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Sunday, 7 June 2015

Release all drama; Welcome the good ♡

Cut All Drama and look into the underlying Truth say the Angels. Have you been attracting drama in your life?

Look around dear one and see if you are constantly in your inner and outer circle attracting this negative pattern of drama. If yes then you would find that you are seemingly embroiled in the constant story telling, reasoning beyond the means, explaining / expecting things from all external factors of your life, whether it is situations or people and attaching your seeming happiness or woes with them.

You would seemingly find the virtues of receiving love, respect, sincerity, justice, honesty, faithfulness, sensitivity, gentleness, compassion etc. missing from your life.

The reason is much deeper than you know. It is because your Soul has not received that from you, yourself. You have to know that all that you are experiencing is for your Soul growth and transcendence. But somewhere the learning & thus
transcendence has not happened, even though you may seemingly keep making external efforts for the same.

The soul has become much more bitter through the situations. This is because you have been operating out of the unawarness of reacting to people and your lesson situations, rather than, responding, retreating and learning from them.

Molding of your soul is a continuous process and you have to embrace that fact, so as to be open to its learnings with endurance, faith and patience. Your Path is Yours and no one else's -- you have to imbed that strongly within you.

Step back from attaching your happiness or woes to; people, things or situations. Learn to be happy in the now, this very moment however different a story may be to your physical eyes or mind.

Be appreciative of your good qualities and that of others. Stop all story telling and excessive explanations especially where you feel you attract them the most, which in all probability is your Inner most circle of souls. Have the courage to use the Power of No when need be and step aside when need be.

Self love, respect, esteem, worth and uprightness are different, from ego or pride. Start learning to love, respect & trust yourself. Rise above toxic relationships by responding to them or stepping back if need be. It is your experiences and karmic exchanges that makes you all a catalyst and trigger to each other. Once you understand this underlying Truth, you will only and only respond to life, people and situations.

Whatever you do, do it with completeness and focus on the fact that you are doing it for your Highest Good. Inherently we all are whole, perfect and complete. Know that your happiness and the way you want to feel is Your Choice of Life. No one can take that away from You.

☆ The day you stop giving into your vulnerability of attracting others to take advantage of you,
☆ The day you stop giving or receiving long explanations or empty stories or blaming others for doing this or doing that; saying this or saying that, then; that is the day you would have conquered Your physical mind and all drama attached to it.

If you have been experiencing any of the above, say the attached affirmative prayer daily 7 times at night and let your Angels take away from you all the unserving energies and emotions that drain you. 

In the night when you do it, just sit for a few seconds and do some deep breathing and feel calm, then start saying this prayer by intending, "My guardian Angels please help this prayer to imbed in my life." ♡ © Roshani/June2015

Stay Blessed ♡
Heal Your Self; Heal Your Life; Heal The World ♡

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