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Saturday, 31 October 2015

B☆L☆E☆S☆S☆I☆N☆G☆S ♡♡♡

God's love is forever shining upon us in the form of the little and big Blessings that fill our life. Start counting them Daily morning to Night and see the score.... ♡

B-egin Your Day with Gratitude
L-ove in Your Heart..
E-xpect a shower of Blessings..
S-hare your gifts & positivity..
S-hine like the Glowing Star..
I-nspire someone's Life..
N-ever Forget
G-od is with You & within You all the Time..
S-pread HIS Love & Light;

Forgive Your Past;
Forgo Fear of the Future;
And let the Blessings flow!
© ♡ Roshani/Oct2015

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Stay Blessed ♡

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