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Monday, 29 July 2013

Message & Affirmation of the Week ~ 29th July to 4th Aug 2013

This weeks' message focuses on, being in awareness of your 
thoughts & emotions and consciously knowing what kind of thoughts & emotions are you choosing in your daily life.
Angels say; that on a daily moment to moment basis you are generating thoughts which in turn generate emotions, feelings & lastly your direct or indirect actions. Thought is the first point of creation, unlike you feeling the other way around that, because you felt a certain emotion your thinking pattern changed accordingly. That is not the fact. It is your thought that triggers the rest and then when it all happens, the outcome triggers more thoughts of the same kind. So to change things around you that may be happening seemingly on their own, you have to first embrace the fact that you have largely created them through your thoughts & beliefs, besides old karmic results.

To be watchful of your thoughts & words is what we lovingly guide you to do. When you become more and more aware of this fact, you will exactly know what to think & speak and what not to. What emotions to encourage and which emotions to discard. It is like you choosing which movie to watch, comedy or tragedy. Once you know of your choice making awareness you move towards choosing the right thoughts & thus emotions.

When you're grasped with fright, worry, fear, jealousy, hatred, unforgiveness, hurt or any such lower thought or emotion, call out for us, either to Archangel Michael the destroyer of all negativity, or just call upon your Guardian Angels & Spirit Guides asking us to release those lower thoughts & emotions & replace them with Love, Peace & Faith. If you feel you're constantly clouded with these lower emotions, a daily 10 minutes practice to meditate or just be within your own silence will help a lot. Concentrate on a particular form of breathing or technique while you intend to receive our help. See what thoughts & emotions arise at that time & be aware of their nature.

Every time you think of any lower thought or emotion, take a deep breath and stop yourself right there. When  you make meditation or any breathing technique as a part of your life, you will raise your consciousness and thus come in awareness of each thought & emotion. When you do that then the technique and emotion merge into Oneness & are not treated as a "separate event" by your Mind. When you reach this point, then even that One Deep Breath that you take, when you have any lower thought or emotion, your mind, body & soul would know that it has to be cleansed immediately & that this particular kind of thought or emotion is not to be encouraged.

Be in awareness that you're affirming each moment when you think or speak things. From today, enwrap yourself in our loving guidance to think, speak & do only that which is for the Highest Good of yourself & others.
Affirmation of the Week ~ 10 Times every Night
"My thoughts & emotions are aligned with my Highest Good at all times. My life is made up of the choices I make. I am in constant awareness of the choices that I make of my thoughts, words & actions. I am calm & serene at all times. I am in complete control with my thoughts, words & actions. I think, speak & do only good for myself & others."

♥ © Roshani/July2013 ♥ Stay Blessed * 

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