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Thursday, 21 August 2014

Transcend & Transform by Awakening to Abundance ♡

Transcend & Transform by Awakening to Abundance ♡ 24th August 2014

Abundance is not just about money; but yes, it's most symptomatic output is through money, time & love. The abundance in your beliefs & thus thoughts, is what creates the vibrations & Manifestations of your reality.

Each of these set of words in the picture, are not just a percentage of your success but the intensity of your vibrations & frequency at which you're operating.
"I Wont / Can't" being the lowest & "I Did" being the Highest. This shift from "I Won't / Can't" to "I Did" is the shift from Lack Consciousness to Abundance & Prosperity Consciousness.

Join us this Sunday 24th August 2014 for the powerful & transcending workshop "Awakening to Abundance" & see your life turn around from 10% towards a steady growth of 100% vibrational frequency. ♡ © Roshani/Aug2014

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Stay Blessed ♡
Heal Your Self; Heal Your Life; Heal The World ♡

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