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Friday, 16 October 2015

Have you yet subscribed to the loving Daily Doze of Angelic Guidance?

And with Divine Grace we had another wonderful shoot of our #youtubeangelmessagesroshani

The daily loving messages are so empowering and a great dash of Angelic doze to add in Everyday life. Thank you to all those who have been writing to us about how the messages have been so helpful to them.

Also a big thank you to all loving Souls who share the Divine Guidance Message links to more loved ones and the World at large. Thank you to Divinity for making you extend this important contribution of reaching Their messages to more souls and helping us to further spread the Love Light and Healing of God and Angels.

Thank you to our entire team and my Angels Saumya and Gursheel for their loving help throughout the shoot... loads of love and big angels hugs to all of them.

Gush of Angel love and healing to all of World. Thank YOU my Eternal Beloved God for Everything ♡

Some episodes for your happy viewing ♡

☆ Watch "Episode 60 - Daily Angel Message for 14th Oct Wednesday 2015" on YouTube -

☆ Watch "Episode 61 - Daily Angel Message for 15th Oct Thursday 2015" on YouTube -

☆ Watch "Episode 62 - Daily Angel Message for 16th Oct Friday 2015" on YouTube -

Stay Tuned ♡ Stay Blessed

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