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Sunday, 2 June 2013

Message & Affirmation of the Week ~ 3rd June to 9th June 2013

This week's message focuses on releasing your self from lower emotions of hate, resentment & judgements.

Angels say, that many situations in your own life and in the world may have contributed to you absorbing energies of that moved you towards, hate, resentment & judgements about people, situations and their actions to reactions.

When you absorb and imprint life situations into your soul you create patterns that unconsciously bring more of those energies to come into your life. Then the usage of even words like "hate this" or "hate that" becomes common and as time goes the hate & resentment list grows bigger. 

Whatever you focus on, will magnify and that truth just grows stronger as time goes by. Even when you say, "I hate wars" or "I hate lies" you are unconsciously contributing to the collective consciousness of magnifying that energy more and more. And then the ego self feels pacified in giving judgements about all such events that transpire in and around your life. Judgements further take you down the path of adding more karmic baggage. Whether that be for your own life, or current affairs or things happening in the world or with people around  you.

At night before you sleep; Sit with your self and ask us to assist you in bringing forth any situation or person that has caused you to hate or hold resentment about any matter. Think about the situation, the person and relive that part right at that moment. Cry, scream or shout if you have to but release it out there. Then calm yourself with some deep breaths and imagine the same situation or person again and now see them wrapped in White & Pink Light. Send out all the possible unconditional love & forgiveness to it and then see yourself & the person and situation together in White & Pink Light Ball. Feel the joy of love & forgiveness en-wrapping you. Ask us to infuse love & forgiveness into your soul and the person / situation. Once you finish you will feel lighter. Do this as many days as you want every night and feel the difference in your energies.

Move yourself or your name away from any hate lists that you may have joined. Remove this word from your life. Practice, non judgement in the smallest thing in your daily life. Remember each of you have your own path to take & complete. What others do is their Path, how you react or respond is Your Path. Take Divine guidance and our assistance to rise above all these lower emotions and heal them forever from your life. Shed all that is not serving your Highest Good as only then will you make space for all that has to come for your Highest Good.

Affirmation for this Week 10 times at Night:
"I release all lower emotions & move away from all that is un-nurturing, un-loving and un-nourishing. I get what I give out and give out only Love. I am constantly surrounded by happy, healthy & loving people. I am Infinite Love. I am Infinite Joy. I am Infinite Peace. "
♥ © Roshani/June2013 ♥ Stay Blessed *

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