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Tuesday, 12 June 2012

My Angel Calling

My guided journey with angels

From a social butterfly, a successful career in the media, with thousands on my contact list, to just a select few in the last couple of years, as I evolved into a this spiritual being internally, while maintaining my glamourous persona externally has come as a surprise to many.
However I was always this mix of a religious and spiritual person, and did not feel a need to participate in rituals and formalities just to please my family and society. I always felt a different connection with God, that of the heart. And then in the year 2000, the cosmic energies brought in radical changes in my life. Intuitions and guidance started flowing in, in very subtle forms.

Despite belonging to a strict, ritualistic Zorastrian family, I acted on my dreams and prominent messages and started keeping the Ganesha idol at home for a day and half day during Chaturthi. And lo and behold, spiritual events and people, healers and spiritual teachers started coming into my life, which made me wonder why, but I left it that.
I manifested many a soul lesson from the year 2000 to 2010, including getting a new life after a prolonged illness in 2005-2006 and before I unfold that, I pray to the Universe that I cut all attachments to my past and lock whatever I write here to share, in the protective white light.

My faith in God never deterred in the worst of dips and with utmost belief I would tell all that, “Even if I am pushed from the 100th floor, there has been and will be the hand of God on the first floor, to hold me, never letting me touch the ground floor.”

The next big soul lesson was already brewing somewhere and I soon found myself amidst my other biggest karmic lesson, my marriage. It was the last push off the cliff before God would cradle me. The closing marriage, financial ground zero, friendships crashing, all of it came in one blow, a bazooka lesson. The universe was becoming a stricter teacher and I saw myself, complying with all that was put forth to me, with support from friends and family.
In May 2010, I left my job at a media company with no plan or job in hand, my first big step that I took, by listening to my inner voice. Not an easy task, since it was a huge financial setback.

During the last few months before leaving the job, I had been noticing my growing gifts of receiving messages out of nowhere. I had got introduced to angels and affirmations about 10 months, prior to that, through a very dear friend of mine. For about a year of knowing about them, there were a few times when I got strong messages too, which I passed on to my same friend, regarding her life. As I saw them unfold, I got inclined to know more and borrowed books from her to read and trained my intuitive mind to develop my gifts further.
The second big step was closing my huge karmic lesson – my marriage. I had so many resentments still bubbling within me, that I could not fathom how I was playing Ms Kelvinator Cool. That same voice inside me prompted, “All is for your and his good. All will be well.” It was as if, someone else within me was controlling me. I realised that, “God will not take you to a place, where the grace of God will not reach you.” And as that inner voice had said, it all fell in place. We mutually tread our own paths. We were suddenly more amicable than we were, while going through the paces of parting. I moved to a new home and the energies of this house too prompted that, “this is your place of growth. The old Shenazz has to leave behind everything.” I saw rays of hope, despite my world crashing around me.

My several attempts to get a job proved to be futile and whilst meditating, I got the message, “Stop all trying. Release fear and resistance. You will not get a job right now. This is your time to move on to your soul quest. Leave all to us and we will see it through. What you need will be brought to you.”

Though concerns about running a family and home besieged me, as instructed I left it all to them. Suddenly my messages got much stronger and I picked up my first deck of Doreen Virtue Angel cards. I was guided to do readings for myself and friends and I started doing them from then on.

During the same time the first batch of Charles Virtue’s first Angel certified program was to be conducted in Mumbai. That was one of my biggest psychic message I got in the end of May, given by me to my Angel friend saying, “September 2010 is going to be the year of huge change for you.” That very night she got a mail saying that the Charles Virtue workshop scheduled for early 2011, had been rescheduled to September 2010. And that workshop was very important to her at that stage.

As my inner self kept praying and wanting to do that workshop, another friend stepped in, who with his new found gifts gestured to me, that I have to get into healing and I must do this workshop. I prayed for abundance as there was no way I could have afforded that high end workshop.

And just one week prior to the workshop, miraculously the money that I needed got arranged, and one day prior to it I was told there was a seat for me though earlier that same week, I was informed that the batch was full. After that workshop, there was no looking back. I channelled messages, did readings and was asked to start off professionally and that’s exactly what I did.

As I progressed on my spiritual path, I realised the importance of one of the biggest trait that block our spiritual, personal, physical and financial growth – not forgiving. I was channelled messages to go through a forgiveness process for my husband and everyone else in life who I felt any hurt or resentment with, including myself for any guilt or blame. I was channelled some beautiful meditations and healings including one for forgiveness and I set myself up to do that. Within a short span of time, when I wondered how I would know that I have completed the forgiveness process, I got a message saying, “I will start getting messages for those same people, as the channels of forgiveness open up the blockages.” Now that was beautiful and I eagerly waited to know how that would unfold.

Surely enough, I started getting messages for the very same people, I completed my forgiveness process with. I was also instructed that messages when given have to be passed on to the said person and what they do thereafter was not my concern. I had to detach myself from all clients’ outcomes and personal outcomes of any efforts. To release any resistance that would bring my physical mind into play. I started blessing all those who I had to forgive, more and more, in every form as I was made to realise the reason why we had manifested each other in our lives.
Meanwhile I still kept wondering how my spiritual pursuits, could be a profession, even as my mind was occupied by my passion for films, toying with the idea of directing a film, which came from being part of the Industry for about 18 years.

One night, I dreamt of being in a classroom full of people, not exactly a school. Within 10 days of this dream, Meghna Ghai Puri, who had been a dear friend now from my Mukta Arts days, inquired if I would be interested in teaching at Whistling Woods International (WWI), something which I could now relate to the dream, and which prepared me to conduct spiritual workshops soon after.

And so began my journey at WWI institute, along with my Angel readings and healings. Two of my closest friends were instrumental in bringing me my first few clients. I was told through messages that, “only when the persons guidance is due and due from me as a source, will they come to me.” Soon enough my practise grew, with very little effort from me.
Amazingly, the name of my company, Sparkling Angels holistic healing, came from my entertainment company by the same name, registered in 2008, when Angels were not even a part of my conscious life.

As time passed by, I was asked to channel a daily Angels message and affirmation and soon started sending it out on facebook, twitter and through phone smses. Again through guidance from these angelic messages, I got empanelled on the international healing site, Be Healing founded by Claire Louise Hay, in March 2011 as one of their readers and healers, with whom clients can book sessions online.

I believe that no matter what our external circumstances are, if we unconditionally trust and believe that all that happens, happens for our ultimate highest good, we will finally be achieving and manifesting it. We should move away from all resentments, hurts and unforgiveness as these are the acids of life that burn the container that stores it, not who it is thrown on. The moment we accept that we are ill, only then can healing begin. So acceptance is the first step of any healing or of any spiritual progress.
I therefore thank every friend, family, foe, situation and energy that has contributed to my journey and ascension process. My spiritual goal is to not just to ‘cure’ but to ‘heal’ people. To bring in them a sense of spiritual independency where they empower themselves and move towards ascension by knowing, acknowledging and understanding their own divinity within and that of all around them. May God and the Angels illuminate our paths ahead and move us towards our highest good and our life mission.

Since a few days, I tried many times but just couldn’t sit to write this piece and today all of a sudden I moved away from writing something on forgiveness to writing this. I knew it was being guided and immediately called on the Angels to help me channel what and how they wanted it to be expressed. And just as I finished writing it, I realised or rather made to realise that today is my wedding day, and the previous day, when I actually started penning my thoughts was my mehendi function. So the Angels actually channelled me to write this piece on the remembrance day of my biggest karmic lesson! Gosh I seriously couldn’t believe this!!!!!!!!! Thank You Angels; Thank you God!


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By (ROSHANI) Shenazz Nadirshah
6.11.11, Mumbai


  1. Dearest Shen,

    I have no words to express how gripping your blog much of what we have been taught by the 'Angel' himself flashed all in mind once again..reiterating the karmic lessons one has to go through and the awareness that comes through them and of course how you surpass them all with courage and strength and the guidance from God and Angels. above...each para you have written unfolded a learning in itself. Thank you Shenn for sharing the good, and sharing your experiences and the help and healing that you not only got but in turn that you have shared and which must be helping so many around you. The affirmations and messages you put up everyday on facebook...are at times messages for many who read them...You are blessed and may God Bless you always...I look forward to you sharing my interview you took the other day, which will not only strengthen the belief and faith of having gone through the toughest karmic lesson of my life, it will help many others to know and be aware that life is a gift in itself and how we have to live in gratitude inspite of all that life has taught and given. All the best to you Shenn in whatever you do!

  2. Dearest Rashna, thank you very much for your ever kind words. You're s true soldier of humanity yourself. Your life is a big example of endurance, strength and positive surrender to Divinity. May your strength and positive surrender grow, along with the Joy Abundance and Happiness that has to flow in to your life soon :))

    Be Blessed! Spread the Light!
    ROSHANI Shenazz

  3. Shen! Thank you so much for your kind words and strength...I accept them in all humility...more so coming from you means a lot!

    God Bless you always!

  4. hi shezz,

    this blog touches me in many ways , the determination to self belief , keeping the belief for the good n doing things to keep the trust alive of belief in god n for the right , gives me a reflection of strength n courage n willingness to believing n to give in to the almighty who lives inside me . i know hes watching my back thats my version now i know i might have my angels too . ;)

    after readin this blog it gives me a more touch up, makes me feel a little more polished to the kind of things that i have learnt or has come inside me from the roller coaster of life makes it more affirmative in my thinking . being honest the way you write a person like me who's not a reader reader just kept me stuck and tempted to read more n more n was just flowing with your words . was hoping the blog doesnt end as it was getting more intense and interesting but too every start there has to be a finish i m guessing .. lol ;)so goals set could be achieved ;)

    i believe in this one thing that i would love to share everything happens for the good n theres a reason for everything happening .. the reasons that we would only know in time !!

    keeep up the good and keep writting so more people like me could get influenced into positivity and make ourselves more stronger and healable to face the world and keep the faith and beleif going .. cheeers ;)