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Thursday, 19 December 2013

Everything in Life is a toggle. Which toggle are you choosing to live by!

Everything in life is a Toggle. Which toggle are you choosing to live by, determines how you react or respond to your life, people & situations. This further decides your future Karmic pathway & all manifestations.

Our living in duality has 2 sides of existence, just like 2 sides of a coin, in all aspects of life. Both the sides exist & both the sides are the seeming reality on the flip side of it. The side that we see & choose, is the Side that we perceive to be our reality, at that point in time & until we flip the coin to see the existence of the other side, which may well be non-existent for us until that point, we will only live by that side, whether good or bad.

Thus with this flip aspect of our duality, everything around us is a toggle. A toggle is a key that has 2 usages, e.g. the CAPS lock key on your computer. When you press it you can type in CAPS & by pressing it again, you can type in small alphabets. 
In the same way 2 usages of the same reality exists & our Karmic passbook shows auto debits & credits as per the choice of reality that we make, to perceive & thus live & execute. 

● A knife can kill someone; the same knife can cut vegetables to make food.
● Hot water can harm you; the same hot water gives you a refreshing bath daily.
● Fire can burn anything; the same fire can burn in a home & feed a family with the meal cooked on it.
Both the aspects of these realities are true & each is the filp side of our perceived realities but serve different purposes.

In the same way, there are flip sides to our perceived beliefs.

● Fear is the flip side of Faith,
● Illness is the flip side of Health, 
● Lack is the flip side of Prosperity, 
● Unhappiness is the flip side of Contentment,
● Victimhood is the flip side of Inner Power,
● Self sabotage is the flip side of Self Love,
● Anger is the flip side of Compassion, 
● Hate is the flip side of Love, 
● Unforgiveness is the flip side of Forgiveness, 
● Pain is the flip side of Peace. 

Now with both seeming realities in existence, you have to choose the side of the coin you would operate out of. And that which you operate out of, is the side of the coin that is facing up in your life & it is that side only which you'd be able to see & access at 'A' given point of time. 

Now know, that the side which you see & access, is what you're living by. The only time you can partly see both sides but access none, is when you're living in the limbo of the grey path of life, giving yourself  false solace & ego boosts through blames & victimhood, where you're surviving, but you are, neither here nor there. 
Awareness of this existence of duality & the outcomes of each flip side will only bring you to a point of making a conscious choice of what you choose to perceive, believe & thus live. 

All life you may be concentrating on the terrain still to be covered in life & overlooking the blessings of that which you have already covered, healed or transcended. You may be focusing & thus magnifying & manifesting the lack of all that you don't have, instead of being in true Gratitude of all that you do have. You may be drowned in trying to better yourself through comparison but reaching no where, as comparing again is the energy zone of lack, of that which you don't possess but someone else does.

Now sit with yourself each night & bring to awareness, which side of the coin are you living by. The beliefs that you inherently live by are the ones which have your constant focus throughout the day & thus are in constant manifestation, consciously or most of the times unconsciously.

So take Divine help & find out which toggle are you living by; 

♡ Illness or Health
♡ Lack or Prosperity 
♡ Unhappiness or Contentment,
♡ Victimhood or Inner Power,
♡ Self sabotage or Self Love,
♡ Anger or Compassion, 
♡ Hate or Love, 
♡ Unforgiveness or Forgiveness,
♡ Pain or Peace

Once you find that out, take conscious steps of Awareness to heal, transcend & turn the Coin of your Life on the Positive side, by blessing all that you had, have & shall have. By counting your blessings of all that your soul created for itself, whereby there are millions who's soul has decided to live a life worse than physical death or decided not to even see the next sunrise.

So stay happy, loving, content & count your blessings for all that is in your life & work steadfastly towards the manifestation of your inner most dreams, goals & desires but by focusing on the journey & not being attached to the desired outcome. ♥ © Roshani/Dec2013

Stay Blessed ♥
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Heal Your Self; Heal Your Life; Heal The World ♥

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