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Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Way to God; is the Way To & Through Ourselves <3

We keep asking God for many things that may not be good for us & at times the compelled God gives that to us, just like a kid in a candy shop & then a time comes when we say, "Why did I ask that from God & again blame HIM as to God why did you give it to me if it wasn't good for me.. so what if I forced you & prayed about it...."

Meher Baba always said to the effect that - Don't make me want what you want, Instead want what I want, and your want will become mine.

Baba/God is never far or near. It is us who are away or far. HE is within us. The separation is created by us.
HE is not more or any less with any of us. There is nothing to be lucky or not so lucky, once we know & have found Baba/God, as knowing HIM itself is, that HE has drawn us to HIM.
Involve HIM in all your daily mundane, or silly to important activities and you'd soon find HIM where HE actually Lives.. and that is within each of Us.

There is no waiting... When GOD has already got you to HIM now it's up to us to have HIS grace to keep HIM with us in all that we do.

HE is potent energy. You just need to create your bond by speaking to HIM with or without HIS stipulated picture. Involve HIM, remember HIM, share with HIM everything that is there in your mind and heart.

Just start, as there is no big jazz with HIM. Simply start by remembering HIM through the day in all that you do... even if HIS thought comes while you are in the bathroom, toilet, garden or while on bed lying down or even if you are with your friends or partner... do not stop or have limitation that God cannot be remembered here or there....

If HE is in everything & everywhere, then HE is in all those silly limited spaces of our mind too that creates barriers of remembering HIM.

HE has made it so simple for us to reach HIMSELF, that we cannot fathom as our physical mind needs big jazz in everything, especially with God and Spirituality.

Talk to HIM & just remember HIM and ask all the questions in your mind & heart, & as per your Divine timing, HE will reply that even before you ask it physically at times.

How simpler can it get to reach HIM. But since the good Ol'Man made it so simple on the platter, our mind says no to it and keeps searching for that seeming big jazzy way to reach HIM.

Whereas, the the way to HIM is the simplest because;
We ourselves are the Way,
We ourselves are the Path &
We ourselves are the Destination. <3 © Roshani/March2014

Stay Blessed ♡

Heal Your Self; Heal Your Life; Heal The World!

Monday, 17 March 2014

It's Not Just Another Episode ~ Prayers for Flight MH370

Yes, Life goes on for all of us, but for many it's Standing Still since 8th March.
Friends it would be nice if you could give few mins of your day to be a part of the Circle of Light for Flight MH370.

There are not just 239 lives on board, there are lives who are "The Life" of thousands of people comprising of family, friends & loved ones, of these 239 Souls.

There are so many underlying aspects & layers to this episode that it is clearly one of the biggest eye openers of our times. It's not Just Another Episode, though none in the past were too, but this is a huge Shaker for the Collective World.

Contribute Your love & time for Prayers towards this episode of many Human Lessons in various aspects, that the World is learning at the cost of 239 innocent Lives.

To think of the optimum best, Prayers for the safe discovery & return of Flight MH370 & its inhabitants.

Read the Circle of Light instructions below. Thank you for joining.

Stay Blessed ♡ Roshani


Dear Friends Please join me in the Circle of Light Prayers of Intent for the Malaysian flight MH370 "discovered & found" by this weekend.

Give 10 mins of your time & intent the following where ever you maybe:

* Close your eyes & Relax with some deep breaths.
* Intent being with me in vision or thought & see or intent yourself holding my hands or hands in a Circle connected to me.
* Intent a large ball of White Light & see a plane in it with lettering that reads "Malaysian Airline flight MH370"
* Take deep breaths & intent that you're joining your energies with mine & the Circle of Light to send out Love, Healing, Forgiveness & Protection Prayers to the missing plane, it's inhabitants & Mother Earth.
* Do this for a few counts of breath.
* Then intent that you know that the plane is already found this weekend.
* Intent protection and timely help for the plane and all on board.
* Intent best outcome for all souls on board & Prayers for those souls who may have moved on.
* Intent strength & fortitude for the families & loved ones of the souls who are on board.
Take 3 Deep breaths & Thank God & HIS Divine Beings for helping us in facilitating our intent & Prayers with the below prayer.

"Dear God & Angels Thank you for listening to us. We bow down in love & humility that how much ever we may advance or grow, the Higher Power will always be the Highest. We surrender to Your Power & Thank You for helping our fellow humans in finding the missing plane flight MH370 of Malaysian Airlines. We pray that all human advancement & technology be always used for the Highest Good of your Humanity & Creation. Thank You & Amen."

Then take deep breaths for 10 counts & Thank in general all souls who may have joined the Circle. Open your eyes after 10 counts.

Repeat as many times as you wish to over the next few days.
No specific time. You can do this when you Want or Can as I'm praying & intending a continuous flow of Collective Energies with me until the Plane is found this weekend.

Thank you for joining in. Stay Blessed ♡

© Roshani/March2014

Sunday, 16 March 2014

Message & Affirmation of the Week ~ 17th March to 23rd March 2014

This Week's message focuses on, the importance of communicating with our Inner self, with our Angels & Divine Guides.

Angels say, make communication with your Guardian Angels & Higher Self a regular part of life, just like meditation or exercise. They are constantly there with you, whether you're aware or not. But They can only help, when you ask Them to, as They are not allowed to overstep the Freewill of the Soul.

Daily you're stressed with so many things that you've accumulated not just from your past but constantly absorbing it from your everyday life. You try to pitter patter your hands and feet everywhere outside of you to gain all that is actually inherently resting within you.

They urge us all to stop this frantic External Search and instead take the quiet road within which leads to our Treasures and our own Divine Spark which is the ignition point of everything that we are and that which we shall be.  

Daily take out 10 minutes morning and night, to just silence your mind and not ask or say anything. Just listen to the Silence or anything that comes through from this Silence. After these 10 minutes, just breathe in deeply for 10 counts of inhale and exhale and say the following in your Mind:
"i am not this body. i am the Spirit in this body and that Spirit is God. i am not the Doer. God is the Only Doer and i let my Doer operate through me each breath i take."

Then ask the Angels to help you see this Divine Spark & operate through it in all aspects of your life. Take Their help in all that you wish to change, heal, or transcend and rest assured this Task Force of God will carry out Their duties diligently.

See how your Energies sky rocket in time to come and move you towards or bring to you, all that which is only, for your Highest Good.

Affirmation 7 times morning and night
"I ask, welcome & receive Divine Guidance at all times. Aligned with my Highest Good, all my needs are met and desires are fulfilled."

♡ © Roshani/March2014

Stay Blessed ♡ 


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Sunday, 9 March 2014

Life is not short or long.. Life is this Moment of Now

Daily Awakening ♡ 10.3.14

Life is not too short or long.
Life is THIS Moment of Now. It is what we do in this moment that decides what we shall be, or experience in the coming moments; if there are any.
To Live THIS Moment of Now, Do not procrastinate:

♡ To say "love you" to your loved ones & to yourself.
♡ To cherish, love & look after your parents. After all you chose them to bring you into this world, just like you chose everything else.
♡ To forgive & release all those who may have seemingly hurt you, including yourself.
♡ To cherish your friendships & relationships.
♡ To give a chance to someone to explain themselves.
♡ To stand up for your own self & for the One Truth of God.
♡ To stand up & exercise your loving assertiveness in fighting for something that is right or fair.
♡ To believe in yourself.
♡ To know that it's all within you.
♡ To know that you can change all that you create.
♡ To know that you're never alone, as the invisible Divine Sources are always with you.
♡ To know that every moment is a Chance to Change.
♡ To know that THIS Moment that is passing by right NOW, shall Never Return.

So Live the NOW; & Stop all worries of the HOW. ♡ © Roshani/March2014

Stay Blessed ♡