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Sunday, 10 August 2014

What are you willing to release & shed this Fullmoon ⚪

Today's powerful Fullmoon is in Aquarius. The effects of the fullmoon are felt by all, but the intensity shall be higher for those falling in the Moon sign & Sun Sign of Aquarius.

The Age of Aquarius, is causing the great seeming turmoil, in many ways, to make space for the energies of the Golden Age of new values of love, brotherhood, unity, integrity & Oneness. All negative lower & toxic values are being exposed, veils lifted, carpets moved out from long standing deceit which includes countries, their governments, corporations, individuals, & even personal, professional relationships & spiritual relationship with ones self. All walls of hatred are being exposed & taken down through epitome of destruction caused by Humanity itself.

Majority call this a disaster period as the world appears to be falling through. But the law of Universe states that, the Shift in Consciousness can only take place through releasing & shedding. And that's what the whole of Humanity has to do continuously & persistently; shed & release.

This fullmoon today, denotes the key aspect of the Aquarian Age which takes us through this crucial period of *Involution (*a period that we are in right now, which is a part of the Souls evolution process. A period of going inwards, as per Meher Baba's insights of the Evolution Process).
Thus all energies when concentrated, show us the direction of our own evolution in consciousness. Each of us is pushed to making a choice of a lifetime. We either choose to live in the old rut of the quick sand we were in, cling on to the old unserving habits & values or embrace & adopt the new living of  evolving ourself to Higher levels of vibrations & thus consciousness. 

All your joy, love, happiness, abundance & peace shall depend on these choices you make. Know that Chnage is inevitable & shall take place whether you like it or not. Now, either you flow in the direction of the current of this wonderful new change or against it, is totally your choice again.

So sit in quietude time today; 10th Aug anytime after:
6.35 pm (Moonrise as per IST) upto
6.29 am 11th August (Moon set as per IST).

Intent to Us Angels, all that you are willing to let go & release today. Intent Us, washing away all that is unserving, toxic or impure from your Life with the beautiful glowing Moonlight. Bathe in this wonderful Moonlight as We Angels cleanse & purify your Mind, Body & Soul to help you through these energies & period of great radical change.

So make your list; What are you going to release & shed today & each day, to help your Soul, rise higher & higher towards its ultimate goal. ♡ © Roshani/Aug2014

Stay Blessed ♡
Heal Your Self; Heal Your Life; Heal The World ♡

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