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Saturday, 8 October 2016

Freedom of the Spirit

Read it with your heart's ears and heart's mind.

Just a deeply grateful and humble perspective to the ongoing messages. Nothing personal to anyone yet to each one of us.

Be it a Forum of xyz or a Forum of spiritual life but what is spiritual life?
It is a life which has to renounce nothing but the lower self. The lower self of desires separation discrimination and the lot.
We separate ourselves from God which is the biggest one then we separate ourselves from things people countries and the World at large. We categorise discriminate argue debate and almost can throttle each other with our words emotions thoughts and actions. Weapons are far out on that.

We don't want to discuss things that matter "because we are spiritual?"
That is rethorical because a being who truly is spiritual is matured to hear view observe and filter. Has infinite patience to digest other diverse views yet make his own choice out of his inner universal intelligence that innately lies within each of us.

Why do we have to be like a bunch of insensitive or over sensitive immatured beings. The 1st step of sprituality is tolerance of our lot and never to judge or backbite.

All that is happening in the country or the world we need not get pulled And drowned in the drama but rather respond with our soul and stand up with maturity for what we have to. We don't have to sway where the wind goes. Instead be so aligned in our being like that Center Point of the Whirlpool which is the only still point even while the rest of the world around it is swirling.

Let's open our hearts to more patience and understanding tolerance and non judgmental views and truly know that we are not separate from one another or the country or the world.
We are ONE And only ONE Consciousness just simply fragmented into drops.

We can't live insensitively whether it's anything that's happening even 100000s of miles away. What can happen miles away can happen to each of us.
It was like when the 26/11 happened and there were statements OMG how can it happen in south Bombay OMG how can it happen in Taj etc. Why can't it? Have the seeming unhealed people who do the seeming wrong got some status symbol that they would follow of not touching upon the rich or the priests or the artists or the spiritual etc?

All life we live this way Oh it's happening there so why do we debate or talk or discuss? Yes don't just discuss. But discuss healthily. Do prayer circles, group prayers and support the world's events by sending love and wisdom to all humanity creation and Mother Earth rather than blame criticize or curse.
Because we cannot remove Darkness with darkness we can only remove it by lighting the Light.

Nothing is happening in isolation - me you we all are part of it. Would we be peacefully on this chat if there's a war zone out across in country? Aren't each country's soldiers fighting for you me and other human siblings? Why is an actor cricketer businessman or any one to be extracted out? Don't they live and enjoy the freedom that we all have in our countries?

Can the Soldiers turn around and say we will not protect the borders and instead make friends? Can the Soldiers say we shall not protect A or B category of people in the country?

Each one has to understand that whatever is happening is our Individual Social Responsibility as well and not just the responsibility of Govt or organizations or a bunch of people. "WE" the People Make these; They don't make Us.

We have to deeply know that only We ourselves are in control of the 3 IMP things
The thoughts that we think
The words that we speak
The actions that we take
And rest all is the effect of that cause which we create out of these 3 things.

People out there who do things for vested interest will continue. But we can do our bit by not getting drowned in the drama creating more karmic baggage and lower energies and like a true spirit living a human experience stand up for the Eternal Truth each time the Universe presents us with an opportunity.

Love Wisdom Oneness and Abundance to all of Humanity and Creation

Jai Humanity & Creation!!!

♡ © Roshani/2016

Stay Blessed Everyone ♡

~ @roshanishenazz (Twitter & Instagram)

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