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Friday, 15 November 2013

Short & Instant Anxiety Release Technique

Short & Instant Anxiety Release Technique
You can do this anywhere, anytime :)

* To banish & release anxiety instantly, take some deep long breaths, hold on for 3 counts & then let it out slowly & gradually as you can, making a soft "Fuuuuuu" sound. This releases stagnant energy & stale air filled with the toxins of our thoughts & worries.

* Ask AA Michael to just come & take away the toxins & cut away all lower & negative energies.

* Keep breathing as above & intent that AA Michael is cutting away all such lower energies & taking it to the light.

* Feel yourself being comforted in His powerful wings & protected at all times.

* The breathing with the above intent will restore a steady rhythm & reduce the excretion of the adrenaline that over stimulates the body & increases your panic when you have anxiety.

* Repeat this intent breathing for at least 21 counts or more, until you feel that Angels have taken away the toxins from you, making you feel relaxed & quietened from within.

* After you finish, thank God, AA Michael & all other Angels for Their Divine Help.

* You will feel calmer & in a better state of mind for clarity of thoughts, solutions & ideas to replace all the toxins that your anxiety had generated.

♥ © Roshani/Nov2013

Stay Blessed ♥

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