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Monday, 6 January 2014

Message & Affirmation of the Week ~ 6th Jan to 12th Jan 2014

This weeks message focuses on, not letting your physical mind illusions rule your life.

Angels say, Don't let yourself be fooled by the illusions that the ego may portray, whether for yourself or others. Know that each of you is a fragment of the same Creator. Break the mirage and see your true self as the one who deserves the best & is cherished the most.

Any kind of thoughts of not being good enough, or depending your happiness on external matters, will disillusion you further into believing what your physical mind wants you to believe. Rise above all the lack or negative beliefs that you may have heard or experienced about yourself, through your childhood & replace them with energies of love, acceptance & harmony. Embrace yourself for who & what you are & you will do two things with that; One you will embrace everything & everyone around you, & the world will embrace you for who & what you are. And you are a beautiful Creation of God & for HIM all HIS Children are equally good, whole & perfect. 
Affirmation 7 times at Night:
“I am a beautiful creation of God. I am loved. I am treasured. I am loving. I am taken care of. I am safe at all times."

© Roshani/Jan2014 

Stay Blessed!

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