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Wednesday, 23 April 2014

To Transform Society; Individual Transformation is the First Step

Tomorrow is an Important day in Mumbai and ongoing in many parts of India to Vote. Voting is first for the country at large and not just your locality candidates.

We speak for status, We speak for being a part of fads, We speak to bring people down, but we rarely speak the Truth to our Inner Self.

We all live not by Truth but our perceived Truths of Life.

With the epitomised version of seeming challenges & issues that haunt our Society today, the only person to blame is Self. We all wait for Someone Else to make a difference & in the bargain have a Society of souls who all think the same. If Newton, Galileo, Gandhi ji, Martin Luther or Nelson Mandela thought the same way, only God knows where we would all be.

We are by and large a short term gains mindset humanity. What we don't realise is by just being short term gained types, we have done much harm to our own lives & that of others.

Everyone of us is Perfect in our Imperfections. But who fits the jigsaw slot gets to fit in with all its imperfections and gaps which ultimately create the beautiful larger picture.

People are pulled by the aspect of a certain parties being communal But, sadly Who is Not is the question.
Even the man and woman who call the politicians communal are the ones who go to any heights to make sure their Children marry only, not just within their religion but, also the sub caste or creed.
They are the ones who insist their daughter in law to give them a Male grandchild because their ignorance knows No better that it is the male biology, that decides the gender of the child in Earthly Planes and the Soul who's decided to come in that gender form through the said parents for its own Karmic lessons and journey.

Discrimination needs Erradication from the roots. Move away from these termites in your daily life and change shall not be far.
It's the discrimination and financial wars that are more harmful to us as World Citizens, and not Corruption because; corruption is a mere by-product of these two Giant termites of all Karma that's unfolding.

To transform Humanity or Society first each one has to transform and empower themselves so as to get out of the Hypocritical Closet that's been a comfort zone for eons. The emphasis on self empowerment and moving away from dogmatic hypocrisy is the critical need of the Hour and beyond, just like reviving a patient who's heart has collapsed. And that's for the entire discriminating perfectly imperfect World of ours and not just our Country.

No amount of jargon, statuses or other things will work for people who are caught in this dogmatic time warp.
Look into Your daily life. If you're stuck with any rigidity or unserving dogmatic beliefs, discrimination and other aspects, You Will for sure Only attract that which mirrors the same and thus also Vote and Elect Authorities who Mirror the same.

See the larger good. Be a long term gain visionary.
Change for the Good is Progress, Change for the sake of Change is disaster.

We The Person and thus,
We the People are the only change.

Empower Your Mind and Life and You will be Empowering an entire Society and Humanity at large.

All Religions, tribes, sects, etc. are mere vehicles. Chose whichever,  The Destination is only One that of Oneness with God and Universal Consciousness.

So vote for sure and vote consciously. If you've created a Society of Devils, Choose the better Devil to start paving the Path to the Light.

Blessings to All ♡ © Roshani/April2014

Stay Blessed ♡
Heal Your Self; Heal Your Life; Heal The World ♡