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Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Break Free From Dogmatic Beliefs ~ Stop Feeding Statues; Feed The Poor

We truly need to break free from all dogmatic beliefs and fear of God in any form, that is running in our DNA since eons of lifetimes.
Kindness, compassion, charity, love, & forgiveness; are the only ways to reach God. Rest all is man made & only suffices the physical ego mind & status symbols of the Society. The soul does not ascend anywhere & God for sure is not realized in anyway either.

* No God wants it's Children to hate or discriminate each other.
* No God wants it's Children to kill each other or kill other species.
* No God said Non Veg cannot be eaten on certain days & rest of the days we can kill animals.
* No God is going to punish you for not forwarding HIS picture or Chain Message.

It is high time for us to understand that Society 1000 of years back could only be controlled through the fear of the unknown & fear of the unseen. We need not be lead by old dogmatic chains of beliefs that are the very bondage of Humanity. We have Westernized ourselves but not Modernized, to wake up to many a facts that are ruining Humanity & have been taking us away from the Light & its Path.

So, Break Free. Awaken to the Truth. Move towards Loving God in everyone & everything & stop fearing God in anyway. Stop doing or encouraging things in the Name of God. Be the Change & help others to Be a Courageous Change too.

Exercise kindness, love, compassion, forgiveness & charity if You truly want to create an Inner Shift. Statuses, Meditations & liking of Quotes are meaningless if we are not able to live the words to Live a truly Noble life, trying our best to rise above the bondage of dogmatic Chains that bind us.

Dissolve your Old beliefs & self for your Soul to soar High towards the very Light of God that's within You & each of HIS species.
© Roshani/May2014

Stay Blessed ♡ 

Heal Your Self; Heal Your Life; Heal The World ♡

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