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Monday, 14 October 2013

Message & Affirmation of the Week ~ 14th to 20th Oct with A Beautiful Daily Meditation


This week's message focuses on looking into the way You begin Your day.
This week's Message & Affirmation also has with it, a beautiful Daily Morning Meditation that is surely going to set Each Day of your Life, rolling with Joy. This mediation is not just for this week, but can be used as a daily practice to welcome a New Day.

Angels say; that whether you realize or not, your each day is filled with the energies that you had stored the night before and the energies that you emit and give out, when you begin your day the next morning. The reason being that each day of your life is filled with various energies of thoughts and patterns that keep playing out day in and day out. You have almost got used to the same and don't realize the detrimental repercussions for a good amount of time in life. At times you may be getting up, fatigued or irritated or tired for no apparent reason in your conscious mind, but the reasons do exist way down in your sublime cellular body.

Each thought has creates an emotion, each emotion is matter and all matter is energy and whether aware or unaware you are, this energy, good or bad resonates and creates patterns within you, which in turn is creating manifestations of actions through you and around you, through people, situations & circumstances. Yes you may also be carrying the baggage of karmic patterns, soul lessons & other such growth lessons that you've pre-designed in your soul blue print, which also merge in, as per the frequency of your current thoughts, actions and freewill that you apply each day while reacting or responding to each situation or person.

We guide that, the most important aspect to first work upon is to know that releasing and letting go, is at times more important than infusing new energies. How can you fill an existing filled vessel? Thus we urge you to release your day's energies onto us every night, and we will happily carry them to the Light for you. Tell us to take away all irritations, frustrations, anger, hurt, jealousy, fear, worry, tension, anxiety, addiction, or any such lower emotion or feeling that you may have experienced during the day, through your surrounding people or situations. Then ask us to also take away any toxic energies of the past. When you do that, you're relatively empty of the soul's baggage before you sleep, and are ready to welcome the New Day. 
Then make a list of things that you'd like the achieve in the next day, like a daily To Do List. Ask us to give you a peaceful sleep thereafter, and You will surely feel a difference in your energy, when you get up the next morning. 

Your daily ritual may involve getting up to an alarm, rushing to shower, dress, eat or not eat breakfast and then go dashing to work. For a change, set your alarm early and begin your day with a sunrise, or just 30 minutes before your waking time, for Mother Nature’s daily expression of hope and celebration of new beginnings.

So from now on, get up the next morning, on your chalked out daily time to meditate upon the oncoming day to:
1. Give Gratitude to the Universe for giving you the joy of living for one more day, with opportunities to fill your life with love and joy.

2. Welcome the new energies of Mother Earth to fill you, so that you operate out of Love & Compassion through the day, in all that you think, speak or do.

  • Helps you let go of the past and begin anew
  • Encourages hope and confidence to achieve your goals
  • Calms and centers you for the day ahead and takes your energy to operate through Higher vibrations and frequency.

Do this meditation in your home facing the window where sunrise comes in, or near any window, or if possible, do it outdoors at sunrise. 


Gather your chair or cushion, soft music, incense or any aroma. (Depending on what you like and can manage early morning.) If not, do not worry, just sit on a stool or chair, open your window and let the sunshine come in. Even if that's not possible just sit near a window.

Keep the list of your Daily To Do List & a List of Your Higher Goals with You and before you sit to meditate, read it through and intent the accomplishment of the same, and to be taken to everything and everyone that leads you finally towards your Higher Goals.


  1. Find a spot facing east (IF POSSIBLE) and take a seat just before sunrise or whenever you get up as per your time sit on a stool or chair with your feet touching the ground.
  2. Take about 10-15 deep breaths and settle into a comfortable position. Keep your palms facing upwards on both your knees.
  3. Bring your attention to your mind's eye and see or hear the sounds of the birds and animals stirring, feel or see the earth below you and the sky above. Feel your own energy and be conscious that you are the meeting place the center point, where earth meets the sky.
  4. Now feel or see as if the sky has lightened in the east and the night is giving way to the wonderful day.
  5. Thank all your negative emotions since last night & before, for leaving you. Stay in the Gratitude.
  6. Greet the morning with tenderness and feel tenderness the towards yourself and others. Acknowledge that one more day has been granted to you and celebrate a new beginning. Thank the Universe for this wonderful day filled with opportunities, love, peace, harmony and focused on doing good to all those who you interact with.
  7. Then bring to mind your Daily To do list and feel the joy of all of them being successfully accomplished and all the concerned people very happy and joyful with your work and with you as a person.
  8. Then bring to mind your Higher Goals and feel the joy and gratitude for their completion. Thank the Universe for working with you, to achieve all of them successfully. Take deep breaths of joy and feelings of thankfulness within your Heart Chakra seeing and feeling truly that all of your goals are accomplished with blessings to all involved.
  9. Once you do that, sit with the silence of your inner self, in quiet contemplation until you feel charged and ready to start the beautiful day ahead. During this time feel the new, vital and fresh energies of Mother Earth, entering your soles of the feet and filling your entire body.
  10. Thank God, the Angels and Mother Earth for everything that they do for you and now begin the Joyous Day.
  11. Do the below & following weekly morning affirmation if at all, after this meditation.
Affirmation of the Week ~ 7 Times every Morning & Night
"I have clarity in all that I set out to do. My goals & visions are in alignment with my Life Purpose & the One Light and One Truth of God. I welcome each new day, with renewed vigour, enthusiasm, love & joy. I bless all and everything in my life, at all times."
♥ © Roshani/Oct2013 ♥ Stay Blessed
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Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Are You a Reactive, Proactive or Responsive Person? Know Yourself & the Baby Steps to become a Responsive Human Being


This blog is a part of our Spiritual "BREAK-DOWN TO BREAK-TRUE" © Mentoring & Empowerment Packages that take your life from a point of "Break-down" to your True Self with that Internal "Break-true" - To know more about these, please fill the form at the Link given at the bottom of the Blog.

Our life is made up of our response or reactions to the situations & people around us. There are Reactive, Responsive & Proactive people. The Responsive ones are the ones who move on to become Proactive too, But a Proactive person will not be Responsive one. 
It is this Response or Reaction, that adds to our Karma of brownie points or minus points. Below are a few important aspects of each kind. See where you fit in, know yourself better through this wonderful blog (To experience a total Break-True sign up for our powerful mentoring packages) & move towards the Baby Steps mentioned herein, (which we teach you step by step in the sessions, on how to achieve them) to become a Responsive person who manifests the Highest Good in all aspects of life & embraces all challenges with Positive Surrender considering them as stepping stones.

A Reactive Person is the one who's like Soda fizz. They act & do things on the impulse of that moment. They can be like a can of fizz pop drink, where if Life shakes them, the pressure builds up & they explode like volcanic lava. They are constantly caught up in comparisons, envy, victimhood, self sympathy & inferiority complexes which give rise to irritation, insecurity, frustration & feelings of not being good enough for anything. They get easily offended, be revengeful at times in thoughts or actions & store hurts, resentment, unforgiveness, guilt, blame etc., Often unreasonably stubborn & rigid in their outlook.

A Proactive person has few of traits of a Responsive person like, they think before they act. They bounce back when something bad happens (though they will curse the whole world for it). They try to find a way to make things happen hook or by crook (even if it disrupts or hurts someone). They try to focus on planning & doing something about things they have in hand or plan to have (but with personal motives & agenda). They often do things without being told to do them which can be good or seemingly bad at times. They have high superiority complex or ego that may hurt others, many a times.

A Responsive person has many common things as a Proactive person minus the negatives. They do not blame anyone when things go bad & bounce back with Positive Surrender. They do not get easily offended. They take complete responsibility of their choices & thus their manifestations. They always find a way to make things happen without disrupting or hurting others. They do not try to control situations or people. They do not worry or have fears of the Past & fears of the Future. They learn from their past & move ahead with forgiveness & love; And completely believe & live in the Now, with Gratitude & Positive surrender to make the most of what is given to them right here & now. They do everything with detachment from all Doership & selflessly. They do not hold ego or separateness from other beings. They consider themselves to be One in Consciousness with everyone & everything around. 

The Baby Steps that you can take to move towards being a Responsive Person are:
  • Daily release your day with the Angels when you pray at night & ask them to take away all irritations, hurts, fears & such negative energies or thoughts or feelings away to the Light. (You don't need extra luggage or you'd be charged in the Universe too)
  • Be in awareness daily on how many negative things you say or think like, fearing, worrying, jealousy, anxiety, judgements, etc.
  • Be in awareness how many times you give the power of your happiness & peace to other people or situations by using the terms; "You make me feel this & that; I have to only do it because....; Why can't he she or they do this or that for me, or why They did this or that to me; Because xyz situation happened i became like this in life" etc. Now cut all such sentences away & know that blame will not take you anywhere. Blame, Worry, Guilt is like being on a Treadmill, which may show you 12kms on the indicator, but you've been running on the same spot. It will keep you right there in it's clutches never to let you go.
  • Leave your comfort zone & do something that you truly wish to do.
  • Start to understand that if God is in everyone & everything, HE is in the seeming bad people & the seeming good people in your Life. Stop compartmentalizing people. Forgive, Learn & Move Ahead.
  • Not just learn but embrace your life lessons & move ahead with forgiveness & love in your heart.
  • Stop judging yourself or others, or be an over perfectionist being harsh on yourself or others. Bring in a lot of self love & compassion. When you do that you will realize that just like yourself, others too have been operating out of their healed or unhealed energies. Forgiveness will become more natural by then.
  • Be in awareness of your patterns that don't serve your Highest Good.
  • Start looking at other people's view point with a subjective thought process. Disagree without being disagreeable.
  • Respect everyone & everything around you, including yourself. Learn the Power of No.
  • Daily give Gratitude for all that you had, all that you have & all that you will have.
  • Feel the Oneness with everyone & everything around you, people, animals, creatures & even inanimate objects as they too are a Soul going through their evolutionary process.
  • Do a daily deed of kindness, or say words that bring a smile to someone.
  • Do what you want to do not what you have to or just need to do.
  • Do all good, with a sense of detachment, whereby you know there is a Higher Power operating through you to do all the good.
  • When there is no Doership, there is no Ego or Expectations.
  • Next time you feel your teacher, friend or anyone has been unfair, don't blow your lid or cry & sulk. Talk it out with the person & see what you need to learn out of this episode.
  • When you have a fight, be strong enough to forgive & humble enough to apologize.
  • Start operating in life with your Heart held High; and your Head held in Humility.
When you truly start practicing these Baby Steps, you will soon see the Shift within, which will make you start Responding to Life rather than Reactive to Life.
  © Roshani/Oct2013 
(Blog is a Part of the Session plan of "Break-down to Break-true" © Packages)

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