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Monday, 20 January 2014

Message & Affirmation of the Week ~ 20th Jan to 26th Jan 2014

This week's message focuses on solutions, healing & forgiveness in all aspects by going inwards & creating self introspection

Angels say; Seeming problems never leave you, as easily as they find you. No one emerges untouched from their problems. How you respond or react to them will determine what the problem will do to you; Make You or Break You.

They ask you to focus this week on responding in your life, by focusing on healing & forgiveness in all aspects. You need to go within to see the roots of the seeming issues & know that you're experiencing them for a reason. Let the Angels help you to surface the reasons. You will be able to do that, when you shift your thoughts from victimhood, guilt, or blame, & elevate yourself by seeing it through a different light & perspective.

To this you will need to chalk out time for your self, to go within the realms of your hidden self. Contemplation & solitude, prayers, affirmations & mediation, yoga etc. will help you understand the true aspect of all that is happening around you. Take the help of Angels or anyone that Divinity brings to you, to help you, towards this.

Release blame, on self or others & embrace the seeming wrong only with the compassion to change it for the Highest Good. When you do that you will start to respond to the flow of Life & not let the seeming problems break you. Instead you'd emerge a path breaking winner by using them as stepping stones. Digest Life, the flow of Life & all that is unfolding.
Affirmation: 7 Times Morning & Night
"I respond to life at every step. I learn my Soul lessons with grace and move ahead with love in my heart."

© Roshani/Jan2014 

Stay Blessed
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