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Thursday, 24 March 2016

Celebrate Life each moment not just few Days in a Year ♡

💖 We have 1 day every year Happy this Day and Happy that Day, to celebrate and express love, unity, and goodness but rest all days we are OK to drain ourselves with hatred hurt resentments comparison judgements gossip back biting and all that can possible deplete and kill us.
💖  We have 1 day of realization of the importance of Water and put up pictures and slogans for it but daily keep the tap open while brushing teeth, soaping hands while washing or showering.
💖 For a few certain days in the month or year we are vegetarian because we fear being punished by the harsh God fearing schemes that we are mind conditioned with but rest all days of the year we conveniently believe that God is OK with us slaughtering, or killing and enjoying the meat.
💖 You may scold your kids not to shout and back answer you but in minutes would do the same with your parents or in laws or any elders.
💖 In India we may spit and litter our own roads and country but are spic and span and very vigilant when we are traveling abroad because we fear being fined.
💖 We talk about all the corruption that goes on but want to give that bribe for quick passport and other things or bribe for the quick exit from the traffic police.
💖 It is a crime to kiss and have any display of love in public and you might be arrested but it is OK to kill, rape and molest in public and yet have to prove that it happened.

✔ We may have become Westernized but we are not yet Modernized.
✔ We may be Educated but we are not yet Cultured.
✔ We may have Sympathy but we are not yet Compassionate.
✔ We may have all the urge to do all the good, but not yet have the courage or strength to take the 1st step and shall wait for someone else to do it.

Think of all such things in your life where you have or see the slightest contradiction and hypocrisy in, and try to steer away from it. Bring in joy respect balance and celebration each day in your life. Fill your own life with colors of unity and oneness and spread the same to others. Be honest of what you write and spread and put it into practice so that you can become that beacon of Light a thriving living example for the World to follow suit. Happy Colorful Life to each and everyone.

Spread the Love Spread the Light  ♡ © Roshani/March2016

Stay Blessed ♡ Stay Tuned


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