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Monday, 26 August 2013

Message & Affirmation of the Week ~ 26th Aug to 1st Sept 2013

This weeks message focuses on, nurturing your Inner Child which may have lost it's dreams, passions, trust or self worth. Know that you have our help to nurture it back to Life.

Angels say; that through your lifetime, there are several people, occasions, situations, or circumstances that you manifest through many unhealed reasons, some of this or any other lifetime. As you move ahead, each of these aspects get stronger and stronger in their external manifestation, as equally weakening you from within.
You go through several patterns of seeming hurt, lack, hatred, humiliation, failure etc. and really don't know at times, what is going wrong and where. You also go exploring several pathways but still be at a seeming crossroad. We ask you to halt if you have been experiencing all this or any of this. It is time to take stock of life & make an inventory of life events that have been going against your Highest Good. 

All these events at the bottom end of it, cringe your Soul which makes your Inner Child go into a complete shell. The Inner Child is where all the storage through your childhood is. It has in it also the inherent qualities, passions & gifts that you have carried through this incarnation.

Thus, you somewhere loose your own identity through many an unhealthy emotions that you go through with such unhealed relationships & situations. You loose your zest for life, your innocence or trust factors, your passions & goals. You may seemingly get bitter with life & God. Your talents or gifts seem as if erased or wiped out in oblivion. You feel less loved, wanted, nurtured or simply unlucky. But all this is not true in its real sense as it is a manifestation of your superficial unhealed patterns that are so very deep rooted.

So step up and smile to know that you can do away with all of this by resurrecting & nurturing your Inner Child. A few ways to help & nurture your Inner Child is:

* To Release any old guilt or shame that you may have had or experienced, along with all hatred, mistrust, unforgivness, hurts or resentments. Whether towards yourself, parents, siblings, family, friends etc. Release any fears or hurt if there have been times when your parents or your very own didn't stand by you.

* Your Inner Child needs to validate your support from any neglect, humiliation or abuse that it might have experienced. And for that, you need to get back to things you love. A walk in the park, painting, reading, music, writing, or any other hobby that you may be gifted with, would help you give that creative outlet to your unhealed energies & thus show your support to the Inner Child.
* Know that there is nothing you or anyone could have done in that situation which you may have manifested for your own soul lessons. You or the other concerned catalysts were all behaving out of their unhealed energies.
* Your Age doesn't matter, your Inner Child needs your love & support all the time. Take our guidance & help to pray, or do guided affirmations that will progress you on your journey to reconnect with & your Inner Child.
* Release all negative beliefs & affirmations about yourself; "I am fat, I am not good enough, I can't get things right, I am not lucky, Good things don't happen or stay with me, I always fail, I don't have this or that etc. Make a commitment to make new positive choices in your thoughts & emotions.

* Love is the most powerful healing tool. It can heal the worst & most painful or deepest memories of the past, as with love, comes the light of understanding to the unhealed cells & corners of our Being. No matter how painful your past was, loving & nurturing your Inner Child will help you heal it totally. Thoughts of compassion, forgiveness & unconditional love for your Inner Child, will open up the Gateways to the Path towards the Light & know that God, We all & the Universe will support you through your efforts.

Affirmation of the Week ~ 7 Times every Night
"I am loved, wanted, appreciated, provided, protected & taken care of. I love, accept & approve of myself just as i am right now. I trust in the goodness of Life. Life always supports me in all that I do. My abilities, talents & gifts are my best friends. I am healed, abundant, perfect, whole & complete at all times."

♥ © Roshani/Aug2013 ♥ Stay Blessed * 
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