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Monday, 23 June 2014

Are you creating Karmic Baggage through judging & gossip?

Judgement & Gossip are siblings of the worst nature. They move you away from the Light within you & the Light in others around you. It has the deepest karmic implications & brings onto you, some of the rub off karmic energies, of the very people you judge & gossip about. Thus those very aspects at times, start reflecting in you, as somewhere within you they were lying in deep slumber. 

Spritiual Wisdom is different from Spiritual knowledge. Wisdom is to rise above the logistics of mind, as it is that which is beyond the mind.
Knowledge is confined to the logistics of mind; the Earthly perspective of the perceived right & wrong from what you read, see feel & experience. 

Spiritual Wisdom is graced and is attained when spiritual knowledge is applied & implemented. To apply this, is to apply to live it in your day to day life by rising above it, through your thoughts, words & actions. 

So if Spritiual knowledge is to not judge, you need to apply that truly & not judge anyone or anything for it to become spiritual wisdom of non judgemental approach in all aspects of your Life. It is only your own Karma that judges you & implements itself in your life. 

When you love the God within you & the God in everyone & everything around you, then there is No Judgment, as God nor We Angels or Divinity judge you Dear One. ♡ © Roshani/June2014

Stay Blessed ♡

Heal Your Self; Heal Your Life; Heal The World ♡

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Monday, 16 June 2014

Miracles Happen ♡


Long back while discussing about the seeming sad incident with Yohan told him that message says, Michael Schumacher will come out of coma but no message when.

Today He has come out of coma and is now moved to a Swiss hospital.

Thank you Baba for taking care of the world's most adored Idol. Guess Michael's Soul would now be ready for the new Earthly journey to do God's work in some way or the other.

Interesting aspect was that when the message came have no clue why the famous racer Aryton Senna kept featuring in mind & vision. But will wait for this connection to unfold. Not that I'm anywhere closer to being well read on sportsmen. And didn't even remember the name when it came. Just asked Yohan if there was any called seina or senna or someone and then he gave me the full name as Aryton Senna.

Divinty & its mysteries ♡

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Jai Baba ♡♡♡

Stay Blessed ♡

Saturday, 14 June 2014

Is Your Inner Child Suffocating? ♡

Is your Inner Child in a cage, or bound in your toxic chains of suppression, victimhood, humiliation, guilt, blames, hurts or any such patterns that has crushed it?

If yes, then it's time for you to wake up Dear One. Let all those patterns dissolve to the Light. Forgive & Bless all & everything involved, including & foremostly yourself.

Slumber of the Inner Child, culminates to many aspects of the seeming darkness in your life. How long back or ever have you wished to indulge in the simple Joys of life, after your seeming grown up self emerged to existence?
The answer to 90% of you shall be a No.
The reason is that, you have never been taught to self love, self appreciate, or self protect. Being selfish & nurturing your Inner Child with self love, respect, confidence or esteem are 2 separate poles apart as chalk & cheese but yet are on a border of a thin, fine line which you often don't even know exists.

Break free Now, as there is no tomorrow in its real sense.
* Go to a park & walk bare feet on the grass.
* Go get wet in the rains.
* Go & have your favorite Marsh mallow or candy floss.
* Go to the city fair or circus with your children or nieces & nephews, better still; with some orphans from your neighborhood or city orphanage.
* Go spend time at a pet shelter or feed stray animals.
* Go belt out those tunes in the seemingly worst of your voices.
* Go watch your favourite cartoon or an animation movie at the theatre or at home.
* Go get going with your super like hobby class.
* Go & sit with some mad old memory photographs from school or family.

Give yourself 10 minutes each night & ask us to take you back to the memory lane, to the things you loved the most, when you were a child & closest in all aspects, to our Father our Creator.
Once we help you surface the list, then release all judgements & try to implement at least one of the items from the list that emerges.

Each time you do that, strike it off, pat yourself, & take another step. Keep going & watch the magic of Life unfold. What are you waiting for, you gorgeous Creation of God?

This is an alarm for you to sing Happy Birthday to your Inner Child as it gets reborn each time, with your sheer co-creation with Divinity. Let the caterpillar become a beautiful butterfly. Happy Birthday to YOU <3 © Roshani/June2014

Stay Blessed ♡
Heal Your Self; Heal Your Life; Heal The World ♡

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Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Your World is a Mirror ♡

Have you been draining yourself Dear One, by feeling hurt, painful, resented with the way things are happening in your life, or the seeming way in which the people in your Inner & Outer circle are behaving with you?

We ask you to halt there for a few moments just to know & feel one important fact & aspect of your existence. And that is; All that you're witnessing is comprising of two parts.
One is, that which your soul has decided to experience as per your former expressions in this or another lifetime & the other is, that which you're constantly expressing & emitting in every moment of your Now.

All that is resting within you whether consciously or unconsciously, is churning in your life & becoming symptomatic when it reaches a point of manifestation. This is when all that is inside you, starts mirroring from people, to situations, thoughts & occurrences outside of you.

Take in point your natural God given process of eating, digesting & excreting. What you eat, is what is going to get digested or undigested & then be excreted. Thus what you put in becomes imperative. And only that which you put in will mirror the symptoms of good or bad digestive material that you excrete. This is the law of cause & effect that is operating at all levels.

We ask you to embrace this fact first that your Inner World is reflecting in your Outer World, even before taking any other steps. If you don't embrace this fact, then any of your efforts or healing that you do, is futile.

Take Our help, & leave aside all blames, guilt, regrets about how people or circumstances have been or being with you. Focus on what is it that you emitted to attract that, what are your lessons in that given situation, & how best you can learn or heal, to transcend them.

We ask you to trust in God & HIS Benevolence. Wrap yourself in our love & know all is forgiven, all is dissolved from the moment you truly deeply intent release or repentance. Let your True Inner light shine & get mirrored in your Outer World Dear One. You are only made to Shine this True Light & receive the same mirrored back at you, from the Universe & World around you. <3 © Roshani/June2014

Stay Blessed ♡
Heal Your Self; Heal Your Life; Heal The World ♡

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Saturday, 7 June 2014

Cut All Drama look into the underlying Truth!

Have you been attracting drama in your life? Look around Dear One & see if you are constantly in your inner & outer circle attracting this negative pattern of drama, then you would be embroiled in constant story telling, reasoning beyond the means, explaining/ expecting things from all external factors of your life whether it is situations or people & attaching your seeming happiness or woes with them.

You would seemingly find the virtues of receiving love, respect, sincerity, justice, honesty faithfulness, sensitivity, gentleness, compassion etc. missing from your life. The reason is much deeper than you know. It is because your Soul has not received that from you, yourself. You have to know that all that you're experiencing is for your Soul growth & transcendence. But somewhere the learning & thus
transcendence has not happened. The soul has become much more bitter through the situations. This is because you have been operating out of the unawarness of reacting to people & your lesson situations, rather than, responding, retreating & learning from them.

Formation of your soul is a continuous process & you have to embrace that fact & be open to its learnings with endurance, faith & patience. Your Path is Yours & no one else's you have to imbed that strongly within you.

Step back from attaching your happiness or woes to; people, things or situations. Learn to be happy in the now. Appreciative of your good qualities & that of others. Stop all story telling & over explanations especially where you feel you attract them the most, which in all probability is your Inner circle of souls. Have the courage to use the Power of No & step aside when need be. Self respect, esteem & uprightness are different from ego or pride.

Start learning to love, respect & trust yourself. Rise above toxic relationships by responding to them or stepping back if need be.
Whatever you do, do it with completeness & focus on the fact that you are doing it for your Highest Good. Inherently you all are whole, perfect & complete. It is your experiences & karmic exchanges that makes you all a catalyst & trigger to each other. Once you understand this underlying Truth, you will only & only respond to Life, people & situations.

Know that your happiness & the way you want to feel is Your Choice of Life. No one can take that away from You.
☆ The day you stop giving into your vulnerability of attracting others to take advantage of you,
☆ The day you stop giving or receiving long explanations & empty stories or blaming others for doing this or doing that; saying this or saying that, then; that is the day you would have conquered Your physical mind & all drama attached to it.

If you have been experiencing any of the above, say the attached affirmation daily 5 times at night & let us Angels take away from you all the unserving energies & emotions that drain you. <3 © Roshani/June2014

Stay Blessed ♡
Heal Your Self; Heal Your Life; Heal The World ♡

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Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Stop operating as a Human Doing & let the Human Being emerge ☆

Stop operating as a Human Doing & let the Human Being emerge ☆

Just read something beautiful from my dear revered Mohanji.
Words resounded in the ears & i Thank HIM for reconfirming some very old channeling. Love you Father <3

These words & aspects were channeled way back & always made to tell all who have been got in my life as clients, students, participants & even friends.
☆ Only when you can be objective that even a sinner has a right to guidance & healing,
☆ Only when you come with the focus on change & not focus on results or outcomes,
☆ Only when you can be empty from within to let the True Guidance flow into & through you,
☆ Only when you can be detached from the consequences of your healing & Guidance knowing that You're not the Doer,
☆ Only when you yourself have fearless, undeterred, unshaken Faith in God, Divinity & thus your Inner self;
Only then shall there be any scope for the Soul to go any higher in any way to help yourself or others.
Only then can we become true Healers, helpers, mentors, coaches, or move onto become Gurus & Master Souls.

There is no magic to prove in Divinity. It knows how much to tell or show us, how much we can take & absorb & when.
Magic & focus on magic is the part of the physical ego mind. Instant change like instant coffee is the doership of the physical ego mind.
If you focus on magic, miracles & instant results, you shall attract exactly those, through superficial short term aspects, people or situations.
If you focus on true inner change, transformation & ascension of the Soul then the right teacher, Guru, or Master shall appear in your life & magic, miracles & even instant results may follow.

What you've accumulated for lifetimes or years in this lifetime cannot be dissolved instantly. So be patient & realistic with yourself & compassionate with your Soul to move to the Light through the path most suited for its Highest Growth.

Holding onto these superficial shortcuts or to dogmatic judgements, ego, fear & beliefs is the biggest block for our soul growth.
The Doing mind wants to fleet from one branch to the other seeking solace & results in what it finds there.
The Being mind knows it's Branch and stays there.
The reason of us called HUMAN BEINGS & NOT HUMAN DOINGS lies within this simple Truth. God shall be found within us, through our Beingness & not our Doingness. ♡ © Roshani/June2014

Stay Blessed ♡
Heal Your Self; Heal Your Life; Heal The World ♡

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