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Monday, 21 July 2014

Feel the Flow; Be the Flow; Live the Flow ♡

Angels want us to move towards the simple truths of our lives & move towards our most natural inherent True Self in all that we think, speak & do.

Ever thought why 70% of Mother Earth & 70% of our body & of living creation is made up of Water? 
The reason is; because our most inherent true self in the likeness of God is that of "Flowing" represented by the Water.

The qualities of this beautiful Water are the qualities that comprise our Inner Being. That which nature wants us to live by in our lives; so that we come close to operating out of that true inner self & ultimately merge in it.
Angels have given these 7 beautiful qualities of Water, that we need to embed in our Lives & affirmations that would help you in doing so. Take each aspect & do the affirmations, 10 times morning & night for a continuous cycle of 21 days... See how you beautiful set yourself free from your limited self & flow towards becoming your Limitless Self !!! Happy Flowing........ ♡

♡ The Water is the most soft & vulnerable form of Creation that flows in its natural form irrespective of its surroundings & situations, without being able to change the terrain or situation. The only thing it knows is to keep flowing.
Thus, flowing like water we must learn to hold on to Faith & flow seamlessly in all situations & circumstances that our soul has chosen in this Life.
Affirm: "I flow like water in all that I do. I hold onto faith in all situations of my life."

♡ The Water flows through all terrains & mountains, stones & pebbles, rocks & mud, metal, iron & glass, without cursing the Path or revenging it in any way. It flows through knowing all these are it's learnings while it reaches the Ocean.
Thus, we must flow in acceptance, love & forgiveness through our Path, without hate, hurt, unforgiveness & resentments for people or situations that may have seemingly hurt, harmed or pained us.
Affirm: "I flow in complete acceptance, love & forgiveness in my life. I get what I give out & I give out only love."

♡ The Water is so fluid, that it beautifully takes the shape of the container or brackets it is put into, without loosing it's own identity.
Thus, we must flow in our lives with ease & flexibility to understand others & our surroundings. To be open to the point of view of others, whether we implement it or not. To be able to maintain our dignity & viewpoint without hurting others. To know how to disagree, without being disagreeable. To be able to be flexible enough to merge into different viewpoints or situations & loose our ego identity, but not loose our true self. 
Affirm: "I maintain to flow & live my true self in all that I think, speak & do. I speak my loving truth & use the power of No with loving assertiveness."

♡ The Water is tasteless, colorless but is still the only component that can truly quench our thirst. With its seeming identity-less existence, it is still the most imperative & important aspect of our lives. Anything that's made or created has Water in some quantity or other.
Thus, we must know that however insignificant we think or feel we are, we have come here with our own unique purpose & we are important for our lives & that of our loved ones & all those who we have decided to bring into our lives.
Affirm: "I flow in my uniqueness. I am a unique divine expression of life. I live my life purpose to the best of my abilities. My life purpose is as unique as my very existence."

♡ The Water merges in whatever it is mixed & gives a new identity of growth & emergence to the new being, while silently contributing & nourishing the new form. It remains complete in its form & merges it's identity while becoming One, with this new form & being. 
Thus, we should in our lives merge into our situations & with loved ones only to nourish & help them grow into a new beautiful being for the Highest Good of them & ourselves. Only when we are complete in ourself will we be able to complete anyone or anything.
Affirm: "I am a perfect & complete being. I perfectly complete situations & people in my life for the Highest Good of myself & others."

♡ The Water takes in any dirt, muck & comes back to its pure form, once that is released, cleansed or purified. It washes away the dirt while carrying it all with it only to cleanse the part where the dirt was.
Thus, we should move in our lives to be in the world but not of the world. To rise above the seeming negativity & cleanse it away with our power & presence rather than becoming like it. And if anytime we feel contaminated, just like the Water have the power to cleanse & wash away all of that, coming back to your natural pure self. 
 Affirm: "I release cleanse & purify any negativity within or around me. I rise above all the seeming fear based energies in or around me & release it all to the White Light."

♡ The Water is vulnerable, soft, yet strong & powerful to generate it's own energy to break through boulders, mountains, dams & create the current to destroy all that is in its way & ultimately do what it has to do returning to its limitless self. It remains true to that moment of Now & does what it needs to do.
Thus, we must generate & invoke our Inner strength & energy to turn our seeming weaknesses into stepping stones to break through all the seeming barriers & negativity that surrounds us, surmounting all the seeming challenges & destroying all that is unserving. With this continuous shedding we shall return to our Real Limitless Self.
Affirm: "I release & shed all that is unserving. I surmount all seeming challenges with love & courage. I turn all seeming difficulty into stepping stones towards my glorious goals. I am a limitless being which lives in the moment of now."

Ask the Angels to help you Live like the Water. When you start living by the above in its true sense of the word & its very essence, then You will experience the New Limitless You. Let God & the Angels help you reach that Limitless Self that you inherently are, until you merge into the very Oversoul of the Limitless Creator. <3 © Roshani/March2014

Stay Blessed ♡ Heal Your Self; Heal Your Life; Heal The World

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