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Tuesday, 7 October 2014

The Twin Eclipse within the Mercury Retrograde period ♡

This Mercury Retrograde period upto 24th October (effects may be felt way upto mid November) is another powerful wave of energy, that has combined it's forces with the Twin Eclipses:
● The Lunar Eclipse on the fullmoon of 8th October &
● The Solar Eclipse on 24th October.

This powerful combination can take you high up, or spiral you down, depending on the weight of the thoughts, words, emotions & actions you create.
This Twin Eclipse brings with it, the balancing energies of the Yin & Yang; the Masculine & Feminine; the Spritiual & Earthly pursuits; thus, pushing each one to bring balance in all aspects of life.

This period is like a vacuum cleaner, where all the hidden dirt of toxins come gushing up because, of the sheer energetic pull. It is felt more strongly by light workers, spirtiual aspirants & seekers, who are getting sensitised to the Universal energies.

Feelings of blame, guilt, resentments, hurts, illnesses of self or close ones, feeling useless or worthless, not having clarity of your existence, confusion in daily aspects of life, straining relationships or uncovering truths about certain relationships, or aspects of life etc. & all that was pushed under the carpet for long, shall be pulled out, in this house cleaning period.

But, that is exactly when you need to have more faith, patience & forbearance & take more help from Divinity to stay strong, grounded aligned & unshaken. The MR period; its very purpose is to release all that is unserving & your job is to be an objective spectator & embrace the quirks & dirt that you experience, without guilt or being attached to any of them.

But the catch lies in your reaction & responses. Because this is a period, which mirrors your innermost aspects almost instantly.
Which means; The more positive you are, you shall be pushed further for a larger transformation, be able to manifest things much faster, synchronicity around shall increase, & you feel a positive wave of God energy operating through you.

But if you seemingly fear, cry, whine, sulk, retain unforgiveness, procrastinate or encourage inertia, remain in toxic relationships, habits, or environment; then that's what you will magnify & in all possibilities manifest at lightening speed.

☆ So get yourself to slow down & be watchful.
☆ Go for walks in nature parks or a beach.
☆ Daily create time for respite.
☆ Infuse prayers, meditation, cleansing, affirmations, etc. in your daily routine without fail.
☆ Refrain from indulging into gossip, backbiting & other lower actions or emotions.
☆ Stop beating your head, for the past about self, or others.
☆ Be really watchful of fear & its allies.
☆ Be in positive company with people who uplift you & can bring you back to Light even on a slightest slip.
☆ Do not participate in any negative talks, or of past trauma, blame, guilt, victimhood etc.
☆ Tap into an inner talent or creativity.
☆ Chant God's Name, Affirm, Pray & Live all of it through implementation.

All in all, stay positive at any costs. Nurture yourself more during this period & others who may be seemingly undergoing the same. Utilise the Divine Tools closest to your soul constitution. Do not over thrust your soul as you do not need accumulation, you need utilisation of the Divine Tools.

Revive Rejuvenate Refresh & emerge a new lighter You. <3 © Roshani/Oct2014

Stay Blessed ♡
Heal Your Self; Heal Your Life; Heal The World ♡

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