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Friday, 16 May 2014

To See the Change; You Have to Be the Change!

Elections are done. Today Our dynamic new PM Mr. Narendra Modi, shall go to New Delhi for a handover.

But We should never forget this day 16th May, not just for Modi Sir winning, but the Unity of the Billion that made him win. Family that stays together, sticks together rejoices together. We need to see grassroot governance now. Where the inflation is cut, for the lowest common denominator in the country to lead a respectful life of dignity & be able to support & educate his family. Where inclusion becomes the call of the day eradicating all dogmatic boundaries of Religions, Caste & Creed; thus demolishing this Ace Card that has ruined our Country & World at large.

Always knew Mr. Modi was winning and with a sweep. Was totally pro Him for being that one person who can possibly change India for the better. I kept saying this time people will rise not just to vote for who's good for their locality or city but be conscious that each such selfish vote is going to create the Central Government. And that's what happened. People who over confidently ruled the rooster of their cities or localities saw a bitter defeat. We the People can no more be fooled is the Message short & strong. A true hopeful move by the Billion to finally see a real India Shining.

But please know that as country & Universal citizens, We individually have to contribute daily by knowing, respecting & executing our civic and fundamental rights in the country. They are there to Serve Us & Not Rule Us is what we must Never forget.

Don't expect Municipality to Clean streets if You are the one throwing litter all around & spitting all over.
Don't expect the poor low salaried constable not to take a bribe,  when you're the one constantly breaking signals & paying him to get away.

Remember it's only when we are United, & We the Individual who implements righteousness can become We the People and thus by Being the Change only, can We ever be able to See the Change.

So stand, rise & Shine to do your individual bit so that the Governance is compelled to righteously serve it's brave & righteous Citizens.

God Bless all of us and the new Governance.

Stay Blessed ♡

#roshani #CongratsNaMo

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