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Thursday, 11 June 2015

Forever Forgiving God ☆♡☆

Many a times our past is so heavy on our minds, than it actually is. As we journey through this life, we find ourselves caught between thoughts of regret or redemption which further block us. Unknown to the fact, that it is all of those things, which encompass who we truly are in this moment of now. Here's to that journey with the forever forgiving God.

I may have flawed. I may fallen. I may have lied. I may have hurt. I may have crossed some thresholds. I may have been betrayed. I may have been lied to. I may have been cheated. I may have made wrong decisions. I may have been pressured. I may have been pushed. I may have been hurt. I may have been harmed. I may have been this and I may have gone through that.

But what has never happened or shall happen is; I have Never Lost.
I have never lost;
my faith,
my love,
my trust,
my conviction in life and self,
my ability to rise back,
my ability to forgive and forget,
my ability to spread joy,
my ability to share and help,
my ability to laugh at myself,
my ability to make someone smile,
my ability to see the good around me,
my ability to count my blessings,
my ability to focus on the goodness in everyone and everything,
my ability to give space,
my ability to just BE and let BE,
my ability to be there in the best way I can,
my ability never to regret,
my abilty to motivate someone, 
my ability to shine my Light upon the darkest and brighten it up. 

All that I have gone through are the very things that have redeemed and steered me to become what I am today. How could any of the seeming bad or good, be missing if I had to be what I am.

And all of this has happened as God loves me and has forgiven HIMSELF in me; while HE makes me Forgive HIM; in myself and others. Shine YOUR Light through me O Lord at all times. ♡ © Roshani/June 2015

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Stay Blessed ♡
Heal Your Self; Heal Your Life; Heal The World ♡

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