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Monday, 17 March 2014

It's Not Just Another Episode ~ Prayers for Flight MH370

Yes, Life goes on for all of us, but for many it's Standing Still since 8th March.
Friends it would be nice if you could give few mins of your day to be a part of the Circle of Light for Flight MH370.

There are not just 239 lives on board, there are lives who are "The Life" of thousands of people comprising of family, friends & loved ones, of these 239 Souls.

There are so many underlying aspects & layers to this episode that it is clearly one of the biggest eye openers of our times. It's not Just Another Episode, though none in the past were too, but this is a huge Shaker for the Collective World.

Contribute Your love & time for Prayers towards this episode of many Human Lessons in various aspects, that the World is learning at the cost of 239 innocent Lives.

To think of the optimum best, Prayers for the safe discovery & return of Flight MH370 & its inhabitants.

Read the Circle of Light instructions below. Thank you for joining.

Stay Blessed ♡ Roshani


Dear Friends Please join me in the Circle of Light Prayers of Intent for the Malaysian flight MH370 "discovered & found" by this weekend.

Give 10 mins of your time & intent the following where ever you maybe:

* Close your eyes & Relax with some deep breaths.
* Intent being with me in vision or thought & see or intent yourself holding my hands or hands in a Circle connected to me.
* Intent a large ball of White Light & see a plane in it with lettering that reads "Malaysian Airline flight MH370"
* Take deep breaths & intent that you're joining your energies with mine & the Circle of Light to send out Love, Healing, Forgiveness & Protection Prayers to the missing plane, it's inhabitants & Mother Earth.
* Do this for a few counts of breath.
* Then intent that you know that the plane is already found this weekend.
* Intent protection and timely help for the plane and all on board.
* Intent best outcome for all souls on board & Prayers for those souls who may have moved on.
* Intent strength & fortitude for the families & loved ones of the souls who are on board.
Take 3 Deep breaths & Thank God & HIS Divine Beings for helping us in facilitating our intent & Prayers with the below prayer.

"Dear God & Angels Thank you for listening to us. We bow down in love & humility that how much ever we may advance or grow, the Higher Power will always be the Highest. We surrender to Your Power & Thank You for helping our fellow humans in finding the missing plane flight MH370 of Malaysian Airlines. We pray that all human advancement & technology be always used for the Highest Good of your Humanity & Creation. Thank You & Amen."

Then take deep breaths for 10 counts & Thank in general all souls who may have joined the Circle. Open your eyes after 10 counts.

Repeat as many times as you wish to over the next few days.
No specific time. You can do this when you Want or Can as I'm praying & intending a continuous flow of Collective Energies with me until the Plane is found this weekend.

Thank you for joining in. Stay Blessed ♡

© Roshani/March2014

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