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Thursday, 24 April 2014

Positive Life is A Responsible Life ♡

If we love being fooled; We shall have many who are happily waiting in the Wings to Fool us big time ¿?¿

In the light of many people who couldn't vote even while having voter id cards but not being listed, we need to have an official Sanction of Re Polls in Mumbai & Thane.
People living for 25 years & voting at the same place were not listed, complete list of full buildings were missing, & people including prominent ones like the HDFC head Mr. Parikh & few Celebs as well.

Re poll must be granted. It's a very clear indication of the scared fear of failing that has made this large seeming admin failure scheme to be the only resort to pull wool over our seemingly already blind Society.

Now the ones who are not listed and some deceased ones like my mom and aunt who after 18 & 12 years of moving to God's land still are on the list, shall then used to tilt the votes where required.

We have been living a veiled blindfolded existence cause we wait for Someone to step up and make a change. But if great leaders and inventionists thought the same where would we all be.

Someone should start this, someone should do that, NO let's stop all this and let that Someone be You, Me and Us.

Remember, We the Person and thus We the People are the only Saviours of Change for our own lives and that of World or Humanity. Rise and Shine Individually first and we shall create a shining society or else we shall be discussing the same things for the next years of our precious lives talking on social networks and club outings.

Action is the call of the Hour. Identifying what each of us can do will bring us to a collective solution rather than cribbing, whining, or maligning as; consciously or unconsciously we are responsible for sowing the seeds of the Society we live in & the past, present, or future Governments that we had, or shall have.

List out some productive ways in which this can be addressed & what can we do to get a Sanction for a Re Poll.

We need to collate substantial signatures at, an initiative by Maithili Desai and her sister. Please send your signature in the form of an email to support Re Polling.

Positive Life is A Responsible Life. Step Up and make your Life Responsibly Positive ♡♡♡

Much Love & Blessings to All... ♡ © Roshani/April2014