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Thursday, 29 August 2013

Every Second is a Chance to Change

Angels say; In this period, of Just Being and flowing with life, your doubts dissipate & problems are resolved. The best way to see clearly is to observe the situation, because when you see it as a spectator you see it in a detached form & therefore will be able to see it from an umbrella overview point & not get drained in it's succumbing energies.

Everything will sort itself out. Trust in the guidance that follows & Trust most importantly on yourself & Divinity to work out everything for your Highest Good. Surrounding yourself with the Divine energies & positive people, talks etc., will help you positively surrender, while you do your best to implement the guided human actions that are brought to your Soul's notice.

So start Now & utilise every second as a chance to turn Your life around for your Highest Good. ♥ © Roshani/Aug2013

♥ Stay Blessed
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