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Monday, 4 August 2014


Love Is; Love Was; & Love shall Be; the only encompassing emotion of the Universe, as it is the very inherent essence of our Creator who is Omnipresent In, Within & Around us.

To do anything but Love & Live HIM is like a body of a Car, trying to exist & run without the Engine or have the Engine run without its Fuel.

♡ Every moment that you experience, live, share & spread This Love, you shall be truly Loving & Living HIM.

♡ Don't just merely speak of HIM or Read profound things, try to Live HIM through love, faith, compassion, kindness, respect, tolerance & Truth.

♡ Love & respect your fellow humans; the good, the bad, the worse. You're No One to judge as you do not know, what part they are performing in the Divine Game Plan. Each ones Karmic passbook is its own record holder. Your cursing, abusing, lamenting punishments, adds nothing but excess baggage for yourself & more toxins to the existing seemingly bad situations, mishaps & catastrophes. Let the deed be condemned & punished as per the law of the land, but do not condemn or curse the Souls, as you're unconsciously joining the bandwagon of their Karma.

♡ Love your animals, nature & creation. You yourself as a soul, have gone through the Evolution of that life & phase, until you reached the Form of HIS Highest Creation & Invention of Being a Human. By imbalancing their existence you are only digging a bigger & bigger grave for Humanity & the Planet at large.
It is the same imbalance of what would happen to your body, if Water or Salt or anything else within it, would go more or lesser than, its stipulated natural balanced quantity. Balance & Dignity of existence is the key as each one has its own importance.

♡ See, Feel & Experience HIM in everyone & everything in its literal sense. Be it neighbours, friends, family, labour, workers, people small or big, high or low in status, good or bad in your eyes, right or wrong in your perception. Be it any, They have the same God within them. But they are unaware of HIS existence & choose to live in this unawareness. Help them, guide them, or just pray for them, to realise HIM within.

♡ Have unconditional, unshaken Faith in HIM irrespective of your physical seeming reality around. Know with that Faith, that HE knows best & positively surrender to HIS Wish with grace, humility & gratitude. You either have Faith or don't Have it. Anything in between is a mind game & solace that the physical mind tries to project.

♡ And most importantly Love Yourself & keep this Home called your Body & Mind, in its highest form of wellbeing as, HE lives there to transact the life purpose of knowing HIMSELF through each of us & HIS Creation.


Stay Blessed ♡
Heal Your Self; Heal Your Life; Heal The World ♡

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