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Monday, 20 October 2014

Angel Message on our monthly Wholeistic Living Spiritual Gathering & Meditation ♡

A beautiful Angel Message on our monthly Wholeistic Living Spiritual Gathering & Meditation ♡

Our beautiful monthly Wholeistic Living Spiritual Gathering & Meditation was a combined celebration for Diwali & the Wedding Anniversary of our Angel Sakshi & husband Sandeep.

It was a powerful evening to recognize our internal negative chatter & how to deal with it. Right now with the current energies, which are on a high wave this negative chatter if not curbed, can truly spiral you down further.

These energies are going more & more higher & they do overwhelm most of us. A large majority of humanity especially the ones who are walking the Path of Light or seeking to walk, in this incarnated time, have chosen to wipe off lessons & karmic debts of many lifetimes & thrusted them all into one lifetime which is Now. We have done this, as this is our chosen life where we have pre ordained to transcend them all to move faster towards the final goal of the Soul i.e. merging with the God Energy. Thus the seeming lessons & problems seem never ending or humongous to us depending on each soul constitution, it's intensity & our reaction or response, while going through them.

This act of putting it all in one lifetime, is like trying to fit eating 30 days food in one day. It surely overwhelms us & does try to detour us, as the seeming negative energies don't want us to finish them, even in this birth.

But the way out for each of us, is to tap into that innate spiritual happiness & fun within, & pass through it with smiling faith & conviction in God & ourselves, in this very seeming dipping times or lessons of our lives. And that shall be the only way it will erase itself, & transcend us, to welcome the transient, illusory material goodness, fun & happiness in our lives.

When this point arrives in our lives, we shall truly be able to enjoy it all in a detached way, because by then we shall reach that awareness within, where we shall recognise this life as Illusory & transient; As temporary as this very moment called Now, of which we need to make best use of. <3 © Roshani/Oct2014

Stay Blessed ♡

Heal Your Self; Heal Your Life; Heal The World ♡ 

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