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Thursday, 16 January 2014

Forwarding Messages with responsibility & awareness

99% of Forwards are Fake, besides the ones we receive or send, about our known loved ones and their extensions. Today with the influx of technology & so many facilities coming up for various things, we are constantly receiving or sending Forwarded Messages.

Since it is at the tip of our fingers, our emotional hearts doesn't blink a second to send it out to the world. But how much do we really care about them, is the question. Do you even know if that number, person or service even exists?

What if a good hearted person spares time to go to a hospital to give blood and no such person exists out there whose details were in the urgent blood donation message? Or
What if a person in distress who is in need of blood or a service that we forward, keeps trying the number, but doesn't get through as that number or service doesn't exist.
Or for that matter any message or forward that says RIP about any celebrity.

The important aspect in all this is, to spare time & try to know the truth. If you don't get to know, then stay put with a clear conscience that at least you're not a spreader of a dubious message.
If you get to know even later then too it's fine, forward it after a few days, but not unless you're totally sure. There is no Karmic or Society medal for being the first to forward messages or to give the first obituary news to anyone.

Examples of the careless forwards:

The 1098 number message forward is a fake message, that says "Call this number for leftover food after a party." But the fact is They do not provide any such service.
They are a child emergency number. If you see an abandoned or distress or abused child etc. then you can call them for help. (Shall put up their full mission after the manager sends me.)
But guess what the irresponsible forwards has done. It has, since one year that this message is ongoing, blocked & jammed their lines as they are busy only giving explanations to people that the Forward is a wrong message and they don't deal with waste food.
The result is, that their genuine reason of existence took a hit and they definitely missed out on several real trouble cases to be reported. Reason being; 1, most don't know what they really stand for as social media and phones are flooded with the wrong message & 2, their lines were forever busy with hundreds of people calling up, after zillions of house parties leaving no room for genuine callers to get through.

Thus all the kind hearted forwards that were sent only created distress, loss of opportunity & filled the coffers of our cellular providers.

Similarly a recent education sms as below is making rounds.

Forward Extract:
"Please post this message in the known groups so that it gets circulated, thanks.

If you have come across any bright
students coming from poor
financial background who have
finished their 10th standard this
year and
scored more than 80%, please ask
them to contact the NGO - Prerana
(Supported by Infosys foundation).
The NGO is conducting a written
test and those who clear the test
will be eligible for financial help for
their further studies.
Please ask the students to contact
the people mentioned below to get
the form:
580, Shubhakar, 44th cross,
1st A main road,
Jayanagar, 7th block,
Contact numbers:
1. Ms. Saraswati - 99009 06338
2. Mr. Shivkumar - 99866 30301
3. Ms. Bindu - 99645 34667
Even if you don't know anyone, please pass on this info, someone might be in need of this."

It's great if it's true, but sadly though it doesn't seem true, I yet don't know; as out of the 3 numbers, two are not reachable anytime since the past 3 days and the 3rd one doesn't exist.

Forwards make money for the companies and some are even connected to miscreant softwares that imprint your number once you forward that message ahead or once you try calling that fake number.

If we truly care, we should first make sure that the information is correct, the name and numbers or such contact given is correct and only then forward it with our kind heart. Even if that takes a day, no problem but at least you will be operating out of responsible awareness and not just doing it because, You are a truly loving & sensitive heart or because it hardly takes some time to forward or to just be ahead of the social circle in announcing or forwarding something.

I too sent similar forwards till 2005, because I was operating out of my own inner ignorance until one day, something inside me shifted to know the truth. After that, I truly call up every number given in a forward that I receive and only act accordingly thereafter.

So wake up from the slumber & Do Your bit. Every act small or big counts in our Karmic and Living cycle. Every act by each of us becomes a collective behavior, habit and thus contributes to the collective consciousness.
And even if you've been a part of this ignorant forwarding game, don't feel guilty, as you can always change to become responsible from hereon after reading this. Every second of our life is an opportunity to Change & become Better than what we were a second or eons back.

Keep your eyes and ears of Awareness open to take a step forward to help the helpless, the needy, the ailing or the under privileged, & do it with your full heart & responsibility.

Kindness doesn't weigh small or big. Kindness will remain Kindness irrespectively.
But kindness out of ignorance, just like these blind forwarding sprees, can become a hazard or problem for one or more of the collective society we live in. �� © Roshani/Jan2014

Stay Blessed ��

Heal Your Self; Heal Your Life; Heal The World ��

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