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Sunday, 15 November 2015

The 2 extremism - Intolerance and Unforgiveness ♡

If we truly individually heal our own intolerance or extremism about any small or big factor in our lives then we can heal and stop intolerance and fanatical extremism of any kind and can spread that Light to others. Or else it shall remain in good books like it has since eons of lifetimes and now even in good statuses on our social media.... Are we honest to what we share with others? We can fool the World but not our Soul. Our Soul is the biggest and the most meticulous book-keeper of all records.
Daily sit with yourself and ask within; "Have I been intolerant to anyone or for anything? Have I felt hatred about anyone or anything? "However defensive have I felt revengeful unforgiveness towards anyone or anything?"

Our World chaos belongs to two extremism - intolerance and unforgiveness. Intolerance leads to hate and hate gives birth to thoughts words and actions that the seeming receiving end cannot forgive. That in turn propels the energy towards more intolerance and more hatred.
Love begets Love; Hate begets Hate.

Be true to yourself and introspect. If you get an answer of Yes to even one thing, then work on it with full diligence and try to heal it. Yes it can be healed. I have healed and transcended alot of personal aspects that were filled with life's lessons and yet continue the same on a daily basis.

As we say every drop makes an Ocean, in negativity too every such seemingly small irrelevant occurrences take larger shape as time goes by.
Let's only increase and infuse love tolerance compassion kindness and gratitude in all that we think speak or do. Let's take a stock of things soon. Humanity always need not fall off the cliff to hold the rope. Rather anchor ourself with that Divine rope and go rappelling down the steep mountains of our life's adventure.
♡ © Roshani/Nov2015 

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