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Monday, 13 January 2014

Message & Affirmation of the Week ~ 13th Jan to 19th Jan 2014

This weeks message focuses on, trusting & digesting the natural flow of Life

Angels say, Try not to waste energy in Inner fights, and just trust life, without forcing Destiny's hand. You have been trying hard to resist & internally fight with all that is going on around you, without realizing that rather than, helping yourself, you are creating more & more blockages for yourself.

It is important, to release the ties from the fears of the past & the fears of the future. It is important to release the ties from the lives & happenings in other people's lives or world at large & then put yourself onto the comparison scale. Every one of you is different, unique & so is your Path, your Soul lessons, Soul debts, & Karmic scores. Fighting internally with guilt, resentment or comparison will take you know where. 

To stop this internal fight, sit with yourself every day anytime for at least 15 minutes & view your seeming problems as if you are a spectator watching them on TV. Then view each one objectively without putting yourself in the Victim state & see them as if another character is going through it. Now observe if anything new comes to your mind, or you see something or feel something which was earlier not experienced. Put it all down in a book. Meditate upon it daily with our help to know that all is happening as you have been manifesting internally & to change the manifestation, you need to internally change. Release all the fights that your physical mind is creating as it knows no better. Shift to your heart's Higher Consciousness & all shall seamlessly flow.

When you identify the root of things, you will stop fighting within. When you stop fighting within, you will stop creating blockages & give room to solutions, & Divine intervention. Digest your life, & that which is unfolding around you, with love & embracing the flow. If you learn how to adapt yourself to the situation at hand, by coming to an embracing agreement, you will obtain great well-being and assured success for your Highest Good.
Affirmation 7 Times ~ Morning & Night:
"I embrace the flow of Life. Everything is for my Highest Good, and happens at the Divine Timing. I trust the flow of Life."

© Roshani/Jan2014 

Stay Blessed

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