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Friday, 18 September 2015

Not just saying it through books ♡♡♡

From 2005 - 2006 when I was seemingly between world's almost during the seeming hospital tenure... there was a particular question that was persistently there on why a certain thing the docs did... since about 2008 that question disappeared somewhere in the background..Then since last 5 years totally let it go to the Light with the faith that if God thinks I should know I shall get to know it. Until today never knew it nor asked after that time....

But as Willed maybe the soul had to know it and so i was gifted my answer tonight when I went to the hospital to be with a very close friend... Divine Timing took 10 years for it to be unfolded to me... Trust Faith and ultimately Conviction in the Divine Will of God brings it all together when and if it has to be...

Thank YOU Baba for helping me to hold onto YOU with faith patience and unshaken will power during several of the seeming whirlpools of life ever since childhood, even when I simply knew YOU as my best friend Ganesha..

Thank you for coming to me as all those pillars of help support and strength as my family and my dear soul friends Kim K Mc  the God sent Rati Godrej who Kim got, my soul sister Rupali and her husband Arvind, my soul sister friend and more Farzeen Sommit, my dearest Supriya Mayank Dimple Tasneem Mushtaq Ekta Shobhaji Sharon and many many more who stood by through that expedition till I reached the summit... Thank you to each one of them and to many others who may not be mentioned or on Facebook and all those who prayed for me all through. 
Baba without YOUR Grace nothing would have been possible...

YOUR Love and Grace never fails us and YOU never fail to show YOUR Loving Presence.... all day yesterday too had been putting the kumkum tikka for loved ones who came home for Ganesha Darshan... suddenly while talking to my loving friend Deeya my eyes moved to my hand which through the day had many arbit spots of kumkum on it... but this one on the palm was a distinct ♡ shaped one.... I was so thrilled and internally jumping with joy as a small child... and even though may have experienced many such moments before I yet truly and deeply feel overwhelmed with Baba's Loving Presence coming in cute forms in the tangible World. Have a major decision of life that's unfolding right now and had been talking to Baba about it... HIS Love is unconditional and unfathomable and nothing can ever be enough for giving gratitude to HIM...

And today when HE makes me tell anyone "Don't Worry have faith or have strength and that it shall all be well" my soul swells with HIS Love as it's not just saying it through books.. HE has made earlier and yet makes my soul go through the travails of the mountains and tunnels of life but the fact remains that HE has not just hand held me all through but also not made me leave HIS hands.... immeasurable Gratitude ♡♡♡♡♡

O MeheReheM always ♡ Jai Baba

Stay Blessed ♡

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