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Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Live This NOW; Love This NOW!

No one is Bad; We all just operate out of our healed or unhealed; love based or fear based; positive or negative energies!

And sometimes two best of the people can't be together because each operates from different energies and thus elevates or drain each other.
As we move towards The Shift; all Takers or Givers, will have to move towards the Balance of Giving and Receiving of Everything. Any imbalance and it will create major turbulences in any aspect of life; Health, Relationship or Abundance! Emotional Debris is the stickiest and we will All need to release the old debris and make sure we don't gather new debris.

* So Love as much as You can;
* Show the Love & Care in Your Actions;
* Don't Hurt people; Don't let anyone Hurt You;
* Forgive Everyone including yourself for anything that you have done, or that which you couldn't do;
* Cherish the Ones who Love You;
* Bless the Ones who Don't Or Can't Love You;
* Take care of Your surroundings & Mother Earth;
* Don't Judge anyone, Just Bless their Journey;
* Thank Everyone who Taught You the Soul Lessons;
* Release Everyone that have to move away, with Love in Your Heart & move Ahead;
* Think only Good for Yourself & Others as;
* The Universe is rapidly taking snapshots of Everything that We Think; Speak and Do;
* And With this rapid Sync of Events;
* The Universe may not be able to give another chance!

So Live This Now;
And Love This Now!
^♥^ © Roshani *

Monday, 29 October 2012

How to Deal with Suicides of Close Ones? ~ Daily Questions

Question of the Day: Sparkling Angels Holistic Healing
Binoxy Parakh: "How do we deal with memories of Suicides of Close Ones? I lost a dear friend & feel if I had not gone for my trip I would have been able to stop her. Why did she take such a drastic step? What made a religious, caring soul commit suicide? All these questions keep coming to me."

 Dear Binoxy, heartfelt love & warmth to console your grieved heart. There are various factors in each ones life that drives us to certain thoughts, emotions, patterns and thus actions. These things are not driven overnight. They accumulate over a period of time & when they get to the Volcanic Point of reaching the Brim; They Erupt & a massive force of Courage takes over for a person to take such a drastic step.

Yes, unlike what we believe & perceive that Suicide is a Cowardly act, it is actually the Opposite.
It is the Inner Weakness or the collapsing of the Soul, that actually creates an equal & opposite reaction which gives rise & power to the Physical Mind to plunge forward & garner Courage; for taking this drastic step towards The Point of No Return called Suicide.

Spiritually, the consequences of Suicidal Souls is not good at all. So instead of grieving or binding them with Questions, all we should do is Pray for their elevation and Pray they be helped by other Elevated Souls, Guides & Masters in the Spiritual Realms, to redeem this action on Earth and move towards the Light.

For more on how childhood, or other life patterns contribute to Suicide please read this Blog that is enclosed.

May Love, Light, Grace & Wisdom be Unto All 
© Roshani

Is it wrong to pray to Angels & Believe in Them? ~ Daily Questions ~

Question of the Day:
Radhika Mody: Some say God is the only one we need to believe in. Then is it wrong to pray to Angels & ask Their Help?

 Angels are non religious and are non denominational forms of Energy that have been created by God, way before Creation, for the overseeing of the Planet and the Universe at Large. They are a fragment of the same Creator as we are, the only difference being that They have never been incarnated or walked the Earth (besides 2 Archangels who are said to have walked the Earth as Prophets).
Angels are Universal Messengers of GOD; to carry out GODs Will and some of them are deputed within Earthly planes to look after Humanity. There is a proper hierarchy and specific Roles that Each category & Each individual Angels play.
So when we pray to Them; we are praying to God;
The only thing is that they are the carriers of our Prayers to God and bring Gods Grace to us.
The reason being that it is difficult for us with our Toxic Lives & the density of the Energies around us, to cross the realms of Consciousness to go closer to the GOD Consciousness; unless the Soul is highly ascended or has a Master Soul (Ascended Master, Saint, Sadguru) assisting the Soul in doing so.
Angels help us get closer to our own Divinity to recognize the God within us and everyone and everything else. They are deputed to heal, protect, guide and shield us. They can only intervene in our Lives when we ask Their help as they cannot overstep the Freewill of the Soul; unless to save us from an untimely disaster.
But according to MEHER BABA'S Teachings; even after being the Closest Ones to GOD; The Angels cannot attain GOD Realization; Because GODs mandate gives GOD Realization only to Incarnated Forms which through their Consciousness & Sanskaras can move towards attainment of GOD Realization; which is the Biggest Grace that GOD can shower upon a Soul.
Thus in that sense; The Human Being becomes the Highest Creation of GOD; but that which is veiled by its own ignorance and karmic bindings.

So at our end, at SAHH, we leave aside any debate & respect all religious beliefs and thus leave it to each individual and their calling to decide upon connecting with their Guardian Angels or Archangels or any other Guides & Masters.
But if you go through scriptures all Religions have Angels or  Farishtays, Fravashis, Celestial Beings or any other names that we call Them.
However, we choose to recognise the power of Angels, acknowledging that they have a role play in our existence is the first step towards accepting that we are more than what we think we are.  We are all connected by this universal energy, and most religions support the theory that Angels exist, and make many references to them in the Holy Scriptures.

So it is a subjective matter on how the Belief about Angels is viewed. To know & feel them; Call Upon Their Help in all Love & Light, & They will leave no stone unturned to prove Their existence to You.

Much Love, Light, Grace & Abundance to All 
© Roshani

In the Link Below you'll find a few urls pertaining to the same. Do have a look.,or.r_gc.r_pw.r_cp.r_qf.&fp=22abb0df7f493ea5&bpcl=35466521&biw=1107&bih=617

Saturday, 27 October 2012

The Affair with Life ~~ ♥ ~~

My Affair with Life makes me Love Myself more ~~ ♥ ~~

♥ My Affair with Life has taught me, a lot of sweet & sour lessons; whatever the taste, the final Dish has been for the Highest Good of my Souls' Health.
♥ My Affair with Life has taught me that, the Person You Love & the Person who Loves You, may not always be the Same.
♥ My Affair with Life has taught me, to Love beyond myself; but 1st Love myself. Because unless i love myself, i won't be able to love Anyone or Anything.
♥ My Affair with Life has taught me that, "Charity begins at Home" which means "All begins from Self" ~ Self Respect, Self Confidence, Self Trust & Above all Self Love. If I can't give that to Self, I can't give that to Anyone or Anything.
♥ My Affair with Life has taught me, to understand the Underlying Order of that which is unfolding each Day.
♥ My Affair with Life has taught me, to see The Bigger Picture.
♥ My Affair with Life has taught me, short term gains are just that; "Short Termed"
♥ My Affair with Life has taught me that, the only thing that can ever Change with Conscious Efforts is "Me" rest all Changes inevitably.
♥ My Affair with Life has taught me, to help others in whatever small or big way i can. The size of help doesn't matter; Intent Does.
♥ My Affair with Life has taught me, not to Judge another's Path nor Live anyone's Life. The way i operate from my healed or unhealed energies so is everyone else.
♥ My Affair with Life has taught me, what i do is my Karma & what others do is not my business.
♥ My Affair with Life has taught me, Forgiveness is the most Powerful Tool to disarm the most fierce of Energies.
♥ My Affair with Life has taught me, Only I can give the power to Someone or Something to make me feel the way i feel.
♥ My Affair with Life has taught me that, I'm co-creating my Life with Another Companion called the Higher Power at all times.
♥ My Affair with Life has taught me that, i cannot paint the World Pink; I have to wear Pink Glasses.
♥ My Affair with Life has taught me that, the way i see the World, will depend on the Colour of the Glasses i wear.
♥ My Affair with Life has taught me, what I say or do, may be forgotten by others, but the way i make them feel or treat them will Forever Be Remembered.
♥ My Affair with Life has taught me, to release the fears of the Past & not enter Fears of the Future; Because my NOW is the Only Point of Existence.
♥ And Lastly the Affair with Life has taught that, at the End ~ the My, Me, Mine & I all have to dissolve & Merge in the One Ocean; the Ocean of Ultimate Love, Light & Benevolence!

And with all This & More that the Beautiful Affair with Life has taught;
Hey LiFe You're Loved Far More! ♥ ♥ ♥
© Roshani *

Questions of the Day 23.10.12 ~

1st Question of the Day:

Sur Sharma:
"Can we do affirmations anytime? Why are most that you've written say Night? And I'm awaiting for Angels to make arrangements that I can take professional service from You."

 We can do Affirmations anytime. These instructions when written in Daily Messages etc., or in the Free Readings of Yesterday on the Healing Page, are as channelled to me at that time when the message is given.
This is so that, the said affirmation will have it's highest resonation when said X number of times at that particular time. But besides that you can do and repeat it as many times.
Yes, mostly They have channelled for nights because, They say Nights are the time of regeneration of cells. Our physical mind is dormant and not at play so it doesn't interfere in the Divine work of reprogramming or healing or rejuvenating that the Angels and Masters carry out. So intents prayers affirmations of healing done at Night have the best effects, besides other time too as channelled by them at times like 3 times in a day or in mornings etc.
And always Remember when Your guidance & healing is due IT will afford itself. Never worry about it. What has to come otherwise will be got to You and from whom it has to come to You. The Source is pre decided by You too.
Angels & Universe just sync it & bring it together.
Whether through professional service or here on my pages or just talking to any of You; I pray that I may be utilised to Serve more & more People Each Day; in a Better & Better way! © Roshani

2nd Question of the Day:
Sur Sharma: (To not feel why only Sur has questions, Please post yours too on our Page :)
Q ~ Since I have started reading about spiritual stuffs, I have come to know that people carry weight or are aver weight coz of some spiritual blockage or carrying resentments. I want to know your views on it. Is it really true? What about bad eating habits in that case?

Dear Sur, yes excess weight is due to certain voids within us at a Soul level. Emotional voids, Financial voids, or any such voids, trauma, turbulence, can make the Body feel unprotected, unloved & uncared for.
In it's defense, the Body starts padding itself up by creating excess weight. The void or trauma, slowers our metabolism, creates food or beverage or lifestyle habits or other items that become the catalysts of weight gain, thus giving the Physical Mind a reason to connect to. The Physical Monkey Mind always needs an Equal To = analyzing factor for everything that it makes us do. This is because the Physical Mind is the Ultimate according to itself, and it will not let you move towards the Higher Consciousness that easily. If it doesn't create a reason for the Weight Gain, it will be easier for the Person to move towards seeking an answer and thus reaching Divine Guidance faster or easily.
What I do in my Weight Loss Healings as guided is;
First know the voids or reasons the Body started creating weight gain.
Identify the Catalysts that it has created
As guided give prayers, affirmations & healing sessions to heal all such voids and traumas within.
Once you do that; You are slowly moved away from all such Triggers that were acting as Your Catalysts. And even when you do eat any of those items in again, their effect as a Catalyst for you to put on weight would be dissolved, thus freeing you from its reactions.
Post that, needless to say, that Regular Exercise and / or Meditation will always help us stay Centered in our Inner Being, Emotionally Balanced and thus not giving scope for any activity or pattern to re occur in Your Life. © Roshani

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Friday, 26 October 2012

Spiritually Healing Everyday Worries

A Beautiful piece on how to Spiritually Heal our Worries on a day to day level. We let these big and small issues, concerns, hurts or resentments of ourselves, others or world at large, erode us from within; With or without our knowledge, until a time comes when we are pushed off the Cliff and made to realize our negligence towards our Divine Life.
But we don't always have to hold the rope when we are thrown off the Cliff. We can tie the rope of Divinity and go Rappelling :) 
So, with small conscious efforts like that mentioned herein, you can move towards a daily cleansing of all the baggage that you otherwise carry. Stop living your or other people's worries. As what you focus on will only multiply itself. And if you cannot change it; What use it is, anyways of worrying. 
Know that it is a vicious chain and unless you Break it; you'd always be spinning within its Inner Circle. 
So step forward & move towards being what you truly are: "Perfect, Whole, Complete & Abundant"
^ ♥ ^  

Spiritually Healing Worries

Today’s date is 10-26 (or 26-10), which in Angel Numbers means, “Give any fears or worries to God, and listen to and follow your divine guidance which will lead you to actions you can take to insure that your earthly needs are met.”

When you’re stressed and worried, you need God’s guidance the most. Unfortunately, the stress and worry can shut you down spiritually so that you can’t clearly hear or feel God’s presence and messages. God is right next to you, omnipresent within and around you. But when you’re stressed, you shut down and can’t hear or feel Love.

Under stress, your breathing becomes shallow. And deep steady breath is what opens you up to connecting with the Divine. Under stress, you may turn to alcohol, drugs, or junk food to numb the emotional pain. Unfortunately, these substances also numb our psychic senses.

The way out of this cycle is by facing everything you’re stressed about. Take these fears out into the fresh air by admitting them to yourself and to God.

Then, write everything you’re worried about. Hold nothing back. Write about personal and global concerns. You can write this on a paper or a computer document. It’s important to write the fears instead of just creating a mental list.

Once you’ve written about your concerns (and it may be several pages long), on the top of the list, please write the words, “God please help me with these: “

God, being the infinite wisdom and Source, knows the way out of seemingly hopeless situations. Please don’t tell God HOW to solve the problems, because the solution will be illogical and ingenious. Similarly, please don’t waste time or energy worrying or wondering how your prayers will be answered.

Your job is to ask for help (because of Free Will, God and the angels await our request for help before intervening), and then listen to and follow guidance which comes as a result of your request for help.

Rarely are prayers answered without human action steps. This means that, if you want a solution, you will need to follow guidance and take action. Sitting around and complaining that your prayers go unheard will just make things worse.

Keep praying! Pray for yourself, your family, and our world. I’m praying for you.

“Dear God, Thank you for your strength, power, and infinite love. Thank you for loving me unconditionally, and helping me to forgive myself as you forgive me. Thank you for lifting away my burdens and facing me toward your light. Thank you for reminding me of my divine heritage, and my true spiritual nature. Thank you for uplifting my heart and mind, and helping me to fall back in love with life itself. Amen.”

With love and respect,

Chakra & Aura Cleansing

This is an old article / interview that my dearest Angel Doll Jahnavi did with me in my early days of moving into Angel Reading & Healing. 

And Sur Sharma a new Angel who has been steadily directed towards me through visions and messages, finds this old interview while she was googling on Aura Cleaning and in her words, tells me, "Hi...look what I found...I was searching net for Aura cleaning and look here is what I found...Im amazed at the incidents where universe is directing me towards you.."

Thank you dear Jahnavi & Sur, for all your love & support always. ~ Roshani

It’s time for Chakra and Aura Cleansing!

By Jahnavi Patel

Shenazz Nadirshah is an internationally certified Angel, Reiki, & Holistic Therapist and Channelling PractitionerChakra and Aura Cleansing is one of the healing services she specializes in. She tells us all about the energy cleansing processes that enhance our sense of well-being and balance different areas in our lives.
1.      What are chakras?
The word chakra comes from the Sanskrit chakram, which means wheel. Chakras can actually be defined as spinning wheels or vortices of light. They are focal points of energy and are formed where energy lines crisscross in the body. Although there are numerous chakras in the body, the seven major chakras are located along the central column of the body, beginning at the base of the spine and climbing to the crown of your head.
2.      What is the process of Chakra Cleansing?
Each major chakra corresponds to an endocrine gland in the physical body. For example, the heart chakra is connected to the thymus gland, the throat chakra to the thyroid gland, and so on. Made of pure energy, each chakravibrates at a particular frequency. When our chakras get blocked or damaged, the chakra automatically grows sluggish or hyperactive, causing corresponding dis-comfort or dis-ease in the area of our life that corresponds to thechakra
The cleansing of chakras is done through progressive/regressive meditation techniques, music, chanting, symbols, through natural healing modalities like angel therapy, Reiki, Quantum Healing, Theta Healing, etc. And as said above, chakras, energy channels, and the aura are all very closely related, so it is best to approach the energy system as a whole.
3.      What is Aura Reading and Cleansing? 
Aura Readings look at your spiritual energy system as represented in the seven layers of your aura which are emitted from the seven basic chakras in the body. Along with colours, a reader may see memory pictures, symbolic images, spiritual beings, and usually energies belonging to others--like friends and family members. 
The readings & the cleansing of the aura can help you identify and release blocks. They also help you get in touch with your own energy, so you can know your own truth and make the highest choices for yourself. In an aura,chakra, or energy based healing, the healer supports you in cleansing unwanted energies out of your system. The healer assists you in grounding out psychic debris and releasing blocks which help you get your own energy flowing.  The healer can also assist you to increase the flow of your own energy. Chakras, energy channels, and the aura are all very closely related, so it is best to approach the energy system as a whole. Spiritual energy is not limited by time and space so healing the chakras can also be done in a cleansing session over the phone, skype etc.
4.      How do the processes help people? 
After the cleansing & balancing of the chakras the person immediately feels a change in his/her entire being. In a balanced chakra system, each chakra works at its optimum level, emitting crystal clear light waves (Aura) and making us feel healthy and vital to operate through our Higher Mind & make the right choices along our Life Path. 
5.      How were you introduced to Chakra Cleansing and Angel Therapy?
I was introduced to the angelic realm through a close friend. For over a year of knowing about them, there were a few times that I felt I got messages that were very clear which I gave my same friend regarding her life. As I saw them unfold into reality, I got inclined to know more and borrowed books from her to read. Few months down the line, my messages got much stronger and at the same time the first batch of Charles Virtue’s first Angel Certified Program was expected to be conducted in Mumbai.
 Just one week prior to the workshop, miraculously the money needed got arranged, and 1 day prior to it I was told there was a seat for me though earlier I was told that the batch was full. After that course there was no looking back. I channelled messages to start it professionally since August 2010 and that’s exactly what I did. Any person whose guidance is due & if I’m the source or medium the angels want, then those people will be sent to me from whichever part of the world. I have clients from India and abroad. Many such clients have come through my close friends, Reetz & Kooki and I’m grateful to them for sharing their experiences with their friends & loved ones, who thereafter, if guided on their own, have come to me for consultation.
In February 2011, as channelled to me in December, I did my Advanced Angel Therapy & Channelling course with the gracious Archhana Lakhotia from Kolkatta and founded my company Sparkling Angels Holistic Healing. I represent her in Mumbai & we have an extensive plan to bring many a spiritual/Life-changing workshops, meditation retreats, etc. to Mumbai.
Chakra/Aura Cleansing was an important part of the healing modalities within Angel Healing & therefore is a service that I provide. 
6.       Could you share instances of results in your life or that of your clients?
There are several examples, and without names as in the ethics of healing one cannot divulge names, I could say that each and every day I receive not less than 5 messages on the miracles of the healings, prayers, & affirmations. Ranging from someone coming out of a sticky case of 10 years in 3 months, to someone coming out of coma and visually seeing me in that state & recognizing me on meeting personally for the first time, to someone manifesting the purchase of a home for the exact amount told to them by their angels, and the like, there are many happy stories.
In one sentence, to all those who know me, my friends, family & loved ones, they have seen it visually that my life has turned around 360 degrees. I have moved away from the fears of the past and the fears of the future and learnt to live in the NOW! That NOW which needs constant nurturing, love, compassion, & healing.
7.      How is our aura affected and how are our chakras affected by our habits and the people around us?
 Everything we eat or drink contains life-force energy, some foods & beverages contain more than others. So if you eat a diet which contains high life force energy, your chakras would be larger & cleaner & conversely, if you eat a diet which contains low life force energy, they don’t help the chakras & make them shrink and darken even further.
Things like non vegetarian food, coffee, smoking, alcohol, cheese, pastries, chocolates, aerated drinks etc. also have thick toxic energies and in fact we advice our clients not to have the same one night prior to reading or healing sessions as it disrupts the penetration of energy during the sessions.
Toxic places like clubs, people who are constantly nagging, whining or being negative can be energy suckers too & if your aura is porous and chakras weak, you are possibly going to absorb these in your chakras & aura. So shielding yourself with white, purple, pink, or green light is very important.
8.      Which habits or foods benefit our chakras and what has a detrimental effect on our chakras and aura?
This happens mostly when we eat foods derived out of mistreated animals. Our chakras absorb the energy of the animals’ pain. Foods that are alive such as fresh fruits, vegetables, sprouted whole grain products, etc. have highest life-force energy. Having a diet full of high life force energy will make a positive difference in your energy & mood levels & help clear a lot of debris from the chakras & aura. 
9.       Is it true that if your chakras are cleansed, your aura automatically improves/brightens?
Yes it does as chakras, energy channels, and the aura are all very closely related, so it is best to approach the energy system as a whole. Though there can be differences at times and therefore each would need to be cleansed & healed individually.
10.   Books you would recommend on the subject of Chakra Cleansing.
Anges 101 is a good beginner’s book by Doreen Virtue, my inspirational mentor. I’m sure I will attend her workshops soon.There are many books available on chakra and aura cleansing in the market and the people who want to be guided to learn more will  find themselves drawn to the books or resources they need.

For workshop details and/or one-on-one Reading and Healing sessions, 
Shenazz Nadirshah can be reached on:
Phone: 09820700821

Monday, 22 October 2012

How to Handle Old Relationships during the process of The Shift - Sparkling Angels Daily Questions

Question of the Day ^ ♥ ^
Anuradha Gupta:
Hi Roshani, I would like to ask you with the Shift happening, how to deal with old relationships wherein the vibrations don't match anymore?

 Dear Anuradha, as we move towards The Shift (i.e. 21st December 2012) there are many a changes that each of us will be going through. First it is important to understand what the Shift is and what it is doing to us. The Shift is a Shift in the Consciousness of the Universe and the Shift of the Era. We are moving from 3rd Dimension Energies that we are currently living in, to 5th Dimensional Energies that we are moving towards. The moving towards the Shift in its technical sense has already started, we are just coming closer to the Point where that Transition will complete itself from 3rd to 5th Dimension. Now while going through this process what each of us need to do, is Empty ourselves from within to take on the Vibrations and Energies of this Highly Divine Dimension that we as a Planet, Universe are entering. We can only empty the within, when we release from, within and around us all that is not serving our Highest Good which obviously is at the Highest Frequency and Vibration. So us as Humanity and Mother Earth as a Planet both have to ready themselves for this Dimensional change. And to do that all that is unserving and toxic has to be shed, released, thrown out. Each of us will be pushed off the Cliff, will go through various turbulence / releases through relationships, health or finance and Universe will make it imperative for Each Person, to take that Journey Inwards and shed all the Toxins.

Start taking Divine help through whichever Path your Soul chooses, whichever External Guru, or Master your Soul choses and start going inwards. Once you do that, start constantly affirming that You are releasing;
that which is not nurturing you,
that which is not for your Highest Good and
that which doesn't serve the good of the Universe.
When you start doing that with focused intent and efforts, you will see that any truth that has been hidden with people or situations that come or have been into your life, will start surfacing.
What you need to do is extract yourself out and be the Witness or the Spectator. Operate in a detached form; which doesn't mean coldness. It means operating without getting drained by the progressing / unfolding situation or getting attached to its outcome. All our debris of Emotional Clinging to things and people who are not for our Highest Good will be dissolved in this period. Irrespective of what the Physical world portrays, try to be the Center Point of a Whirlpool; still and calm just witnessing the turbulence around. When you are the witness you will be able to see the Relationships in a different perspective where Now you will learn your True Soul Lesson, the very reason why you manifested that Person or Situation into your Life. Bless the relationships that leave you with a lot of Love & Light and Free them from any bindings of unforgiveness or hurt or resentment. And that is the biggest challenge and and will be the Highest Point of Transcending for your Soul during this period of The Shift and thereafter. ^ ♥ ^ © Roshani *

Operating out of Ignorance

This post was put up by a gentleman on the Blog of Speaking Tree, where the Doreen Virtue blog on numbers was put up a few days back. Below his comment is the Response that Angels guided me to Give Him. 

Dear Soul
Sorry to say but you are talking like a masson of lower class whom is only concerned with the man made symptoms , from where the numbers system came? whats its relevance with spirituality or God or Angels. Angels are unliberated souls wandering here and there in search of body to enjoy the materialism particularly males company for their unfilled s(e)x desires. Then whats the use of these in sprituality and Angel numbers , please dont befool the Almighty's Souls for earning the shamefull earning. Almighty never forgets those who befool His souls, suck their blood by falsehood etc. thanks

Dear Soul,

Firstly please note the above is a reproduced part of what was on the Official Doreen Virtue Page, a person who Pioneers in Angel Therapy.

Secondly what God Almighty also sees is the choosing of Words & Thoughts we use in Judgement of others. Your kind paragraph doesn't really speak highly of what God Almighty preaches humanity to do. I leave aside the judgement of what you have imbedded out of HIS Teachings.

Thirdly, one must brush up a bit of knowledge, that Angels are not souls looking for bodies, those are Discarnate Souls who have unfulfilled desires who look to fulfill them through living Humans. In common terms you also call them Lost Spirits, Ghosts, or Evil Spirits.

Angels are non-denominational forms of Energy who have never Incarnated on Earth. They are Creations of God; Even before Creation was Created. Now again you'd say who said that, and I would say many a Souls who have peaceful relevant information have said this across time and for that Google or some books written by such High Souls would help you get the relevant information.

Lastly, no one here is befooling anyone because one cannot. We only can fool ourselves. So rather talking with such words and tones, being such a God concerned person that you are, You need to know that Good Thoughts, Good Words & Good Deeds go exactly in the same priority as they are written and God Almighty is for Sure Watching All of Us regardless of what we Think, Speak or Do.

Such God Fearing thoughts are of people who follow cults; people who Know what God IS are God Loving & only execute all that is in HIS Love & Light, Thus important to stop threatening humanity to be God Fearing and instead Teach People to be God Loving and do everything in HIS Love & Light.

The information written by you in the above para clearly states the sorry state of information sources that you might have. I pray that Your Path be Illuminated to know HIS True Love, Light & Essence and that of HIS Messengers & Other Divine Beings.

One Small Thing if You can remember for Life:

Divinity is never Consequential; It is Unconditional
Anything that is Consequential, is Not Divinity.
Karma is what is Consequential and Never Unconditional...

Thank You for initiating this piece, as with this reply, Angels would want to definitely guide many of an unliberated "Human" Living Souls, who operate out of half knowledge, judgements or who operate out of the Dogmas of Ignorance and Cult Beliefs. I understand the unhealed energies that would have made you write this, and I'm in no way offended to read the same. Thus as guided, have written this response to You. (There is a difference between Response, Reply & Reaction) and i hope & pray that the words contained here make you feel the difference between words guided by Higher Beings & words written by a reactive Human Mind.

Thank You and God Bless always (The Loving God & not the Fearing God)
May Love Light Grace & Abundance always be with YOU!


^ ♥ ^ © Roshani *