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Sunday, 18 August 2013

Message & Affirmation of the Week ~ 19th to 25th Aug 2013

This week's message focuses on healing the internal Anger & its causes; and to work towards it with Love & Compassion.
Angels say; when you react to a person & situations in anger, it threatens the sacredness of your relationships & you forget the fact that love was and is always in your midst. You may be having internal anger due to many unhealed reasons of the past & not true anger, actually or immediately attached to that person or situation that you are reacting upon.
When you build these emotions of anger or resentment with a person, you build walls to protect yourself as a defense mechanism of old hurts. But when you respond to that person or the situation, to operate out of Love, then Love removes all the walls, barriers & blocks allowing you to face that person or situation with love & honesty. Do not try hard to change someone or keep justifying yourself. Those are patterns that increase the fears as they get strength from you, because that makes you feel separate from God & the goodness within you & everyone else & thus the situations along with your relationships.

Let go of all old patterns & attachments to fear about the consequence / outcomes of the situation & instead put all your faith & focus into knowing that when you operate out of Love everything will fall into its place at a Higher level. What you see always is not what it is in the real sense & having faith in the Universe will help you think of solutions to respond rather than react to the person. The assurance of this faith will help you move in your day to day life & help you see the Divinity within yourself & that of others. To understand that each of you are operating out of your healed or unhealed energies.

So if God has got you this or any other guidance, know that you are being brought to a point of awareness & this point of awareness is actually your turning point if you abide by it. Feel the emotions about your relationships that bring you anger fully. Don't deny or shirk them off as that would be brushing them under the carpet of life. Only release the illusion that the other person is bad & keep yourself far away from hatred, hurt, unforgiveness & separateness from the God within that person. 
When you do the above, you will not feel isolated from love, compassion & affection but in fact be brimming with it. Love will bring you back home; the home of that One God within each of You; that God which you, separate yourself from through your own thoughts, actions, words & Karmas.

So no matter what, know that the source of your anger is always a seeming illusion of your unhealed energies. With awareness & wisdom, keep yourself always aligned & connected with the God within yourself & others & work through your anger in loving, caring & healthy ways. Once you do that, you will see yourself responding to life rather than reacting to it.
Affirmation of the Week ~ 10 Times every Morning & Night
"I am in awareness of all my emotions at all times. I stay centered connected & aligned in the One Light & One Love of God. I move away from all illusions. I know that everyone & everything around me, including myself is already healed, perfect & complete."

♥ © Roshani/Aug2013 ♥ Stay Blessed * 

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