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Sunday, 9 March 2014

Life is not short or long.. Life is this Moment of Now

Daily Awakening ♡ 10.3.14

Life is not too short or long.
Life is THIS Moment of Now. It is what we do in this moment that decides what we shall be, or experience in the coming moments; if there are any.
To Live THIS Moment of Now, Do not procrastinate:

♡ To say "love you" to your loved ones & to yourself.
♡ To cherish, love & look after your parents. After all you chose them to bring you into this world, just like you chose everything else.
♡ To forgive & release all those who may have seemingly hurt you, including yourself.
♡ To cherish your friendships & relationships.
♡ To give a chance to someone to explain themselves.
♡ To stand up for your own self & for the One Truth of God.
♡ To stand up & exercise your loving assertiveness in fighting for something that is right or fair.
♡ To believe in yourself.
♡ To know that it's all within you.
♡ To know that you can change all that you create.
♡ To know that you're never alone, as the invisible Divine Sources are always with you.
♡ To know that every moment is a Chance to Change.
♡ To know that THIS Moment that is passing by right NOW, shall Never Return.

So Live the NOW; & Stop all worries of the HOW. ♡ © Roshani/March2014

Stay Blessed ♡


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