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Saturday, 7 March 2015

Unleash Your Potential ♡

Let each day, be a day dedicated to Humanity and each day be Women's, Men's, and Children's Day, for a Race that can truly if they want, live in inclusion with all of Humanity and Creation, and live up to the Trust that the Creator has bestowed on us, as HIS highest form of Creation. <3 © Roshani/March2015

With the Grace of my Eternal Beloved Meher Baba, The Young Environmentalists Programme Trust Mumbai India humbled me with The Women Achievers Award today, while felicitating many more, far accomplished and empowered Women, who are making such a great difference in their own ways towards Humanity and Creation at large. I was teary eyed at many points hearing the stories of these amazing Women who have with their grit, determination, and inner power, achieved for themselves and the World around them, way more than their seeming potential. I would like to also appreciate, and acknowledge their families, husbands, children and others, who supported them through their unleashing of their out of the box potential.

My prayer that may each of you realise your own potential or support and encourage, all such endeavors of your loved ones who wish to unleash their potential, to make a difference in the Society, World, and the Universe.

I truly believe and like to ignite this in each and everyone, that each of us have the magnanimous potential to make a difference. The only difference is that some of us are in awareness of that potential, and most are veiled by the dogmatic veils of mind conditioning, beliefs, and other external factors.

So take a stride, and a leap of faith, in yourself and life. Let nothing and no one shake you. Accept and embrace your own uniqueness and recognise your own strengths and inner Divinity and that of others. Wake up each day to ask the Universe "What and how I can serve and give back from what I have got.?"

Happy Humanity Day to All Species of Mother Earth.

Thank YOU Baba for flowing YOUR Love and Light through little me.

Love and Blessings to All ♡
Stay Blessed ♡

♡ The Award Citation ♡

“Roshani Shenazz is awarded The Women Achievers Award by The Young Environmentalists Trust - India, for service and achievement in Social Empowerment and Awakening of Society, through spiritual empowerment workshops, spiritual counseling guidance, healing, mentoring, and social service through her NGO Meher Roshani Foundation.”

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