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Monday, 7 July 2014

Are we really foolish or Are we foolish to think, that God can be bribed?

Now this sweet Donkey Champa in the picture, cannot give anything to Meher Baba in return like, naryal (coconuts), mithai (sweets), candles, gold thrones, fasting, shaving of head, walking bare feet, etc. So does that mean, God would not look at him, love him, or take care of him? All this above, falls in the fear bargain for God, that has been instilled in humanity since eons, which God definitely was never in favor of, in any Era.

All the good & bad in our lives, both are for our Soul lessons, karmic nullification & dissolving of our Sanskaras. When we learn or trascend them, in any incarnation, the events surrounding them stop manifesting thus, pushing the Soul further towards its ultimate goal of Liberation or God Realization.

The lessons for the Soul could be of love, or to release fears & have Faith, or have patience & trust in the Supreme Power or any other.
Yes, we can do all we want from the above for God, but know the bottom motive of "Why you are doing it?" God is no merchant for such bargain or material Thank Yous from us.

HIS gifts from us comprise of (Prem) Love, Shraddha (Faith), Saburi (Patience), Bhakti (Devotion), Samarpan (Surrender), which are aspects of the pure heart.

Some of HIS Wishes & Wants from us, as HIS Highest Creation are;

♡ A Soul that does not Hurt or harm through words thoughts or actions

♡ A Soul who Loves, Obeys or Serves God

♡ A Soul which loves those who cannot be loved

♡ A Soul who sees everyone with equal love n respect

♡ A Soul who is patient in what he gets as an answer to his prayers & positively surrenders with joyful faith when he doesn't get it or doesn't get it the way he wants.

♡ A Soul who respects all events with a joyful heart as God's way of teaching & awakening

♡ A Soul that uplifts & helps the poor, needy & helpless

♡ A Soul that respects & nurtures all of Creation; of Nature & Species

♡ A Soul that truly sees, feels & experiences HIM in everyone & everything around

Now, since humans knew they can not do any or most of those above, they created bargains in the name of God. Society could only be controlled by the fear of the unknown & the unseen. The game of all material bargain, started with this fear.

Sure, we can go ahead by all means to fulfil mannats, wishes, promises, made to God, but at the back of our mind we must keep this firmly stored that, we are doing it all, because we want to do it, for whatever reasons, & not because God wants us to; or because God is expecting us to do it.

Do we really think any of our Godly men, like Sai The Perfect Master who lived as a Fakir all His life, can be bought over by material offerings of golden thrones & crowns or any such offerings, while we do our mad dance of lower Karma in our daily lives? Are we really foolish or are we foolish to think, that God can be bribed?

The very fact we think this, we are lowering God's or Sai's or any of our loved Saints or Prophets status of Infinite Unconditional Love for all HIS Creation.

But we humans are masters of herd mentality & that's what binds us since incarnations. As Souls we need the energy exchange at various levels, till we exhaust all our Sanskaras, as we have to live our Karmic life till we merge with the God Energy. But God in its inherent nature does not need that & we need to, truly understand that all the bargains we do in HIS Name, are our physical fear mind efforts, to bind the Infinite Energy of Unconditional Love to become the very thing that HE is Not; that is Conditional towards us.

As Humans this is our biggest irony, of trying to seek HIM, but not able to Realize HIM dwelling within us, even through lakhs of Incarnated births.

May the Wisdom of God prevail & shower upon us, to make us Humans, move away from the Fear of God & move us, towards the Love of God, until we merge with this Supreme Power from where we all have emerged.

♡ © Roshani/July2014

In HIS Love & Grace,

Stay Blessed ♡
Heal Your Self; Heal Your Life; Heal The World ♡

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Picture: Meher Baba with HIS pet Donkey Champa in early thirties. ♡

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