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Sunday, 17 June 2012


The MIRACLES that I promised to share, which have taken place in the last two days during the weekend ~ 15th to 17th June 2012

♥ A medium sized square candle left by me 2 months back, after an invocation, at a Home of a Client Friend; has been used by the person from last 2 months everyday for about 10 minutes for meditation, then puts it off; and it is still not got over. On Saturday morning 5 am the person was woken up with a stark golden glow in the bedroom where the candle is kept and to the most alarming surprise, in a closed room, a house where the person stays completely alone NOT even a house help; The Candle was Burning in Full Glow; Lighting up the Room Entirely. The person was shocked at first but immediately woke up in few seconds of seeing this and gave Gratitude to God and the Angels for their little sweet Miracle. ^♥^

♥ A Friend who was asked to put a stray pet to sleep, messaged me whether that should be done or the pet should be left at Divine Grace to move on. As my phone was off on flight for about 4 hours i was not able to reply. My friend prayed to Angels for guidance & awaiting a reply from me wished nothing wrong happens at their hands. When i got the message late night, the channelling said the pet needs to move on its own and complete a karmic chapter and thus the putting to sleep shouldnt be done. The miracle was that the doctors assistant who asked the pet to be put to sleep that very afternoon; decided otherwise on her own and told my friend that They would keep the pet under observation and not put the pet to sleep. ^♥^

♥ Another Friend got saved from a near death accident and gave Gratitude to the Angels & the Reiki that the Person does daily for self and protection. ^♥^

♥ Another Client Friend lost a company camera 2 weeks back. The Angels guided me to ask the Person to Sheild it in White Light and Imagine that It has come back saftely. But before it could get back, the Person has to learn and heal the habit of thinking negative constantly even before anything can begin as regularly the persons worries were manifesting. The person saw the truth in that and said would practice the same and would do the white light mediation everyday. And Yes 2 Weeks Later, it seems a Colleague had found it when left behind in a car. But the interesting part of the Miracle is that the Person did not find or know about the camera being before learning this lesson of not infusing negativity. ^♥^ 

Gratitude to the God Almighty, Angels & All Divine Energies for Their Wonderful, Guidance, Healing, Protection & Assistance in every small or big aspect of our Lives! ^♥^ 

ROSHANI  Shenazz

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  1. Just heard that the concerned pet passed away, just as her Angels said she would. Divinity's miracles are unmatched. May Her Soul Rest in Peace and Spiritually Progress to our Next Level of Evolution ^♥^ Roshani Shenazz