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Monday, 22 July 2013

Message & Affirmation of the Week ~ 22nd - 28th July 2013

This week's message focuses on, rising above your daily situations and
making a diligent effort to move towards the Light
Angels say; that in this abundant Universe you contribute a large aspect of Collective Abundance or Collective Lack. The Karmic process of the Collective Consciousness of a place thus contributes to its growth or downfall. This aspect of generating abundance or lack comes from the energy you emit and give out, through your reactions or responses to your daily life.
When you're are caught in the web of our daily woes, you completely miss the big and small blessings that you're surrounded with. We lovingly guide you to take our help and stop creating more karmic energy that can harm you in any way. Your seeming issues & problems are all created or chosen by you for your own growth lessons. But when you lash out at the situation or are successful in even walking out of it, what you're doing is merely escaping it. You are in no way healing or even addressing it as a lesson within.
Your physical ego mind is the one that creates that All Doer-ship in your fragile lives. It exactly knows your weaknesses and vulnerable aspects of life. It creates patterns of fear, hurt, guilt, blame, resentment etc. which keep going on & on eternally leaving you in that same spot within the vicious circle of your fear based, (lower/negative) energies.
When you have a small seeming issue or even a seeming whirlpool, the only way out will be to move towards the Light. And to move towards the Light, you have to kill the physical ego mind and rise above all your seeming whirlpools. But most of the time, the physical ego mind wins & you drop the Internal Shift just like, returning all the way back when you were nearing the end of the tunnel or dropping out of college just before graduation. When you use the terms, "I am only human" you are actually underestimating yourself because you know not the Power Within that has been implanted & granted to you. Know that The mortal physical ego mind is in constant separateness from God as it does not want to believe that the Being or the Soul that you are is a fragment of God; because it does not know of any other existence but itself & its connection to the physical gross body.
So focus from hereon, to know that Your existence is beyond this body and thus above all your daily situations. Tell yourself that you will move away from the illusions that your physical ego mind is showing you. Be the Master of Your Mind & not its slave & that means shift your consciousness to operate out of your Higher Mind your Higher Consciousness. When an issue crops; instead of panicking or grieving "Why me?" take our help to calm down and retreat and ask "What is for me to learn out of this? What have I emitted to get this out of the person or situation? Is there some karmic exchange that I don't know of? Can you surface the lesson for me in this situation?" When you ask these questions instead of cursing God & Destiny, then you're already moving towards the Shift and thus moving to the Light.
Affirmation of the Week ~ Seven Times every Night
"I rise above all situations in all aspects of Life. I see the underlying truth in everyone & everything. I move away from all illusions & ignorance. I learn all Soul lessons with ease, grace & gratitude. I give out peace & love to all parts of my Life. I move towards the Light at every step of my Life."

♥ © Roshani/July2013 ♥ Stay Blessed * 

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