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Monday, 2 September 2013

Message & Affirmation of the Week ~ 2nd to 8th Sept 2013

This week's message focuses on looking into your Relationship Bank Account
Angels say; that in the fast paced life, you often get caught in the turmoils and rigmaroles and forget about the very people that you are trying to keep happy in life through all your hard work & earnings. You need to understand that survival & living are two different things. You do all the hard work for growth, success & survival, but you have relationships to create a living space. You are what you are for the relationships of your life. 
Your identity is contained of relationships from the time you are born. You are someone's son, daughter, spouse, father, mother, sibling, friend, boss, employee, worker etc. When you wrote the essay of MYSELF as a child, you wrote "My name is John. My fathers name is xyz. My mothers name is xyz. Tony is my best friend." So on & so forth. Thus the wheel of life is your circle & the spokes are your relationships where you are the Center. To keep the Wheel strong, the Center has to be strong & hold on strongly to the spokes.
Angels urge you to look into this Relationship Bank Account & thank God for the assets of your Life. Each person is made differently & thus is unique in their thinking & patterns. Plus each one of you have your upbringing, mind conditioning & karmic patterns that drive your life. Moving towards Divinity will help you see the light in everyone & everything around you. Respect & love your relationships for what they are. Try to understand them from a point of deeper underlying truth that, all of you operate of your healed or unhealed energies.
Give time to your family, friends, colleagues & all around you as per the time schedule & priority in life but, do give that required time. Chalk out the needs of everyone. See common interests & plan things within your means that you can do to have a fulfilled time with your family, friends & loved ones. Know that your soul lessons are also going to be from this very closest ones. So release all hurts, resentment & hatred for any such event or situation that may have caused you any seeming problem. Listen to people around you, and listen to them with understanding & compassion. Move away from any gossip of workers, friends or loved ones. Gossip creates toxic layers in your Aura & Karmic baggage additionally.
Sit down daily, at Night and ask Us to clear your day of any hurts, resentments etc. that may create blockages for & around you. Don't burn yourself down in the daily meeting of ends turmoil & neglect yourself & your relationships. Bring more of love, compassion & understanding in your life so that you can spend your hard worked earnings to keep yourself, your family, loved ones and the surrounding humanity & creation happy. 

Let the Divine light enwrap you and your loved ones in it's care. Ask Us to bring you extra care & love, & motivation to look after this Relationship Bank Account & keep it healthy & prosperous.
Affirmation of the Week ~ 7 Times every Night
"I am loving, caring & understanding with myself & others. I prioritize my life & give due time to all my relationships. I do small acts of kindness daily for all my relationships. I move away from all gossiping. I love all my relationships & everyone & everything around me. My relationship bank account is always abundant & prosperous."

♥ © Roshani/Sept2013 ♥ Stay Blessed * 
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