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Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Angelic Healing exercise to heal your inner world ♡

The Channeled Angelic Divine Learning and Message through the exercise of what you love and hate the most about yourself ♡

Come Go for it... There is a beautiful learning in this.... The Angelic exercise, learning and message is revealed below.

The Angelic Healing exercise ♡

What is it that you love the most about your Self and What is it that you seemingly Hate about yourself.

Write it in the Comment box along with the approximate time it took you, to think about it... Example:
I love the faith i have in life - 1 sec
or I love my hair, my creativity... etc. - 1 sec or 5 mins or 10 mins or write (cant really figure what i love about myself) in case you really don't know it.

We encourage you to share, our daily posts so that we are able to spread more Love and Light into our World, as we all know how much it is truly needed in these times. Please kindly retain the sanctity of copyright while sharing all our daily Divine posts, prayers and exercises.

♡ First copy paste, what you have written in your comment, or note it down into a diary.
♡ All the aspects that took the least time to surface, are things that have traveled through your inner world, and reached your conscious mind/tangible life.
♡ All the aspects that took longer to surface, are still simmering in your subconscious/unconscious mind.
♡ All the positive aspects that took the least time to surface are your innate strengths that are active, but that which are covered with the debris of fears, doubts and dis-beliefs.
♡ All the positive aspects that took longer time to surface are the sublime strengths, that you may have used few times, or not even aware of most times.
♡ All the negative aspects that you hate which took the least time to surface, are aspects that have, already manifested in your tangible life, reconfirming your fears time and again.
♡ All the negative aspects that you hate which took longer to surface, are your deep rooted fears that are existing and resonating in most parts of your life, but without you being aware of them.
♡ Retrospect on all the above at a quite time with yourself, and you shall see how true it is.
♡ Then do some deep breathing for a while to center and calm yourself.
♡ Take your thumb and index finger of any one hand, as if to hold your nose.
♡ Then press your right nostril shut, and inhale from the left nostril, intending each of the aspects, that you wrote which you love about yourself.
♡ Then alternately press your left nostril shut, and exhale from the right nostril, intending each of the aspects, that you wrote which you hate about yourself.
♡ Once you finish the list. Remain silent for a while.
♡ Close the healing exercise, by Thanking God and Angels for filling you up with their positive love and care, and helping you release and dissolve to the Light, all that is unserving.

Do this Daily with this list and witness the magic unfold, raising your vibrations and helping you operate out of your optimum potential in all aspects of life. ♡ <3 © Roshani/March2015

Stay Blessed ♡

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Heal Your Self; Heal Your Life; Heal The World ♡
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