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Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Be the Stillness of the Center in the Whirlpool of Life ♡

Yesterday 30th Sept, at Worli Sea Face around 5 pm at a friend's home, one kept admiring the calmness & the stillness that seemingly appeared on the surface of the waters... The Shining Sun was at its glorious best as its glow carpeted the waters..

One kept thinking & asking, Baba when shall this complete stillness be experienced within...

Then through pictures HE answered; "When you shall merge & dissolve in the overpowering Glow of My Beingness, where you are neither seen or known, and become like this silhouette; that is when you shall experience the whirlpool of my centered stillness. Keep going."

The evening just confirmed the seeming Whirlpool as the calmness before the storm when Mumbai experienced heavy showers, thunderstorms, falling trees & growling skies.... All this happened while being at the Bombay Center of Avatar Meher Baba, between 6.30 to 8.15 pm...

Before one could step out, it was all calm again with a sense of Peace, as if nothing had happened.... So many myriad ways YOU bring the messages home dear Baba right here within this little heart.... Gratitude & Love to YOU for lifetimes...

Jai Meher Baba ♡

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