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Tuesday, 31 March 2015

The Eternal student, teacher & guru ♡ Our Soul

Our soul is the biggest student, teacher and guru because the HIGHEST ONE lives there.... The only aspect that's exercised, is to awaken each one to that fact...

Each soul at its deepest core, endeavors to merge into the original Source and become HIS Eternally. When the Grace of God descends to help us recognise that fact, we need to keep growing and awakening each day, and also open our hearts to help fellow beings to do the same... When we let God operate through us, then there is no teaching and no preaching, only sharing, implementing, and awakening. Of which implementation is the only step that moves our soul to transcend and ascend.

Our daily prayer should be to seeks Gods help to better ourselves each day, and ask the merciful Father, to forgive us for all our mistakes.. To help us transmute the unknown mistakes and hold us in His care, so as not repeat the known mistakes...

One gentleman recently shared some Divine words "Jap Kita te Amal na Kita Tera Kis kaam da jap Karna."

This Lovely couplet's translation is the very essence of the post. It means if you do any repetition of God's name and His ways, it's important to follow and implement that too, else what use is the chanting, prayers or meditation.

For the soul to truly soar high, release all dogmatic beliefs and fears. Our soul cannot ascend, till we are bound by these. No amount of meditations or workshops shall help, until true inner spirituality and renunciation of the false self is implemented. It remains a superficial and farcical show, not benefiting us or the world.

So awaken your true Guru; the God within, and you shall awaken forever. ♡ © Roshani/April2015

Stay Blessed ♡

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