family with the meal cooked on it.
Both the aspects of these realities are true & each is the filp side of our perceived realities but serve different purposes.

In the same way, there are flip sides to our perceived beliefs.

● Fear is the flip side of Faith,
● Illness is the flip side of Health, 
● Lack is the flip side of Prosperity, 
● Unhappiness is the flip side of Contentment,
● Victimhood is the flip side of Inner Power,
● Self sabotage is the flip side of Self Love,
● Anger is the flip side of Compassion, 
● Hate is the flip side of Love, 
● Unforgiveness is the flip side of Forgiveness, 
● Pain is the flip side of Peace. 

Now with both seeming realities in existence, you have to choose the side of the coin you would operate out of. And that which you operate out of, is the side of the coin that is facing up in your life & it is that side only which you'd be able to see & access at 'A' given point of time. 

Now know, that the side which you see & access, is what you're living by. The only time you can partly see both sides but access none, is when you're living in the limbo of the grey path of life, giving yourself  false solace & ego boosts through blames & victimhood, where you're surviving, but you are, neither here nor there. 
Awareness of this existence of duality & the outcomes of each flip side will only bring you to a point of making a conscious choice of what you choose to perceive, believe & thus live. 

All life you may be concentrating on the terrain still to be covered in life & overlooking the blessings of that which you have already covered, healed or transcended. You may be focusing & thus magnifying & manifesting the lack of all that you don't have, instead of being in true Gratitude of all that you do have. You may be drowned in trying to better yourself through comparison but reaching no where, as comparing again is the energy zone of lack, of that which you don't possess but someone else does.

Now sit with yourself each night & bring to awareness, which side of the coin are you living by. The beliefs that you inherently live by are the ones which have your constant focus throughout the day & thus are in constant manifestation, consciously or most of the times unconsciously.

So take Divine help & find out which toggle are you living by; 

♡ Illness or Health
♡ Lack or Prosperity 
♡ Unhappiness or Contentment,
♡ Victimhood or Inner Power,
♡ Self sabotage or Self Love,
♡ Anger or Compassion, 
♡ Hate or Love, 
♡ Unforgiveness or Forgiveness,
♡ Pain or Peace

Once you find that out, take conscious steps of Awareness to heal, transcend & turn the Coin of your Life on the Positive side, by blessing all that you had, have & shall have. By counting your blessings of all that your soul created for itself, whereby there are millions who's soul has decided to live a life worse than physical death or decided not to even see the next sunrise.

So stay happy, loving, content & count your blessings for all that is in your life & work steadfastly towards the manifestation of your inner most dreams, goals & desires but by focusing on the journey & not being attached to the desired outcome. ♥ © Roshani/Dec2013

Stay Blessed ♥
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Friday, 15 November 2013

Short & Instant Anxiety Release Technique

Short & Instant Anxiety Release Technique
You can do this anywhere, anytime :)

* To banish & release anxiety instantly, take some deep long breaths, hold on for 3 counts & then let it out slowly & gradually as you can, making a soft "Fuuuuuu" sound. This releases stagnant energy & stale air filled with the toxins of our thoughts & worries.

* Ask AA Michael to just come & take away the toxins & cut away all lower & negative energies.

* Keep breathing as above & intent that AA Michael is cutting away all such lower energies & taking it to the light.

* Feel yourself being comforted in His powerful wings & protected at all times.

* The breathing with the above intent will restore a steady rhythm & reduce the excretion of the adrenaline that over stimulates the body & increases your panic when you have anxiety.

* Repeat this intent breathing for at least 21 counts or more, until you feel that Angels have taken away the toxins from you, making you feel relaxed & quietened from within.

* After you finish, thank God, AA Michael & all other Angels for Their Divine Help.

* You will feel calmer & in a better state of mind for clarity of thoughts, solutions & ideas to replace all the toxins that your anxiety had generated.

♥ © Roshani/Nov2013

Stay Blessed ♥

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Monday, 14 October 2013

Message & Affirmation of the Week ~ 14th to 20th Oct with A Beautiful Daily Meditation


This week's message focuses on looking into the way You begin Your day.
This week's Message & Affirmation also has with it, a beautiful Daily Morning Meditation that is surely going to set Each Day of your Life, rolling with Joy. This mediation is not just for this week, but can be used as a daily practice to welcome a New Day.

Angels say; that whether you realize or not, your each day is filled with the energies that you had stored the night before and the energies that you emit and give out, when you begin your day the next morning. The reason being that each day of your life is filled with various energies of thoughts and patterns that keep playing out day in and day out. You have almost got used to the same and don't realize the detrimental repercussions for a good amount of time in life. At times you may be getting up, fatigued or irritated or tired for no apparent reason in your conscious mind, but the reasons do exist way down in your sublime cellular body.

Each thought has creates an emotion, each emotion is matter and all matter is energy and whether aware or unaware you are, this energy, good or bad resonates and creates patterns within you, which in turn is creating manifestations of actions through you and around you, through people, situations & circumstances. Yes you may also be carrying the baggage of karmic patterns, soul lessons & other such growth lessons that you've pre-designed in your soul blue print, which also merge in, as per the frequency of your current thoughts, actions and freewill that you apply each day while reacting or responding to each situation or person.

We guide that, the most important aspect to first work upon is to know that releasing and letting go, is at times more important than infusing new energies. How can you fill an existing filled vessel? Thus we urge you to release your day's energies onto us every night, and we will happily carry them to the Light for you. Tell us to take away all irritations, frustrations, anger, hurt, jealousy, fear, worry, tension, anxiety, addiction, or any such lower emotion or feeling that you may have experienced during the day, through your surrounding people or situations. Then ask us to also take away any toxic energies of the past. When you do that, you're relatively empty of the soul's baggage before you sleep, and are ready to welcome the New Day. 
Then make a list of things that you'd like the achieve in the next day, like a daily To Do List. Ask us to give you a peaceful sleep thereafter, and You will surely feel a difference in your energy, when you get up the next morning. 

Your daily ritual may involve getting up to an alarm, rushing to shower, dress, eat or not eat breakfast and then go dashing to work. For a change, set your alarm early and begin your day with a sunrise, or just 30 minutes before your waking time, for Mother Nature’s daily expression of hope and celebration of new beginnings.

So from now on, get up the next morning, on your chalked out daily time to meditate upon the oncoming day to:
1. Give Gratitude to the Universe for giving you the joy of living for one more day, with opportunities to fill your life with love and joy.

2. Welcome the new energies of Mother Earth to fill you, so that you operate out of Love & Compassion through the day, in all that you think, speak or do.

  • Helps you let go of the past and begin anew
  • Encourages hope and confidence to achieve your goals
  • Calms and centers you for the day ahead and takes your energy to operate through Higher vibrations and frequency.

Do this meditation in your home facing the window where sunrise comes in, or near any window, or if possible, do it outdoors at sunrise. 


Gather your chair or cushion, soft music, incense or any aroma. (Depending on what you like and can manage early morning.) If not, do not worry, just sit on a stool or chair, open your window and let the sunshine come in. Even if that's not possible just sit near a window.

Keep the list of your Daily To Do List & a List of Your Higher Goals with You and before you sit to meditate, read it through and intent the accomplishment of the same, and to be taken to everything and everyone that leads you finally towards your Higher Goals.


  1. Find a spot facing east (IF POSSIBLE) and take a seat just before sunrise or whenever you get up as per your time sit on a stool or chair with your feet touching the ground.
  2. Take about 10-15 deep breaths and settle into a comfortable position. Keep your palms facing upwards on both your knees.
  3. Bring your attention to your mind's eye and see or hear the sounds of the birds and animals stirring, feel or see the earth below you and the sky above. Feel your own energy and be conscious that you are the meeting place the center point, where earth meets the sky.
  4. Now feel or see as if the sky has lightened in the east and the night is giving way to the wonderful day.
  5. Thank all your negative emotions since last night & before, for leaving you. Stay in the Gratitude.
  6. Greet the morning with tenderness and feel tenderness the towards yourself and others. Acknowledge that one more day has been granted to you and celebrate a new beginning. Thank the Universe for this wonderful day filled with opportunities, love, peace, harmony and focused on doing good to all those who you interact with.
  7. Then bring to mind your Daily To do list and feel the joy of all of them being successfully accomplished and all the concerned people very happy and joyful with your work and with you as a person.
  8. Then bring to mind your Higher Goals and feel the joy and gratitude for their completion. Thank the Universe for working with you, to achieve all of them successfully. Take deep breaths of joy and feelings of thankfulness within your Heart Chakra seeing and feeling truly that all of your goals are accomplished with blessings to all involved.
  9. Once you do that, sit with the silence of your inner self, in quiet contemplation until you feel charged and ready to start the beautiful day ahead. During this time feel the new, vital and fresh energies of Mother Earth, entering your soles of the feet and filling your entire body.
  10. Thank God, the Angels and Mother Earth for everything that they do for you and now begin the Joyous Day.
  11. Do the below & following weekly morning affirmation if at all, after this meditation.
Affirmation of the Week ~ 7 Times every Morning & Night
"I have clarity in all that I set out to do. My goals & visions are in alignment with my Life Purpose & the One Light and One Truth of God. I welcome each new day, with renewed vigour, enthusiasm, love & joy. I bless all and everything in my life, at all times."
♥ © Roshani/Oct2013 ♥ Stay Blessed
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Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Are You a Reactive, Proactive or Responsive Person? Know Yourself & the Baby Steps to become a Responsive Human Being


This blog is a part of our Spiritual "BREAK-DOWN TO BREAK-TRUE" © Mentoring & Empowerment Packages that take your life from a point of "Break-down" to your True Self with that Internal "Break-true" - To know more about these, please fill the form at the Link given at the bottom of the Blog.

Our life is made up of our response or reactions to the situations & people around us. There are Reactive, Responsive & Proactive people. The Responsive ones are the ones who move on to become Proactive too, But a Proactive person will not be Responsive one. 
It is this Response or Reaction, that adds to our Karma of brownie points or minus points. Below are a few important aspects of each kind. See where you fit in, know yourself better through this wonderful blog (To experience a total Break-True sign up for our powerful mentoring packages) & move towards the Baby Steps mentioned herein, (which we teach you step by step in the sessions, on how to achieve them) to become a Responsive person who manifests the Highest Good in all aspects of life & embraces all challenges with Positive Surrender considering them as stepping stones.

A Reactive Person is the one who's like Soda fizz. They act & do things on the impulse of that moment. They can be like a can of fizz pop drink, where if Life shakes them, the pressure builds up & they explode like volcanic lava. They are constantly caught up in comparisons, envy, victimhood, self sympathy & inferiority complexes which give rise to irritation, insecurity, frustration & feelings of not being good enough for anything. They get easily offended, be revengeful at times in thoughts or actions & store hurts, resentment, unforgiveness, guilt, blame etc., Often unreasonably stubborn & rigid in their outlook.

A Proactive person has few of traits of a Responsive person like, they think before they act. They bounce back when something bad happens (though they will curse the whole world for it). They try to find a way to make things happen hook or by crook (even if it disrupts or hurts someone). They try to focus on planning & doing something about things they have in hand or plan to have (but with personal motives & agenda). They often do things without being told to do them which can be good or seemingly bad at times. They have high superiority complex or ego that may hurt others, many a times.

A Responsive person has many common things as a Proactive person minus the negatives. They do not blame anyone when things go bad & bounce back with Positive Surrender. They do not get easily offended. They take complete responsibility of their choices & thus their manifestations. They always find a way to make things happen without disrupting or hurting others. They do not try to control situations or people. They do not worry or have fears of the Past & fears of the Future. They learn from their past & move ahead with forgiveness & love; And completely believe & live in the Now, with Gratitude & Positive surrender to make the most of what is given to them right here & now. They do everything with detachment from all Doership & selflessly. They do not hold ego or separateness from other beings. They consider themselves to be One in Consciousness with everyone & everything around. 

The Baby Steps that you can take to move towards being a Responsive Person are:
  • Daily release your day with the Angels when you pray at night & ask them to take away all irritations, hurts, fears & such negative energies or thoughts or feelings away to the Light. (You don't need extra luggage or you'd be charged in the Universe too)
  • Be in awareness daily on how many negative things you say or think like, fearing, worrying, jealousy, anxiety, judgements, etc.
  • Be in awareness how many times you give the power of your happiness & peace to other people or situations by using the terms; "You make me feel this & that; I have to only do it because....; Why can't he she or they do this or that for me, or why They did this or that to me; Because xyz situation happened i became like this in life" etc. Now cut all such sentences away & know that blame will not take you anywhere. Blame, Worry, Guilt is like being on a Treadmill, which may show you 12kms on the indicator, but you've been running on the same spot. It will keep you right there in it's clutches never to let you go.
  • Leave your comfort zone & do something that you truly wish to do.
  • Start to understand that if God is in everyone & everything, HE is in the seeming bad people & the seeming good people in your Life. Stop compartmentalizing people. Forgive, Learn & Move Ahead.
  • Not just learn but embrace your life lessons & move ahead with forgiveness & love in your heart.
  • Stop judging yourself or others, or be an over perfectionist being harsh on yourself or others. Bring in a lot of self love & compassion. When you do that you will realize that just like yourself, others too have been operating out of their healed or unhealed energies. Forgiveness will become more natural by then.
  • Be in awareness of your patterns that don't serve your Highest Good.
  • Start looking at other people's view point with a subjective thought process. Disagree without being disagreeable.
  • Respect everyone & everything around you, including yourself. Learn the Power of No.
  • Daily give Gratitude for all that you had, all that you have & all that you will have.
  • Feel the Oneness with everyone & everything around you, people, animals, creatures & even inanimate objects as they too are a Soul going through their evolutionary process.
  • Do a daily deed of kindness, or say words that bring a smile to someone.
  • Do what you want to do not what you have to or just need to do.
  • Do all good, with a sense of detachment, whereby you know there is a Higher Power operating through you to do all the good.
  • When there is no Doership, there is no Ego or Expectations.
  • Next time you feel your teacher, friend or anyone has been unfair, don't blow your lid or cry & sulk. Talk it out with the person & see what you need to learn out of this episode.
  • When you have a fight, be strong enough to forgive & humble enough to apologize.
  • Start operating in life with your Heart held High; and your Head held in Humility.
When you truly start practicing these Baby Steps, you will soon see the Shift within, which will make you start Responding to Life rather than Reactive to Life.
  © Roshani/Oct2013 
(Blog is a Part of the Session plan of "Break-down to Break-true" © Packages)

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Stay Blessed
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Friday, 27 September 2013

♥ Calendar & Beyond for a Cause ~ 2014 ♥

Calendar & Beyond for a Cause ~ 2014

With Baba's Grace & in the Memory of my dearest Mom & my Aunt Perin & all Teachers, who educated me & many more, we are forming a Foundation called:
"Meher Roshani Foundation." This Foundation is for helping ex Teachers of various schools/institutes & under privileged Children for education & medicals.

Many Teachers have worked in depleted salaries, meager or zero retirement earnings and went on to make so many of us, worth earning in thousands & lakhs & have a great future, by giving us education, that has given us our standing in the Society. This foundation was born in my heart & mind in the year 1991. It existed in some small way or the other through the years, but Universe is bringing it in larger manifestation now. It is time "To Give Back from what We have Got!"

Besides, through donations in this Foundation, we will form a consortium of schools & colleges to become a yearly member at a nominal fee & look into applications from them, for helping needy ex teachers & also for giving free or discounted education to needy deserving children within the institution or sponsor in part/full deserving/potential students who require admission in an institution or help under privileged / poor / special children for any medical or education services. The Foundation shall also collect old books from Schools, Institutes or Individuals & furnish the same to municipal schools, or poor children, street schools, night schools, etc.

To begin with the fund raising, we have created a lovely Angelic Concept Calendar with one of my dear Angel Students. The table calendar will have some beautiful Angelic Images, Powerful quotes & a Surprise aspect that will take it Beyond being just another Calendar.

We will be having sample pages sent out on mail, FB etc., and will be printing Only as per order, since it is for a Charity Cause. The proceeds of these calendars, after all costs, will go to the 1st funds of the "Meher Roshani Foundation."

So please come forward, we need You all to spread the word among your Organizations, Companies, friends, family, Social Networks, Bookstores, etc., for us to get a real large order. Your help will be deeply appreciated & remain as Gratitude forever.

For Calendar orders / donations / volunteer work please write to us on: with the details of what you would like to help with.

26th September yesterday, also happened to be a sad & happy day for me as; one of my best School Teacher Miss Geeta Bolar left us all for the heavenly abode. May her soul RIP. 
While another best Teacher & Principal of our School Mrs. Navaz Sanjana had her Birthday, which she spent with Miss. Bolar as promised the night before, but at her funeral. Time & Tide Waits for No Man. Let us come forward & cherish & help the ones who are in our Lives & have been instrumental in making us what we are Today.

Love, Light, Grace & Abundance to All

In HIS loving service always,

Sparkling Angels Holistic Healing
Heal Your Self; Heal Your Life; Heal Your World!
Stay Blessed * *

Jai Baba

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Full Moon Release Meditation & Message

Letting Go & Releasing is a very important aspect of our Lives & Spiritual growth. Until you release & empty yourself, you cannot fill anything new.

So let this beautiful Full Moon tomorrow on 19th September be a commitment to release all that is unserving, unloving & unwanted in your Life. Move away from the Past that has been toxic as it only adds more toxins each day, to be living that past. Release your old beliefs & patterns that don't serve your Highest Good & Spiritual Growth.

Tomorrow & Every Full Moon :

* Make a list of all such things that you want to release, including inflicting habits or addictions, resentments, hurts, beliefs etc.

* Sit in front of the Full Moon or just intent the Moon in your minds eye after the Moon Rise time. Do some deep breathing till you feel calm & relaxed. Call upon Archangel Haniel to be with you through this.

* Then imagine bathing in the beautiful energies of the Moon Light, washing away all of the above & transmuting it to the White Light.

* See all that is released coming out like black muck from the soles of your feet & converting into the White Light.

* Once you see, feel or intent all such negativity washed away, Thank the Moon, Archangel Haniel and all other Divine Beings for helping you with the process.

* Meet the new You in Days to come.

Remember, when old patterns toxins or emotions or negative thoughts come up today or otherwise, know They are Your tests and trying attempts of negativity to engulf you again. Leave it, ignore it, turn your mind to pleasant or happier things/times and keep saying "I know all this is illusion I am unaffected by any of this." 
Then just send all those people who have hurt you etc., your heartfelt forgiveness and let go their energies from within you. 

Also the moon cycle is connected to mood swings of people. Thus temperamental or angry people are guided to wear the moonstone gem. Even for women it affects the mood swings around the monthly cycles and the cycle itself. So you can pray to AA Haniel and the Moon for releasing anger, temper issues, monthly cycle problems or pains etc.

Lot of such old muck will seemingly arise. You will notice that It will be at its peak every month few days before and after the Full Moon and on the day of Full Moon day.

Around full moon days, more of all such negative surfaces. Do not fear, it could just be because, the Angels want it all to surface so that you pay attention to it, accept that it still exists and heal it.

Its all coming out for You to be aware of all that is unwanted and that needs to be released out. If you get entwined in its trap by fearing, worrying or holding it on further, then the Negativity wins.

♥ © Roshani/Sept2013

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♥ Heal Your Self; Heal Your Life; Heal Your World ♥ *

Friday, 13 September 2013

♥ The Shining Sparkling Light Brigade ♥

The Theme Poetry for all Sparkling Angels
© Roshani/Sept2013 
(Guided by Angels & made to be Inspired by Charge of the Light Brigade by Alfred Lord Tennyson.)

This Poem Is For All The Sparkling Angels Who Have Done The Workshop With Us At; Sparkling Angels Holistic Healing & Are Shining Their Light Into The World;
 To Be The Lighthouse Of Their Lives & That Of Others! 

And It Is Also Dedicated To All The Lightworkers Of The World;
 Who Are Diligently Working Towards;
Helping Humanity & Creation To Rise & Shine!! 
Stay Blessed!!!!

The Shining Sparkling Light Brigade ♥

Half a life, half a life,
Half a life onward,
All in the Glory of God
Rose the Sparkling Light Brigade.
"Move Forward, my Light Brigade!
"Charge for the World!" HE said:
Into the Glory of God,
Rose the Sparkling Light Brigade!

"Help O dear Sparkling Light Brigade!"
Lot of us here are dismayed.
Not a thought otherwise,
Just To Be there for someone
We have to Rise.
Even if anyone had blundered
  Theirs is not to make judgment or reply,
  Theirs is not to reason why,
  Theirs but to do and rise
Into the Glory of God
Rose the Sparkling Light Brigade!!

Critics to right of them,
Naysayers to left of them,
Stones in front of them
Rolling and thundering
Still moving ahead,
Strongly they helped and well,
Into the Light of God,
Into the Glory of God
Rose the Sparkling Light Brigade!!!

Speared with harsh truths to bear,
Their Faith turned all worries into air,
Knowing that Peace & Love are always there,
Charging ahead with only Love to share & spare
They moved on as an army of Lightworkers,
While All the world wondered
Into the Glory of God,
Rose the Sparkling Light Brigade!!! 

Plunged into illusions were people around them,
But Right through the Veils they broke,
Moving away all blocks of Caste & Creed,
They reeled ahead from the worse of stroke
Shattered at times and shunned at other,
They were always humble & always Sober,
Thus never shaken or deterred
Into the Glory of God
Rose the Sparkling Light Brigade!!!

Lies to right of them,
Envy to left of them,
Gossip behind them
Rolling and thundering
Still moving ahead,
While all that was material around fell,
They are helping so many, so well
Came through the patterns that they had dwelled,
Changing from within, their Hearts swelled.
And as their Breed grew,
Against all negativity as a Crusade,
Into the Glory of God
Rose the Sparkling Light Brigade

Never can their glory fade
Oh the charge of Love & Peace they continue to make!
All the world wondered
Hoping to be like them,
With Head held low in humility,
And Heart held high in love,
Honoring the precious work they do,
Even God came to hold them & embrace,
While into the Love, Light & Glory of God,
Rose & Shined the Sparkling Light Brigade!!!


Stay Blessed ♥ *

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