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Thursday, 27 December 2012

Awareness & Acceptance ~ The 2 Important Keys

Awareness & Acceptance are the First 2 Key Steps to any Healing or Change.
It is as simple as being aware of a Pain, then accepting that it needs attention & then implementing the action of going to a specialist to heal it. But if you didn't accept the existence of that pain you wouldn't act upon it to go to a specialist at all.

So remember that, 1st you're made to be Aware;
If you apply the Awareness into your Life,
You will reach Acceptance;
And Only if you reach Acceptance;
Will You be able to move ahead to Heal Your Life.
So be in Awareness;
Accept the existence;
And take the Step forward to Heal ♥ © Roshani *

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Be Blessed ♥ Stay Blessed!

Anne Chawla writes about "Healing your life with releasing old emotional luggage"

Please spare few mins to read this beautiful journey within, of a lovely person and a Gorgeous Soul, my Dearest Angel Anne Chawla. After reading this all I could say is;
My Dearest Angel Anne I can hear your Heart speak in this note and in all the messages that you regularly send. And in each message i see and feel that your heart has opened up a little more than before. There is a new awareness and a new growth each day. I'm thankful to your Soul for giving me the opportunity to Serve you. as i said with You and so many others moving so beautifully and gracefully on the Path and imbibing all the guidance, brings sheer Joy, Blessings & Bliss to my Heart
May You keep marching ahead, shedding all that doesn't serve You and shine to your Highest Glory, becoming the Beacon of Gods Love & Light Blessings always!

♥ Stay Blessed! 

"Healing your life with releasing old emotional luggage"

by ~ Anne Chawla - Friday 28th December 2012

A Healing Journey Unknown that  unfolded step by step. This is how my Journey with God, My Angels and me began.

The healing journey within started in year 2010 September. 
Being born in an Indian family, this was totally a new learning that unfolded to me.

"Healing your life with releasing old emotional luggage."

As we all know, the New golden Era has started for humanity and each of us is on a very unique journey and eventually we all will come to understand that we are all just energy and the vibrations within that we carry around,  manifest our lives.

This is just a one part of what i had healed, where i think we all ignore in ourselves and we run to doctors and kill ourselves with medication.
I believe a combination of spiritual journey and awareness together with medical science is a perfect balance to heal the dis-ease the body goes through from ignorance. (Ignorance is no self love)

For the last year  been having some neck issue, a pain a pull on the right side that runs like right down to the arms and the back. Didn't bother.... LOL thought ohh its just the pillow. the bed, the whatever excuses i could come without ,but going within was a difficult task. 

Its a new age thing, going within but in actual its a spirtitual journey with self and within that heart lies all the solutions and answers.

Not attending to it would come and go, hmm, ithought, i looked and looked nothing came up to resolve. 
On Dec 22nd 2012, I had an energy healing session with my dear freind, A energy healer, Shenazz Nardishah,  sent to me from Heaven. While doing the energy work and meditationa and chakra healing and balancing i got so stuck in the throat. 

She told me that my energy there was stuck and i had to let go of some guilt i was holding onto, freinds, family. I let go. Done.
But the next day it came back again felt stuck, so it began with asking myself some questions,
why am i feeling so stuck in the throat,
what is it that is in me that i let people walk all over me at times..
Why do i keep doing this, why dont i speak up for myself.
Love always starts with self.

Each pain in the body be it joint pain, muscle pain or shoulder pain is just a significant way of body telling you of a core issur that needs to be attended to.

Then today as I'm doing my yoga class and meditation at the same time, it all started surfacing showing me that there is a child part of me that is within me that was hurt. (When i refer to a inner child, it does not mean a child in particular but the Self within you, and that will always be with you till you move on from the Earth plane. )

That there was some part of me as a child  who was not heard and did not know how to speak up for herself.  
That child did not get to speak for herself because she was told she is not good enough and she was not worth it.
Always wanting security from outside, there is nothing outside if there in none within.  All you will find is insecurities.

So in my subconcious i've been carrying it all around, and it turned all into a habit.
A habit of not speaking up and always allowing  people to push my buttons without attending or telling them to stay out of my space..
A habit of always looking for poeple who will see my worth. You have to start seeing your own worth with your own eyes. 
A habit of feeling insecured of letting go of toxic people, situations and experiences.  (This is a belief and a belief is just a mindset and it can always be altered from time to time).

As these surfaced, I choose to let them go for i no longer wish to hurt myself anymore. I choose love for me and its done magic my pain is gone. As i kept releasing these core issues the pain started to go as well. How wonderful, emotions and body language speaks louder than words. I thank God for helping me resolve it. 

The reason I'm sharing this is  because the body speaks and the pain in the body itself speaks on what has to be dealt with, or that starting of little dis-ease in the body could traumatize into big dis-eases or occuring of other illness.

If you have throat or neck problems, thyroid and anything around the upper shoulder please take a look inside and see what is it that you must let go of, keep asking yourself and it will surface, take the positive experiences along and leave behind the hurts and resentments it might have caused you. Forgiveness plays a very important part here. When you forgive you release yourself. Self love

And if you are one of those who have children, (please always use words that heal and vibrate love rather than hurt, even for your own self and others who are part of your life) and as children manifests these into their lives as infections and all the time, a sore throat, and ear problem, please take a moment and hear them, they are either not being heard, supported or either holding on to something they have to say.

Please pay extra attention and help them heal this on an emotional level together with medical help.
Theres lots of ways to help a child, yourself or the person who is close to you or your heart to help themselves. 

Love and blessings to all the people who have made me who I am today. You all are a blessing in disguise in my life. 

I love everyone who has given me the opportunity to be me, be it positive or negative, relationships are for learning and growing. I am grateful to all of your Soul.

Thank you Roshani Sparkling Angels / Shenazz Nadirshah for showing me the way of light. 

Love to you and I wish to tell everyone please take that move and start healing your life 

and let Shenazz Nardirshah guide you and your soul to open you to love, to heal and to live.


If You are looking out to Heal Your Life or simply improve it by manifesting the Good and unmanifesting the negative, take that step forward and invest in Your Soul's Journey through our Email and Personal Readings, distant or Personal Healings, or Spiritual Counselling sessions, or if guided, move on to be a part of our Training & Workshop sessions.

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Be Blessed ♥ Stay Blessed!

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Thursday, 20 December 2012

We must Stop Reacting to Life; And Start Responding to Life ♥

Our Dear Liker, Sur Sharma along with millions of others, is Very disturbed over a brutal Rape that recently took place in New Delhi, India. And while all such brutal "acts" need to be condemned there is a word of caution and guidance that the Angels have been giving us through the last few blogs on what we need to do, when Negativity shows it's Power to shake us. Here is some more guidance from the Angels for Sur and all those who are totally shaken by the gruesome events like the Shootout at Connecticut and some other killings, scams, rapes, murders, hurricanes, tsunamis or any other Events that are taking place around the World.

Dearest Sur Sharma, 

We totally understand what you feel, and what many others are currently feeling with This Rape and the Shootout with the kids in the US and the Knife killing of children in another part of the world & other such events. As we move into the transition of Energies, negativity is going to rise to its epitome as it is being overthrown by the NEW oncoming energies. 

As written in the recent few blogs of Angel Guidance, this is exactly what we need to refrain from; From giving out vibrations of lower emotions of grief, hurt, resentment, hatred, unforgiveness etc. to World Events that are happening and that which will still happen. 

This is because, this reaction, is exactly what the lower energies want to do. They want to Divert the Collective Human Consciousness which is being risen, from ascending, and bring it down and spiraling it downwards, into the Quick Sand of Fear, Hurt, Grief, Anger towards people who conduct such gruesome acts and or natural events etc.

As explained in the blog of Collective Human Consciousness, when the Collective Humanity is captivated in Mass Fear, Hurt, Hatred & such other Lower Energies & vibrations, we in turn unconsciously help those Lower Energies to create more such Events that further epitomize & increase similar emotions. 

It is therefore lovingly told that we need to stand in Awareness of what these energies are doing to us and Not let it use Humanity as a Tool for empowering itself; consciously or unconsciously.

Whether it is someone doing acts of anger and violence at home, or neighborhood, city or country, They all are operating out of their unhealed energies and Karma, which in turn is becoming a part of the larger Divine Plan comprising of Billions of Lives & Creation. 

We can condemn the "ACT" and punish the perpetrators but without Judgement, Hatred, Malice, Hurt or Grief, because by adding these we are all going to unconsciously contribute to more such events happening all over. Whether the Victims or the perpetrators, all are exercising Their Own Karmas, but what we Do in Reaction to these, exerts a baggage of Collective Karma on the Universe.

What we focus & intent will move into manifestation and that lies true even to the Collective Human Consciousness. 

So lets step away from being unconscious contributors, through our thoughts, emotions, words, messages, anguish, anger, hatred, etc., and move towards Awareness that will lead us to send, Love, Light, Healing, Prayers, Compassion and Kindness to all such Victims and Prayers for the Souls of the perpetrators that may these Souls not commit any such crime henceforth, and before any such thought, be caught or come into Authority Custody for the ACTS executed by them.

We need to know that Just as in Individual Lives of our Own, We also shoulder Karmic Responsibility of the Planet and the Universe, and for that we need to learn to; 

"Stop REACTING to Life; And Start RESPONDING to Life"

Let us all Pray in Unison that; No Human be used by these Negative Energies to cause hurt, harm, pain, or any kind of violence or torture to another Human, Animal, or any other Creation.

♥ © Roshani 

Please do Read & Re-read these blog links below to help you come out of this or any other Grief that an episode or event has brought in Your life.

Rebirth of Humanity

Collective Human Consciousness

Countdown to the New Age; The New You

Daily Spiritual Checklist

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♥ © Roshani

Be Blessed ♥ Stay Blessed

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Wednesday, 19 December 2012

♥ Awakening through the Words of MEHER BABA ♥

i am but a nobody and a nothing; to say anything about MEHER BABA but still everything in HIS words, to do my human best to try and live, HIS words. 

Below are excerpts of BABA's awakening words, which will help each of us during this time of The Shift into the New Era; The Golden Age and move us towards, selfless love, service, peace, harmony, brotherhood, and ultimately moving ourselves from Manyness to Oneness! 

May HIS Grace make HIS words, surface the Divinity within Each one of us, to live the words as a precept. 

In service always,
May HIS Love, Light, & Grace be unto ALL ^♥^

♥ Awakening through the Words of MEHER BABA  

~ I am not come to establish any cult, society, or organization; nor even to establish a new religion. The religion that I shall give teaches the knowledge of the One behind the many. The book that I shall make people read is the book of the heart that holds the key to the mystery of life. I shall bring about a happy blending of the head and the heart. I shall revitalize all religions and cults, and bring them together like beads on one string.

~ I am equally approachable to one and all, big and small, To saints who rise and sinners who fall,
Through all the Various Paths that give the Divine Call.

~ All religions are equal to me. And all castes and creeds are dear to me. But though I appreciate all ‘isms,’ religions and political parties for the many good things they seek to achieve, I do not and cannot belong to any of these ‘isms,’ religions or political parties, for the Absolute Truth, while equally including them, transcends all of them and leaves no room for separative divisions which are all equally false.

~ By sharing the work of the Master the disciple comes closer to him and becomes an integral part of his consciousness. Serving the Master is the quickest means of realising him.

~ The masses who try to attain the Truth by following rites and rituals are, as it were, in the goods train which is detained indefinitely at various stations. Those who sincerely and devotedly meditate on God or dedicate their lives to the service of humanity are, as it were, in the ordinary train which stops at every station according to the time-table. But those who seek the company of the Truth-realized Master and carry out his orders in full surrenderance and faith are, as it were, in a special train which will take them to the goal in the shortest possible time, without halts at intermediate stations.

~ The most fundamental requisite for the candidate who would be a true disciple is an unquestioning love for the Master.

~ Love for the Sadguru or Perfect Master is particularly important, because it invites contact with the Sadguru.

~ You are infinite. You are really everywhere. But you think that you are the body, and therefore consider yourself limited. If you think you are the body which is sitting, you do not know your true nature.

~ If you look within and experience your own soul in its true nature, you would realize that you are infinite and beyond all creation. But you identify yourself with the body, and this false identification is due to ignorance which makes itself effective through the medium of the mind.

~ In God-realization, the soul drops its separate consciousness and transcends duality in the abiding knowledge of its identity with the Infinite Reality.

~ Whether man knows it or not, there is for him only one aim in life, and eventually he realizes this when he consciously experiences his own eternal and infinite state of "I Am God."

21.12.12 the Day of Rebirth for the entire Humanity ♥

At 11:11 AM World Time; 21.12.12 is the Day of Rebirth for the entire Humanity

Angels say; Each day is a gift  Make the Most of it

To just Believe in Life, can become the most treasured Treasure that you can possess because that Belief means to trust in the miracle of living in Faith, which is the silent caretaker of your beliefs and dreams, your goals and aspirations 

Just know this inherent Truth that;
After every night comes a morning,
Behind each cloud, the Sun is still shining,
And while this Sun is shining at you,  
There is someone in the other corner of the world,
Who is sleeping under the calmness of the Moon.
And when you get troubled with your thoughts or life,
Know that there are millions who don't even have to opportunity to Think anything,
Because They are Not Living; They are just Surviving;
Surviving in the chains of karmic bondage and veils of ignorance 

When you fan your own troubles with energies of self sympathy, victimhood and sorrows, neither Divinity nor any Human can ever provide a solution.
You can not fill fresh food in a Jar that has got rotten food in it 

So do not be deterred by the mirage & illusions of lower energies; 
They are just that - Illusions; 
They become Real only when You start focusing on them with strong intent, of worries, fear or anxiety or by collective consciousness that feeds it as you keep living and re living your plight through Thoughts, Emotions, Feelings, Words and Actions 

So stand firm, believe in yourself and open your inner eyes of the heart, to see the life's journey, in it's Real Natural state and that Real Natural State, is that of LOVE  
Know that all is happening exactly as it was meant to and Love is the Only Encompassing emotion that will help Humanity sail through these times moving into the Golden Era, which is full of Energies of Pure, Unconditional Love 

As you move towards the DAY of the Golden Era, know that a Day can become more beautiful for someone, when Kindness & Love touches it.
So stand up, don't wait; move out into the World to spread your Inner Joy, your Natural Gifts, Talents, Time, Love & Light that are your inherent Divine Gifts 

Be calm, be centered & emotionally balanced in Love, chant, pray, send healing, love & light to one and all and most importantly release all unforgiveness, hurt, blames, guilt, hatred etc. Do acts of kindness, give charity, feed the poor, feed animals, help a needy person with your time, spend time in the joyful company of children, paint, sing, dance to awaken your Inner Child 

Universe is Giving, the Biggest ever Gift to Humanity;
Will You make the most of it?

We are sure You will. So move ahead, and Choose How You want to Spend Your Re-Birthday! 

♥ © Roshani

Be Blessed ~ Stay Blessed ♥  

In Service always,
May Love, Light, Grace & Abundance be Unto All!

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Tuesday, 18 December 2012

What is "Collective Human Consciousness" & How are You Contributing in affecting The Shift ♥

With All that is happening in the World at large, & surely in our small worlds too, we constantly get affected with the mass effect that spirals us into living the World Traumas and thus largely contributing to bringing their energies into our lives and fueling them more and more, though unconsciously. In this blog, the Angels gently remind us of our unawareness of the workings of The Collective Consciousness and take us towards the Light by showing us, how we can have compassion for what is happening around us in the world or our little world, but yet not be attached to the energies and thereby not give them any more strength than they already seemingly have.

Said Mahatma Gandhi ~ “When I despair, I remember that all through history the way of truth and love have always won. There have been tyrants and murderers, and for a time, they can seem invincible, but in the end, they always fall. Think of it -- always.” 

True to the above quote, come what may, we need to believe that each of us and all of Creation is Created in the Likeness of the same God. It is We, who make a choice to either operate through our Healed or Unhealed Energies.

Angels, Ascended Masters and all the Divine Beings of the Governing Council of the Universe, hold us more tightly as we move ahead and are left with only Three Days to the Day that will be earmarked as the Golden Day in the History of Human Evolution. The Day when Humanity for the first time in its Cycles of Evolutions, will witness the Shift; The Shift of the Era and The Shift of the Collective Human Consciousness.

With all the seeming despair, turbulence, violence, scams, dying, and killings, that we are all getting affected with, by seeing, witnessing or participating in them by attaching ourselves to the events; is exactly what the Masters guide us not to do. Yes everything that emerges from the lower, negative or fear based energies will show it's ugly head in a more epitomized way right now, as also, Mother Earth who empties herself, just like each of us, from everything that doesn't serve Her Highest Good. But the Masters say, hold your reins of the Mad Horses of the Mind as, you will need to be extremely cautious of not flowing with these events or their energies, by either giving in to reactions, judgments, curses, hatred or any such emotions, feelings, words, or actions, during this process, as that's exactly what it wants.

It wants to hinder and disturb the growth and ascension process of the Collective Human Consciousness that is rising and creating an Emotional Shift within and thus Shifting the Consciousness of the World. Many people ask what is "Collective Human Consciousness" and how does it affect? As always, the Angels and Masters, have beautifully explained profoundness and meaning of it, with some simple and common examples. 

They say that; Every Temple, Church, Fire Temple, Mosque etc., is made up of the same cement, bricks and other material. The statues of our Deities, Gods & Goddess forms, or Tombs or any other form, is made of the same, Marble or Plaster of Paris or Earthy material etc. Then what is it that gives us that feeling, satisfaction, vibrations and resonation of energies in Holy Places, but the same doesn't come through with that same intensity at our homes or other general places. Why?

The reason being, that when thousands, lacs or millions of people visit a Shrine or Holy Place with a One Single Focus or Intent of their Prayers being heard and the faith that it will be manifested by the said God or Goddess or Prophet, what They are actually doing is, with that single Focus & Intent, invoking the Universal Energies of that Deity, Saint, or Prophet to start resonating with them and thus the place where it Stands. This is what They say is; "The Collective Human Consciousness" which then contributes to raising the vibrations of that place, further and further as time goes by. 

In case of a particular place where a Saint or Prophet has dropped HIS or HER body, is the place earmarked by Them & the Divine Forces, to be the chosen place where the Collective Human Consciousness will come, lifetimes after lifetimes and invoke Their Universal Energies. 

Thus as the vibrations of the place rise, with the footfalls of this Collective Human Consciousness, the Universal Energies of the Divine Deity or God or Goddess also multiplies over the years, in turn increasing the manifestation powers of The Universal Energies of that Deity from that particular place.

The same is applicable in lower emotions. When someone is seemingly unwell, or in hospital, or going through a rough patch, the Collective Consciousness of people around that person who emit, sympathy, sadness, grief or sorrow, are not really helping the Person to come out of it any sooner. When that focus and intent of Collective Human Consciousness of surrounding people, keep emitting the sympathy with thoughts, words & emotions like; "How sad, poor thing" "Oh God this shouldn't have happened to him or her" etc. then what you are unconsciously doing is surrounding the person with these lower energies that in turn are increasing the intensity of the seeming issue. 

In fact this Collective Consciousness explains the reason why, when someone is in hospital for One issue, during the stay, could also develop or be diagnosed with some other issues too. The reason is the lower energies of sympathy has given rise to, or surfaced some more unhealed energies within that person, which come to existence in their physical symptomatic forms as issues, illness or dis-ease.

Thus to help your loved ones or just send healing thoughts to someone, you must, instead of sympathy and sorry feelings, extend, help, or just compassion, love and prayers. When next time you hear something seemingly bad, or visit a loved one who is going through any seeming issue, just say; "My heartfelt prayers for you / or the person's name" "I shall pray that all becomes more well" "I shall send love and prayers for the same" "Don't worry, have strength and the right solutions will come through" or any such positive statements. When you feel compassion instead of sympathy and say these positive words and statements you're emitting positive energy and helping the Person's Soul to absorb the medication, prayers and other forms of healing from a much better energy space.

So during these crucial days as you move towards the Shift, it is imperative that you closely watch your thoughts, emotions, feelings, words, and actions. Know that as an individual you will "Shift" towards what you focus and intent the most on. It is the period of the costliest Choice that Humanity will make. The choice of operating through fear based, lower or negative energies; OR the choice of operating through love based, higher or positive energies. And depending on the choice you make, you will move ahead in this Golden Era, by either co-creating your Life with Divinity, or co-creating your Life with Negative forces. The Choice is YOURS!

You must remember that, "What you are in the Now of Today; is based on the Choices you made in the Now of Yesterday." And whatever choice You make is not only going to affect and impact your and your family's life, but the "Collective Human Consciousness" of the Universe and thus "The Universal Shift."

So exert your authority as the citizen of this Universe to make the Right Choice, that will move You and thus the World, towards a beautiful, abundant, prosperous, joyous, healthy, successful, harmonious & peaceful Life ahead ♥ 

♥ © Roshani/Dec 2012

Be Blessed ~ Stay Blessed ♥  

In Service always,
May Love, Light, Grace & Abundance be Unto All!

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Sunday, 16 December 2012

Countdown to The New Age; The New You ~ A message from the Angels

Hello Lovely Souls,

Below is a beautiful message, from the Angels and other Higher Beings for all of us, as we move towards 21st December ~ the Day of the Great Shift of the Era. Angels would like us to embed and imbibe this guidance for a smooth transition at an individual and collective level. As we move on, each day the Angels will give a message for all of us is what They have said.

It is four more days, for the Mother Earth to get aligned to the energies of the Golden Age; the 5th Dimension Energies. As the Earth Shifts to this Golden Age, in the Heart of the Photon Belt & its highly divine energies, there is much ado of what is going to happen and what is not. 

Angels have consciously guided that we don't forward just about anything that we get to see, read or hear, thus energizing it further, unless it is a message from authorative bodies alerting or giving precautions about any matter.The responsibility of not spreading any panic is the Karma and responsibility of each Soul and this karmic responsibility will be highly accountable, as any false rumour or messages, may prove fatal for weaker Souls and Souls who still haven't had the grip of things during these Shifting times. So be alert and be responsible.

Angels say, the important thing for each and everyone is to know that 'What' each one thinks, speaks and does is not only going to affect their lives, but the collective consciousness of the World Thinking is going to affect the Shift and the Earth energies during the Shift.

Angels say, as we go closer to the Shift alignment, it will become more and more imperative for each of us to stand in Awareness of our Thoughts, Words, Emotions, Feelings and Actions. Be in awareness that you will hear many a things, but you have to become the filter of letting all the unwanted pass and be released, while you retain only that which, your Intellect Higher Mind guides you to retain.

In these few days, till 21st December, meditate more, pray, chant, be in awareness of Your very Being and Surroundings. Extend extra help to the ones who need it. Send out Love & Light to everyone and everthing in your life, the World and the Universe at large, including the living Creation & non living, objects or items. 

Be centered and balanced, aligned and grounded. Do not drown into the emotional quick sand. Do not get into any arguements, fights, altercations, irritation or anger. Release any habits of complacency or procrastination.

Be in awareness that fear, worry, anxiety, anger, hatred, hurt, insecurity, unforgiveness, gossip, slandering and all other lower/negative/fear based energies are going to show you their ugly illusions by epitomizing the most vulnerable part of your life. Be the spectator and observe their great efforts but tell the energies "You can not fool me. I know you are not real. These thoughts are not mine. They don't belong to me."

Do not sway in the grief, of any tragic World events that occur. Send out Compassion, Love & Light, but no Sympathy and Grief, as sympathy and grief are lower emotions that energize the negativity further.

Do not compare or judge yourself or anyone or any event. Forgive yourself and all others who may have hurt you or demeaned your worth. Stop letting other people's life, karmic paths, thinking, judgments, or actions affect You. Know that you are made in the uniqueness and likeness of that, One God with whom you've pre-decided your Blueprint of Life. Be in the knowingness, that you are exactly where you need to be in that moment.

And to Be in the moment, you need to be in the awareness of the Now. Angels want to remind us, that, "whether you know or not, whether you realise or not realise, the importance of the Shift and the times that Humanity is passing through, know that your thoughts, emotions, feelings, words and actions are affecting your Soul, your Karmic path ahead and on the larger level adding to the collective consciousness of the World and thus the alignment of the Universe." 

So tread your Path carefully, step by step, breath by breath as you move towards the Birth of the New Age, the Birth of the New You.  ♥ © Roshani

Be Blessed ~ Stay Blessed ♥ 

In Service always,
May Love, Light, Grace & Abundance be Unto All

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Friday, 14 December 2012

Daily Spiritual Checklist ~ Your Angelic Companion


~ Hold on to Divinity with implicit Faith, irrespective of what is going on around You.

~ Stay Calm; Stay Centered in Meditation, Prayers, Chanting whatever gives You Peace; 

~ Ask for help, You cant find solutions if you're constantly feeding yourself with worry, anxiety, fear, insecurity.

~ Give Compassion & Not Sympathy to the ones who need help,
But do not get attached to the grief of World Events or People;

~ You cannot be in the same Pit to help anyone out.

~ Help or bring help for those who are mentally or emotionally collapsing, as Suicide might seem the easiest way out for many. Save the Soul from making any such decision.

~ Karmic closures, turbulence in health, relationships or finance will be witnessed;

~ Whichever is your most vulnerable aspect of life, the negative energies will latch on to that.

~ It is like, You will have an upset stomach with one outside meal; but that will take a few days to get well; You might have one fall and have a fracture, but it will take weeks to heal.

~ This is because, Negativity travels faster than Positivity at anytime.

~ If You sow Cactus seeds, You will see Cactus trees in the Now of Tomorrow,

~ If You sow Apple seeds, You will see Apple trees.

~ Stay Emotionally Balanced as in this period; Energies will drag You faster than before; where You Focus the Most!

~ Operate from Your Higher Mind; seek Help to do so if required.

~ So Be in Awareness of what you're sowing in your NOW!

~ Release all Fears of the Past and Fears of the Future. NOW is the Only Point of Existence.

~ Learn from the Now of the Past, Plan the Now of Tomorrow,
But LIVE only in the NOW of the Present!

~ What you experience in Every Now;
Is due to the Choices You made in the Now of Yesterday!

So Hold On Tight ♥ Be the Spectator and Not the Doer ♥ Stay Blessed

^♥^ © Roshani/Dec2012 

In Service always,
May Love, Light, Grace & Abundance be Unto All
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Forgiveness - The attribute of the Strong

“The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong.” ~ Mahatma Gandhi

♥ This attribute of the Strong, proves most beneficial to Them than, the one who is Forgiven. So know that when You Forgive, You're doing the biggest favor to yourself and not obliging the other.
♥ Forgiveness is not lowering your soul and saying sorry to the Person. Forgiving is forgiving the Soul & closin

g your Karmic Chapters, so as not to remain in the vicious cycle of nullifying Karma, Life after Life.
♥ This is the Key Reason why we manifest the same Souls each incarnation, as we have either not learnt our soul lessons, or exited the situation with added baggage of Unforgiveness, Hurt, Hatred & Resentment.
♥ Forgiveness is moving away from the judgement of the physical deeds and actions and knowing the underlying Truth that you manifested it for your own learnings or teachings & for that, another Soul took it upon themselves to do the dirty job which has a risk of gathering additional Karma.
♥ Forgiveness is not only to erase the Hurt, but to say that the deed, situation or person has no power to Hurt you anymore. Thereby you do not convert "Pain" into a "Suffering."
♥ Forgiveness is to move away from the physical ego/emotional mind plane & operate from the intellect Higher Mind plane.
♥ Forgiveness is the HONEY that replaces the ACID of Unforgiveness that Burns the Container and not the One who it is Thrown On. ^♥^ © Roshani/Dec2012 *

In Service always,
May Love, Light, Grace & Abundance be Unto All

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A Heart Stirring Testimonial of Her Own Transformation by my sweet Angel Camelia Anca from Dubai

Give your Few Precious Minutes to read this heart stirring testimonial of her own transformation by my loving sweet Angel Camelia from Dubai. Camelia is a darling who i met on 28th June 2012 for a session in Dubai, at the end of the session, on her asking if she could have another session the next day, i informed her i can't do it as i have a two day workshop and Lo there and there standing in front of me, she said she would like to come and do the Workshop can she? All i could say is if you're meant to Nothing will stop You from coming tomorrow. Gave her the Instruction sheet and i knew i would see her the next day. There she came the next day, morning smiling but subdued. She was someone who needed the biggest push out of the whole lot of them at the workshop. And Today Reading what she's written swells my Heart with Joy & Gratitude to God & Angels & all the Master Divine Beings for their Grace to flow into her life and into so many others, not to forget my own. My Response to her on this beautiful flow of heart that she's had, is written after her entire write up.

CAMELIA ANCA ~ Testimonial ~ End of year 2012

Today is another Magic Day for me and I decided to share with with you all my friends around the world to read here what is happening with me and what I am experiencing since July 2012.
I met a wonderful Angel on Earth her name is Shenazz Nadirshah (Bless You my dear Angel) and from the moment I met her I enter in a journey of Self- Discovery, Spiritual journey with
lots of emotional moments, lots release of anger, guilt, resentment, forgiveness of others and most important forgiveness with Myself. I am in a process of soul searching, what is my mission and purpose in life and today I found the answer once again. My heart is bumping stronger and stronger now when I am writing but I know that this I have to do right now. I have done and continue my daily meditations and every day, day by day I found the Unconditional Love within me and around me. I have wonderful people around me, I am meeting open heart people and I am Blessed and for that Thank You God and Universe that I am alive today to experience it and to share it.

I know now why I chose to come to Dubai!

Every day I am writing in my Gratitude Journal 10 Blessings and today 14 December I want to express it here and share it with you because it s a Special Friday today and maybe it will help for some of you.

List of 10 Blessings:

1. I am truly grateful to God and Universe for this amazing Friday morning 14 Dec 2012 because I had to wake up early morning to watch Love Happens movie- it touched my heart and I realized that it was a lesson for me- to set myself free, to love myself and my inner-child, to have Faith in me and to flow freely with life in happiness, balance and joy. I found myself again and I appreciate and cherish this moment. Love you my inner-child Camelia.
2. I am truly grateful to God for loving me so much, for showing me the way in life to cherish and love myself because this is my life purpose, this is my soul mission in life.
3. I am truly grateful to God and Universe and All Angels Spirits who are with me all the times because I found myself again, I found my inner-child who was always with me but I could not hear it or see it within me because I was walking blindly through my life or simple just ignore it.
4. I am truly grateful to God and Universe for myself because at this age 37 I had to have this experience - my soul discovery journey.
5. I am truly grateful to God and Universe for setting myself free because this is My life purpose- I had to go through lots of challenges in my life specially in Dubai to finally understand how precious I am and to love myself more and more day by day.
6. I am truly grateful to God and Universe for being alive today because I understood how important I am and to precious myself, love myself to can overflow with life abundance in all areas and to share with others, with the world.
7. I am truly grateful to God and Universe for writing down my precious thoughts here because this act is coming from a Love place inside me, from my heart who is open now for love and my love place is so big that it's spreading to others around me or with whom i am meeting in my life path.
8. I am truly grateful to God and Universe for all the beauty that I learn to see inside myself because this beauty is called Love, Compassion, Kindness, Harmony with Myself.
9. I am truly grateful to God and Universe for every day of my life because I am Blessed, Loved and Protected by All High Spirits in the Universe.
10. I am truly grateful to God and Universe for all the people that I came to meet in my life so far because each one of you had a message or lesson to deliver to me which only now I understood and perceive it. Thank you All and sending you All Unconditional Love and Blessings.

God, You are Great and every day You Amaze me with Your Blessings, beautiful challenges and Life lessons. ~ 
Camelia Anca ~ Dubai, UAE

Wow Camelia! My Hearts expanding with each words that my eyes are moving on and yes with a few droplets of moistness. My darling You must Pat yourself as i keep telling all of You. Appreciate yourself for imbibing the Guidance and following it through to manifest Their Miracles. So Congrats to YOU and Gratitude to Them for help You move ahead Gracefully. YOU have done it; YOU have co-created this with Divinity! Im just having a flashback of the person that I met on 28th of June 2012 and this Person on 14th December 2012 is 100% NOT THE SAME! Your words emit exuberance, confidence, gratitude, humility and so much of Love Light & Compassion OMG!!!! I truly truly want to Congratulate and Hug Your Soul for the 360 Transformation that it has Embraced, Accepted and Gone Through. 

I hope Reading this Many Many More, move towards their Path of recognizing their Own Divinity and becoming Spiritually Independent; just like how each of You are.But in these 2 Years of serving YOURS is the most Radical and Quickest Transformation that Ive seen. I"m sooooo happy that I'm stumbling on Words. I prayed for you the maximum out of the entire Bunch of you lovely Angels. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to serve Your Soul. 

Much Love always for an Abundant, Loving, Healthful, Spiritually Independent Life Ahead!
See YOU soon my Darling Angel! Love YOU loads



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