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Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Way to God; is the Way To & Through Ourselves <3

We keep asking God for many things that may not be good for us & at times the compelled God gives that to us, just like a kid in a candy shop & then a time comes when we say, "Why did I ask that from God & again blame HIM as to God why did you give it to me if it wasn't good for me.. so what if I forced you & prayed about it...."

Meher Baba always said to the effect that - Don't make me want what you want, Instead want what I want, and your want will become mine.

Baba/God is never far or near. It is us who are away or far. HE is within us. The separation is created by us.
HE is not more or any less with any of us. There is nothing to be lucky or not so lucky, once we know & have found Baba/God, as knowing HIM itself is, that HE has drawn us to HIM.
Involve HIM in all your daily mundane, or silly to important activities and you'd soon find HIM where HE actually Lives.. and that is within each of Us.

There is no waiting... When GOD has already got you to HIM now it's up to us to have HIS grace to keep HIM with us in all that we do.

HE is potent energy. You just need to create your bond by speaking to HIM with or without HIS stipulated picture. Involve HIM, remember HIM, share with HIM everything that is there in your mind and heart.

Just start, as there is no big jazz with HIM. Simply start by remembering HIM through the day in all that you do... even if HIS thought comes while you are in the bathroom, toilet, garden or while on bed lying down or even if you are with your friends or partner... do not stop or have limitation that God cannot be remembered here or there....

If HE is in everything & everywhere, then HE is in all those silly limited spaces of our mind too that creates barriers of remembering HIM.

HE has made it so simple for us to reach HIMSELF, that we cannot fathom as our physical mind needs big jazz in everything, especially with God and Spirituality.

Talk to HIM & just remember HIM and ask all the questions in your mind & heart, & as per your Divine timing, HE will reply that even before you ask it physically at times.

How simpler can it get to reach HIM. But since the good Ol'Man made it so simple on the platter, our mind says no to it and keeps searching for that seeming big jazzy way to reach HIM.

Whereas, the the way to HIM is the simplest because;
We ourselves are the Way,
We ourselves are the Path &
We ourselves are the Destination. <3 © Roshani/March2014

Stay Blessed ♡

Heal Your Self; Heal Your Life; Heal The World!

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